Internal IT Security: You Can Deliver Benefits to All Your Clients

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Internal IT Security: You Can Deliver Benefits to All Your Clients

RapidFire Tools has implemented a new tier of cyber security services affordable enough for MSPs to offer for free – yet still generate a profit.

Earlier this year we expanded the delivery model for our Detector insider threat detection tool to include a new base-level “Bronze” service. This additional tier is appropriate to deploy across an MSP’s entire client base – even those who may not currently take advantage of one of your managed services offerings.

The idea behind this internal cybersecurity service is to make your clients aware of the potential “insider” threats to their system. And once a business sees the internal threat alerts revealed by the Detector appliance, a savvy MSP can either charge those end-customers to remediate the issues on a “break-fix” basis, or upsell them to a higher-level managed service plan that includes this internal cybersecurity component.

The key to our success in developing this product has been in containing the cost to the MSP at an affordable level, so the investment is low enough to purchase, install, and service across all your clients. To that end, we’re offering:

  • One low subscription fee to the MSP, which includes a license to deploy an unlimited number of Detector software appliances across all clients. Moreover, since the appliances are based on Linux, there are no additional OS software licenses to contend with.
  • Quick and easy deployment. The recommended Bronze level service is already pre-configured inside Detector. You can quickly deploy it with little-to-no configurations, and all your clients will be standardized with the same offering.
  • Automated service delivery. Once you set it up, Detector does all the work. Each day, the system scans your clients’ internal IT environments and sends the alerts directly to those customers for “triage.”

The beauty of this service is that an MSP can literally offer it for free – and still make a profit. Because your clients receive the daily insider alert, it’s up to them to perform a first-level investigation to determine if it’s something they are aware of (and okay with), or whether they need you to further investigate and remediate the situation … at whatever fee that you agreed upon when the appliance was installed.

Once clients realize it makes more sense for you to handle this task through your overall managed service offering, you can customize the way alerts are handled. For example, you can reconfigure certain alerts to be routed directly to you, while others (such as permissions and access violations) will still go to the client first.

“Detector has become one of our top-selling tools because it was created directly as a result of requests from our customers,” said RapidFire Tools CEO Mike Mittel. “We’ve learned that providing the right solution in the marketplace is an evolutionary process, and our development team is committed to addressing that for the long haul.”