Why NIST CSF Is So Valuable For MSPs

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Why NIST CSF Is So Valuable For MSPs

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) is packed with value: scalability, attainability, flexibility, common-sense recommendations, and industry best practices. Its primary advantages stem from its comprehensive and customizable structure that accommodates security requirements for a diverse range of clients. The NIST CSF guides MSPs through security processes but lets them tailor the details to fit the unique needs of their various clients

MSPs will find it easy to align their security stack of solutions and services to the NIST CSF and fill in any gaps with new solutions. You can then use the government’s standards as a motivator to persuade clients to implement a more comprehensive security program.

There are many cybersecurity solutions, recommendations, and methodologies, but most only address a segment of a given client’s overall cybersecurity profile, and they are rarely found under the same umbrella. NIST CSF provides a broad and well-organized structure that addresses all areas of cybersecurity. Because the framework is fully mapped with security controls, MSPs can use it as the foundation for security assessments, managed services, and compliance services.

Cyber threats continually evolve, and the NIST CSF is a tool that effectively addresses these new dangers. Clients trust their MSPs and look to you for expertise, experience, and specialized tools to secure their data – and the framework is part of that protection package.

But NIST CSF isn’t just for clients. Cybercriminals target MSPs just as enthusiastically as their clients. If hackers infiltrate your network they can gain domain administrator privileges to access all your client sites. When you adopt the framework for your own network environment, your team will gain an intimate understanding of CSF and can better serve your clients.

NIST CSF can add another layer of protection for both you as an MSP and your clients if you are audited, investigated, or sued after a cybersecurity incident. The framework implementation will demonstrate that you have been following the U.S. government cybersecurity experts’ recommendations.

To help MSPs implement the NIST Cybersecurity Framework consistently and affordably across their client base, RapidFire Tools has added a NIST CSF module to its Compliance Manager Platform. The web-based, multi-role architecture automates much of the data collection, workflow, and documentation – guiding the MSP the entire way.

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