Rapidfire Tools On “MSP Radio”: Using The 60-33-60 Rule On Cyber Security

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Rapidfire Tools On “MSP Radio”: Using The 60-33-60 Rule On Cyber Security

RapidFire Tools’ vice president of development, Win Pham, recently sat down with blogger Nate Teplow from Continuum, a leader in the remote management space and an integral RapidFire tools business partner. Since both companies are focused on helping MSPs profit from a comprehensive security offering, Win shared his expertise on how to leverage network assessments on an “as-a-service” basis, addressing the cyber security concerns that have become so prevalent in today’s IT landscape, especially for SMBs.

In a podcast on Continuum’s “MSP Radio” program, he describes the “60-33-60 Rule.” It’s a compelling warning which MSPs can use to help end-users comprehend the urgency of cyber security.

60 percent of all cyber security attacks target small companies—a ratio that’s changed significantly in recent years. By inference, SMB organizations are more vulnerable to breaches than ever before.

33 percent of firms that get attacked require three or more days to recover. That’s a watershed of lost business. For a smaller company with finite resources, this kind of downtime has a tangible impact on the bottom line.

60 percent of small businesses fail within six months of being hacked for the first time. An absolutely staggering figure.

Listen to Win’s podcast on our business partner Continuum’s “MSP Radio” program, where he reveals how MSPs can acquire step-by-step guidelines for implementing an effective, well-structured, and easily deployed menu of Cyber Security services. A tiered security offering can establish ongoing revenues for MSPs while mitigating risks for their clientele.


Thanks to Continuum and its Continuum Podcast Network for helping us spread the word. Stay tuned for additional webinars from RapidFire Tools on how MSPs can take advantage of these opportunities.

* Source of stats: Symantec International Small Business Association