South Carolina MSP Lands $500K In Projects with PCI Compliance Tool

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South Carolina MSP Lands $500K In Projects with PCI Compliance Tool

A RapidFire Tools’ customer used the PCI Compliance tool to gain close to half a million dollars in IT business. In the process, the MSP earned the trust of one of the largest entrepreneurial organizations in its marketplace, which could lead to even greater opportunities.

Want to gain the trust and respect of your largest customer? Identify potential vulnerabilities and mitigate them quickly. That’s what one RapidFire Tools customer did with our PCI Compliance Module.

As part of a contracted POS system installation, the owner of a major managed services company in South Carolina advised a prominent retail client to scan its 20+ franchise locations for PCI compliance vulnerabilities. Regulations were changing fast, and the MSP wanted to make sure the client understood all the risks involved.

The results were immediate and shocking. The client’s existing networks were rife with violations.

The PCI Compliance Module produced clear-cut documentation of a roster of issues, many relative to out-of-date legacy software that failed to meet the latest PCI Data Security Standards. The client—one of the most highly successful entrepreneurs in the region—learned he was vulnerable to substantial fines.

The MSP gained the trust of this crucial client through his firm’s diligence, and with the help of RapidFire Tools’ detailed reporting. As a result, the company was contracted to upgrade the networks at the 20 franchise locations in question, which represented close to $500,000 worth of work. In addition, that same entrepreneur invited the MSP to deliver a presentation on compliance issues at a national convention for franchisees, which could lead to untold ongoing projects.

We’re elated when we hear success stories like these about our assessment tools. The end-customer has been protected from business-threatening fines and breaches—and our MSP customer has prospered in the process. We’d love to help you become one of those customers.