IT Compliance Management Opens Doors to New Business but Requires Certain Expertise

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IT Compliance Management Opens Doors to New Business but Requires Certain Expertise

Providing managed and security services are hard enough to master. Technologies change daily, clients’ needs change hourly and you’re expected to stay on top of it all. Now clients are looking for IT Compliance services too.


While IT compliance management isn’t rocket science, it does require knowledge and information specific to each industry and regulatory body that has standards to guarantee the client is following the prescribed rules. Failure to adhere to the standards can result in fines, security breaches, loss of certification, or other damage to your client’s business. Managing compliance to policy and network changes and updates prevents disruption of their operations and helps save you, and your client, money.


And there’s a great market for MSPs who offer IT compliance management services. In the early days of these standards, some companies preferred to pay fines instead of paying for compliance management tasks. This worked for a while, but as the public is paying more attention to information breaches and unethical behavior, consequences for noncompliance are going beyond mere financial penalties.


A good compliance management software platform can help you deliver these services in a variety of industries without hiring subject matter experts in each segment. And many companies have compliance budgets that are outside of IT budgets, allowing you to get a bigger share of a client’s spending from more than one source.


Compliance Manager from RapidFire Tools helps deliver the expertise you need to provide IT compliance services for standards that millions of clients must comply with. Our new Show Help feature delivers relevant context and background information for every section of every covered standard. You no longer need to refer to additional sources to learn what to do to validate each requirement.


Of particular interest to MSPs is the confusing new CMMC standard for the 300,000 companies that do business with the Department of Defense and the related NIST (SP) 800-171 self-assessment requirement. An MSP must know what to do for each of the 100+ security controls defined by the standard and Compliance Manager has a Show Help button for each one.


To learn more about how you can help your clients manage the entire CMMC compliance process, request a demo of Compliance Manager today.