MSP Client Lifecycle for IT Assessments, Part 4: Contract Renewal

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MSP Client Lifecycle for IT Assessments, Part 4: Contract Renewal

We conclude our MSP Client Lifecycle for IT Assessment series discussing client retention and contract renewal. If you haven’t already, check out the previous four segments: acquisitions, onboarding, optimization, and expansion.

Client retention is a cornerstone of your business. And though it seems easier than scouting for and securing new clients, it still takes work. Clients need constant care, not only to provide them with optimal service, but also demonstrate they are valued. Communicate the right way with your clients on a regular basis, and contract renewal will be a “non-event.”

But what if another MSP beats you to the punch? What if someone else ran reports and assessments, showed your clients what YOU missed, and stole your contract? If you can’t demonstrate your value and what you’ve done for your client, they‘ll probably look for an MSP who can.

IT Assessments can help you stay on your client’s minds with regular reporting and year-end reviews. Audit your own performance and present your clients with crucial data to cement your value:

  • Year-end reviews
  • Accomplishment summaries
  • Recommended improvements
  • Budget discussions
  • Monthly network health checks

Client attention is key to client retention. When you devote your efforts to regular assessments and reports, you bolster client retention, and your revenue. Providing clients with professionally designed reports, with your company branding, summarizing the work you’re doing for them, you’ll guarantee to keep your clients renewing agreements year after year.

For more information on this topic, download our whitepaper.