MSP Client Lifecycle for IT Assessments, Part 2: Onboarding

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MSP Client Lifecycle for IT Assessments, Part 2: Onboarding

In our first managed services client lifecycle segment, we covered acquisitions and how Network Detective can help MSPs bust through the break-point. Next up, we’re discussing onboarding. 

You got your foot in the door, made your pitch, and landed the contract. Now you’ve got the onboarding. This gets your client set up with your essential tools – monitoring, patch management, centralized anti-virus, updates to the firewallAD policies, and other security policies.  You must also populate your PSA with the new customer information so your team can provide optimal management and support.   

Time is money.  Onboarding must be performed quickly, smoothly, and thoroughly the first time aroundyour new client is going to expect to see immediate progress, so the faster you can get them set up, the better a first impression you’ll make. 

How can you ensure your onboarding will be quick and spotless? With Network Detective data collectors, you’ll have all the information available for direct download into your existing management tools, as well as in a pre-formatted Excel file that can be imported. You’ll get 

  • All assets 
  • All network settings 
  • All active directory users
  • Customer contacts
  • Configurations
  • Issues that require immediate remediation 

You can also: 

  • Perform a full Microsoft 365 assessment
  • Deploy RMM to all discovered assets
  • Export information into your PAS system 

The information just from the Full Detail report alone delivers a plethora of critical information: lists of servers, workstations, users, printers, etc. Your help desk can be ready to go on Day One with the build-in integration that makes updating your PSA quick and simple. And you can create service tickets directly from the Management Plan so you can immediately address security concerns. 

To learn more about how Network Detective can help you conduct a seamless onboarding, sign up for a free demo.