Top 10 Benefits of Ongoing Client IT Assessments

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Top 10 Benefits of Ongoing Client IT Assessments

When MSPs are called to function as a client’s IT department, they need a complete picture of the organization’s unique environment. To achieve this, they need to conduct comprehensive IT assessments.

An IT assessment provides critical details about a client’s network that must be addressed in order to mitigate risks and strengthen data security, including unwanted changes and vulnerabilities. It’s a simple, cost-effective method to gain insight and understanding into a client’s needs.

Here Are 10 Compelling Benefits of Ongoing Assessments:

Update the IT Asset Inventory

To deliver full-spectrum security, an MSP must know what devices have access to which networks. IT assessments can create a complete catalog of active devices and software, so all can be appropriately secured, monitored and managed. Updated inventories also mean more accurate billing. 

Discover What Needs Replacing 

Legacy systems often suffer from substandard performance, high maintenance demands and security risks. Assessments can help determine what hardware and software should stay and what needs to be updated or replaced. This opens up more revenue opportunities for MSPs.

Measure Risk

MSPs shouldn’t just maintain network security; they should also improve it as the client’s environment grows and changes. Regular IT assessments can help MSPs identify and triage risks and negative system impacts to help develop a remediation plan.

Understand Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

MSPs can help clients reduce TCO when they use assessments to track what in-house systems need updates or maintenance to expand service life.

Shift From Reactive to Proactive

Prevention is always less damaging and less costly than recovery. IT assessments power MSPs to work proactively to detect risks and anomalies before they evolve into system failures or data breaches.

Prep for Cloud Conversion

More businesses are moving their data to the cloud. An MSP can use IT assessments to determine if a client’s network will meet the cloud’s performance requirements. It can also help ensure that all compliance and business continuity statuses are acceptable.

Build a Roadmap

Through assessments, MSPs can gain a categorical understanding of a client’s system and business drivers. This information can be used to build a living roadmap that can guide IT investment, decision-making and implementation plans.

Engage Prospects

An MSP can wield IT assessments to quickly survey and document a prospect’s network and discover issues that demonstrate the need for the MSP’s services.

Close New Clients

Documented evidence persuades. Once clients see proof of their IT vulnerabilities, they may be more motivated to sign a contract for services.

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