Create Your Own Branded Microsoft Cloud Managed Service

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Create Your Own Branded Microsoft Cloud Managed Service

In our previous blogs, we talked about the huge untapped opportunity for MSPs to step into their clients’ Microsoft Cloud environments – including Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure – and step up to take more control over helping them manage these environments.  We also discussed the hidden security issues that are mounting in these environments and their negative impact on cost control and productivity.

It’s important to run regular Microsoft Cloud assessments for every client that uses Microsoft 365 and/or Azure. RapidFire Tools offers a quick, easy and affordable way to pull all the essential data you need out of the Microsoft Cloud in about 10 seconds per user and automatically generate a wide array of well-organized and pre-analyzed reports.

The reports are purpose-built for MSPs to help build a simple yet compelling Microsoft Cloud managed service offering for your clients and prospects running Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and/or Microsoft Azure. Because Microsoft 365 is the most common business application package for small and medium-sized businesses, a huge opportunity exists for MSPs.

Don’t wait to start offering your own branded Microsoft Cloud Assessment and Management service to your clients. Although improving and maintaining your clients’ cybersecurity is the primary benefit of this service, you can also help your clients increase productivity and save time.

Using Network Detective Pro, you can create a service that includes:

  • A monthly Microsoft Cloud environment scan and client risk report
  • A monthly Microsoft Cloud management plan to mitigate any discovered risks
  • A monthly audit trail report that documents all changes to the environment and who made them
  • A monthly Microsoft Secure Score trend report, comparing your client’s security against benchmarks of businesses of similar size and type
  • Ongoing analysis of cloud environment structure, performance and security

Even if you charge your clients an incremental $1 or $2 per user for this service, you’ll make a handsome profit and deliver a significantly improved security profile for your clients – one that you can measure and validate through reports.

You can use this very same tool to run a non-intrusive scan of any prospect account and impress them with the issues you discover, and the subsequent recommendations that you propose will demonstrate your value.

It’s unlikely that your clients or prospects have the internal resources to stay on top of these security risks. Although Microsoft does include some administrative tools that allow users to manually access the environment through the web, it’s time consuming and difficult to identify issues or big-picture trends.

RapidFire Tools built Network Detective for MSPs to enable you to do things for your clients they can’t do on their own. The tools are designed so that you can easily manage all of your clients with a single low-cost, fixed-fee subscription.

To learn more about this unique offering, ask for a demo.