Close More Business Using Network Assessments (Part One)

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Close More Business Using Network Assessments (Part One)

By Mark Winter, Vice President of Sales
RapidFire Tools

Note: This is the first of a two-part series addressing the ways IT services providers can leverage network assessments to drive new business.

As you might imagine, we talk to a lot of technology solution providers. And while it’s great to learn more about how each of you run your practices, I’m still floored when I hear from those of you who aren’t leveraging network assessments to close more business. Here are three key ways network assessments can further that goal:

Non-Invasive, Fast Data Collection

Effective Network Assessment tools are specifically designed so that you can run a data collector on a prospect or client network without installing software. Our Network Detective tools are completely non-intrusive, requiring no registry changes, and nothing installed—which is especially important when you’re using the tools to prospect for new clients. The reason behind this is you don’t want to make changes to the network or let the existing IT provider know you were there.

Ideally, assessments should be conducted quickly. For example, the Network Detective modules can automatically gather data for a basic assessment in as little as 45-60 minutes on an SMB network. And it’s easy to do. In fact, you can run the automated data collector during an introductory meeting with a potential client, then use your free time to build a rapport with the prospect.

Not Just Data … Value-Added Intelligence

Network assessments can also give you a “look under the hood” of each potential customer, allowing you to identify and highlight issues you can sell against. Our Network Detective tools provide detailed Risk Scores that go beyond providing you with a single number on a scale. You also get the details behind the score, so you know what issues are generating the greatest risks, as well as a management plan to help you prioritize your resources in serving your clients.

Upsell Managed Services

In addition to basic information, network assessments give you insight into other areas of an end user’s technology environment like back up and recovery processes—a crucial area of potential network vulnerability. With that in mind, RapidFire Tools and Datto just introduced a customized network assessment module specifically designed for Datto users. Datto MSPs can leverage this tool at no extra charge, and use it to conduct free assessments of the end-users’ back-up and recovery systems. This creates another avenue you can leverage to build the prospect’s trust and open a dialog to upsell back-up and recovery solutions.

When used in combination with Network Detective’s full range of network assessment reports, you can quickly position yourself as a valuable partner who can deliver insights on BDR and vital findings about overall network activities. We encourage our MSPs to “over-deliver” to clients and prospects alike in this fashion. It’s a great way to both secure new business, and establish a schedule of regular assessment scans for existing customers, building ongoing revenues.

In parts 2 and 3 of this blog, we’ll look at other ways network assessments can help you close more business, including information on creating a managed security service, cloud migration opportunities, and selling MS SQL Server Health Checks.

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RapidFire Tools’ VP of Sales Mark Winter appeared on this year’s CRN 100 People You Don’t Know But Should List, announced in October.