Vulnerability Management: The #1 IT Security Service For 2022

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Vulnerability Management: The #1 IT Security Service For 2022

As cybercrime continues to expand at an alarming rate, MSPs need to proactively seek new solutions to protect clients and deter attacks.

Offering vulnerability scanning should be the minimal baseline offering, yet too many MSPs are reluctant to provide the service.

Why the reluctance? The excuses are abundant:

  • “We do external scans and think that is good enough;”
  • “We lack the infrastructure to do vulnerability scanning;”
  • “We don’t have the expertise to develop and sell vulnerability scanning;”
  • “It’s too expensive and my clients won’t pay for it.”

While these perceptions may have had merit in the past, the changing threat landscape and improvements in technology have turned these perceptions into misperceptions.

The bottom line today is that if you don’t offer all your clients a recurring vulnerability management solution, they’ll eventually find an MSP that does . . . or worse, they’ll end up getting hacked and blame you for their loss.

Security vulnerabilities have grown steadily year over year with no signs of slowing down. More than 18,000 new security vulnerabilities were reported in 2020 and 2021 is trending higher than that. It’s critical that you discuss with your clients and prospects the dangers associated with these vulnerabilities.

But selling a scanning service alone isn’t enough. Your clients won’t understand the need or the value. Just as a dentist doesn’t advertise X-rays, your focus should not be on the network scans. The dentist sells a recurring service around improved dental hygiene, and you should be selling improved security through recurring Vulnerability Management-as-a -Service (V-MaaS).

The product team from RapidFire Tools worked with a bunch of MSPs to develop a “crash course” on how to create, package, sell and deliver V-MaaS. Here’s the link to sign-up for the free on-demand training sessions.