Network Assessment in Plain English

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Network Assessment in Plain English

At ChannelPro’s November partner event, editors caught up with RapidFire Tools’ National Sales Manager Matthew Koenig to get his

no-nonsense take on the benefits of non-invasive, easy-to-implement network assessment tools.

The result is a down-to-Earth “How-To” briefing. Koenig explains how MSPs can plug a simple IT assessment tool into any network, quickly producing straight-forward, organized reports that can be presented to CEOs in a way that they can immediately grasp and apply to their businesses. The reports identify critical issues, creating a prioritized set of action items for the MSP to quickly and easily develop a plan of action in order to address possible issues that a client or prospect’s network and security infrastructure may have. And as a business-generating tool, a network assessment scan “gives you the whole reason to go out on a sales call.”

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