Increased Microsoft Cloud Use Highlights Need for IT Assessments

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Increased Microsoft Cloud Use Highlights Need for IT Assessments

According to a recent study, half of the 81% of organizations that moved to cloud services are Microsoft 365 users, rendering the suite the most used cloud service by user count.1

MSPs can capitalize on the Microsoft cloud’s vast usage, because where there are software applications, there are security risks. A McAfee study found that over 58 percent of a company’s sensitive data in the cloud is stored in Microsoft Office documents.2

Tools are now available that give MSPs the ability to get an inside look at what their clients and prospects are doing inside of their SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive environments.

Yes, Microsoft provides highly rated protection for its cloud suite, but those safeguards target external threats only; they won’t protect your clients or prospects against the things they do. End-users have a lot of control over their own environments.  They can grant permissions and share documents with users who should not have access. And, beyond the security issues, they can quickly bloat the environment with terabytes of files that are duplicated elsewhere and uploaded once and then never accessed again.

Network Detective Pro from RapidFire Tools includes an IT assessments that are purpose-built, allowing MSPs to quickly and easily scan clients’ and prospects’ Microsoft 356 environment and then automatically generate a wide array of detailed and organized assessment reports. The reports can identify issues and risks that other assessments may miss. Once the risks and issues are identified, you can use the results to sell a managed Microsoft Cloud service.

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