MSP Client Lifecycle for IT Assessments, Part 3: Optimization

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MSP Client Lifecycle for IT Assessments, Part 3: Optimization

Welcome to part 3 of our MSP Client Lifecycle series. First up, we reviewed acquisitions, then we followed up with onboarding. For our next segment, we discuss optimization to improve profitability. 

Once you’ve secured a client and have everything set up with your services, it’s time for fine-tuning and maximization. You must be certain that there are no unknown systems on the network that someone else is managing . . . and that your techs are doing all they should. You must also manage the changes to employees in the organization – essentially optimize the environment to reduce your support costs and increase the customer uptime and productivity. 

But what if you keep spinning your wheels? What if you find yourself fixing the same issues repeatedly: resetting passwords or managing bad IT behavior for the same users.  Lack of optimization costs the client hours of productivity and costs you timemoney, and potential contract renewal. You can’t lose time and money and expect to make it up in volume. 

To avoid redundancy and complications, you must be proactive–with monthly assessments. Regular assessments with Network Detective can eliminate wasted time, improve the network’s security, and lead to a safer, more productive environment for your clients.   

Our assessment tool will help you: 

  • Identify unknown assets 
  • Remove/block resigned employees
  • Audit changes in the network
  • Maintain a clean Microsoft 365 environment
  • Regularly update policies and controls
  • Ensure a high-performing SQL 


The other big drag on tech efficiency is in reacting to all security issues that pop up. With Network Detective, you can stay in front of security risks and identify items that you should add to your centralized monitoring, patch management, and anti-virus tools – all with one tool.   

These additional optimization services will also rein in more revenue. 

To learn more about how Network Detective can help you conduct a seamless onboarding, sign up for a free demo.