Resources That Make the Difference: Leveraging Marketing Tools to Generate HIPAA Compliance Projects

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Resources That Make the Difference: Leveraging Marketing Tools to Generate HIPAA Compliance Projects

By Bob Vogel, Vice President of Marketing, RapidFire Tools

RapidFire Tools is continually looking for ways to help its partners sell their services to end customers. With that in mind, we just produced a new infographic on HIPAA compliance breaches that you can download and customize for your MSP branding. It features a list of eye-opening stats that underscore the urgency of HIPAA compliance. These materials will help your prospects realize how vulnerable their organization is to potential violations — and devastating fines.

Feel free to download our HIPAA Compliance infographic to help you better communicate these risks to businesses you are pitching in the SMB marketplace.

We’re offering this deliverable because we realize that it’s one thing to provide effective network assessment tools — but it’s another effort altogether to get businesses to invite you to do an assessment in the first place. Some MSPs still struggle with the task of marketing their services. Not everyone has an abundance of tools on hand to help get them in front of businesses and create opportunities that convert leads into customers.

Vendors who are invested in their clientele’s success often provide materials and tools to help MSPs grow their businesses. RapidFire Tools is no exception. We’ve included a library of marketing and training resources right within the Network Detective software. In the “Help” section of the module, MSPs can find a roster of content, including a video from industry expert Mike Semel on how to sell HIPAA compliance solutions, sell sheets, eBooks, sample reports, and more. These materials are aimed at helping you better understand how to leverage Network Detective assessment tools to gain more business, and to help you communicate this message to your prospects.

If you’re interested in selling HIPAA compliance services, RapidFire Tools’ HIPAA Compliance tool is a terrific way to accomplish that. If you need more support generating interest in a HIPAA Compliance assessment, we’re here for you in that regard, too. Download the infographic, and take a look at the rest of the content we’ve aligned to help you expand your customer base. Because when you succeed, so do we.