Discover Go-to-Market Made Easy with Powered Services

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Discover Go-to-Market Made Easy with Powered Services

MSPs are grounded in their technical acumen, with deep knowledge and expertise in the tools, services and products required to keep their customers’ IT systems humming. But for MSPs to grow and flourish they’ll need more than networking know-how and savvy security skills.

Leveling up an MSP business requires sales, marketing, account management, and business prowess that might not be a core competency for many MSPs. But with the right combination of tools, playbooks and training, MSPs can shift their operations into high gear to close more deals and efficiently scale their business.

Polishing the pitch

An MSP’s prospects are worried about their core lines of business, whether that’s providing accounting services, selling cupcakes, or running a hospital. To these companies, IT is a necessary evil — not an area of emphasis or focus.

Reaching these prospects with compelling messages and speaking to their individual concerns isn’t always easy for MSPs, who spend every waking moment thinking about these topics that their customers rarely dwell on.

Arming sales teams with talking points, value propositions and rebuttals to common concerns is standard sales support activity, but not every MSP has the in-house bandwidth and expertise to successfully craft these. And as prospecting salespeople attack various verticals, they often find they need more-specific selling techniques and messaging to gain the confidence and trust of potential customers.

Multi-channel marketing materials

Closing deals requires more than just a meeting and a handshake. MSPs must fill their sales funnel with qualified leads, nurture them throughout the sales cycle and provide a wealth of digital resources for prospects evaluating vendors and deciding which direction to go.

To establish a professional image in the eyes of prospects, these elements of the campaign and sales process must be consistent, clear and attractive. The language used in emails, websites and advertisements must also match what’s used during sales calls and presentations.

Strong out of the gate

The early days of any engagement are critical to the overall success and profitability of the relationship. MSPs need a solid, repeatable, and scalable plan to onboard customers and quickly begin delivering value.

Sticking to timelines and tracking progress toward milestones, MSPs can avoid common missteps and delays. The sooner an MSPs is managing essential services for a customer, the faster that customer will embrace expanding the relationship to cover more services and increase monthly recurring revenue. Predictable rollouts also enable MSPs to better allocate resources and reliably schedule future work.

Maintaining strong relationships

There’s no such thing as set-it-and-forget-it customer engagements. There are simply too many dynamic elements to expect things to remain static and still keep both parties happy.

Proactively conducting quarterly business reviews with each customer provides an opportunity to discuss how things are going outside of the daily grind of attending to crises and emergencies or tackling one-off questions and concerns. A holistic retrospective of what services are being provided and the client’s experiences sets the stage to discuss upcoming needs for additional services, as well as getting ahead of simmering annoyances that might flare up in the future.

Go-to-market in a box

While all of the above sound like good practices that MSPs should be undertaking, building those materials from scratch and training staff on these matters is likely beyond the capabilities and budgets of most MSPs. Much of this falls outside the proficiency of an MSP’s staff, and no one wants to spend the money to hire outside consultants to build this on their behalf.

We are acutely aware of the lack of high-quality go-to-market materials and execution plans in the MSP market, and that’s where Powered Services comes in. Powered Services addresses all of the above and then some.

We’re already building custom-designed tools to help MSPs scale their businesses and service even more customers. Providing MSPs with the means to supercharge their sales and marketing activities creates a win-win for the entire industry.

We all know just how valuable an MSP can be for SMBs struggling to manage their IT needs, so it’s our goal to help MSPs win as many customers as possible. Powered Services complements our out-of-the-box technical solutions for security, compliance, dark web monitoring, and backup and disaster recovery with done-for-you sales and marketing assets that communicate the value of these offerings to prospects and customers.

But Powered Services is more than a bunch of collateral. We also provide training on how to best position your services to each market opportunity. Our proven selling points are based on real-world success stories and will resonate with your target audience.

And by leveraging ID Agent’s Goal Assist, your sales process will score some quick wins by establishing subject matter expertise and credibility with your audience. You can bring in our experts to virtually attend sales calls and host webinars featuring our staff to showcase your leadership and educate prospects and customers on timely and important IT issues.

Turn deals into deeper relationships

We also know just how important it is to manage these relationships once the ink is dry, which is why Powered Services also includes detailed execution plans for positioning accounts for success with guided courses for implementation details and a structure for conducting quarterly business reviews.

Investing in refined and appealing marketing and sales activities, along with formalizing customer relationship processes and management, is an important step in an MSP’s maturity. To capture bigger accounts and expand engagements to include a wider portfolio of services, MSPs must look and act as professional and polished as possible.

Powered Services slams on the accelerator to take your MSP offerings to the next level. Don’t miss out on your chance to sell and support like a pro. Learn more about Powered Services today and discover how your MSP business can supercharge its sales cycle.