On the Road: A Blueprint to Success

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On the Road: A Blueprint to Success

By Michael Mittel, CEO, RapidFire Tools

Our sales executives at RapidFire Tools travel to close to 100 events a year. That’s a lot of time connecting with managed services

providers. But you’re the ones who day-in, day-out are looking for better ways to grow your practices, increase your profitability and enhance relationships with the end-users whose networks you support. You shouldn’t have to go it alone, which is why we invest in these opportunities to educate MSPs about the advantages of network assessment tools.

But from our perspective, it’s not enough just to let you know our tools are available. We want to make sure you know how they work, and how you can leverage them in the practical marketplace for gain. What we’ve found from being in the thick of the MSP events is that people are still looking for exactly how to get the best value from their solutions, and not every vendor is delivering that knowledge. You want to know how to structure your offering, how to market these services, how much to charge, how to configure your contracts, and how to best manage a multitude of end users once they’ve signed on for these services.

Based on that feedback, we want to teach MSPs how to sell “Security-as-a-Service” and “Compliance-as-a-Service” from start to finish. We’ve been bringing this knowledge to events all year long, including a March webinar on Cyber Security. We conduct live webinars, often more than once per month, explaining how this and other network assessment disciplines can increase your business.

While we’ve been out on the road, here’s one other thing we’ve found in the field:  Validation of that strategy. Time and time again, RapidFire Tools has left trade events with awards in-hand, recognizing our efforts to educate and train solution providers. Here’s a roster of awards we’ve racked up in 2017 thus far:

• Best IT Workshop, ASCII Success Summit Houston
• Best Revenue Generator, ASCII Success Summit Houston
• Best Partner Program, SMB TechFest Q1 2017
• Best Channel Vendor, Managed Services 2017, Business Solutions
• Best Revenue Booster, 2017 ChannelPro SMB Forum

We’re proud of these achievements. But just like our approach to educating the marketplace is very grassroots and practical, we take a similar view of our trade event awards. It’s not the glory we appreciate in being selected for these awards—which come by way of reseller votes, editor picks, and sometimes from the companies hosting the events. We’re more excited by the recognition from you, our MSP customers, confirming that our hands-on immersion in the channel produces effective outcomes for solution providers.

We’d be happy to help set you on a path to greater success through network assessments.