MSP Success Story: “Jumpstarting” Assessments with Effective Tools

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MSP Success Story: “Jumpstarting” Assessments with Effective Tools

As a developer of technologies designed to help Managed Services Providers (MSPs) become more profitable, we’re always thrilled to learn about the success our customers are having with our tools. Not only do these success stories validate the work we’re doing, they also serve as a roadmap for other MSPs to follow.

One of our MSP customers recent told his story in MSP Insights magazine, describing how he used the Network Detective PCI Module to address an urgent challenge for a long-time client in need. The end-user in question had to satisfy a cybersecurity insurance policy that required them to become PCI compliant.

Roxville Technology came to the rescue using our Network Detective PCICompliance module. Find out how by reading President Drew Simon’s guest blog on the MSP Insights site.

If you’ve got a RapidFire Tools success story you can tell us about, please get in touch via our PR team. The more we share profitable use cases involving our network assessment tools, the more MSPs will benefit from this unique set of solutions, enhancing their business proposition—and mitigating risks for the end-user.