Five Ways to Gain Client Loyalty and Recurring Revenue

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Five Ways to Gain Client Loyalty and Recurring Revenue

At the heart of client and managed service provider (MSP) business relationships lie the same mechanisms that make any other relationship tick – support, appreciation, and initiative. Some MSPs no longer put in the effort once they’ve “hooked” their client; they’ve signed a contract, so they think they’re in it for the long haul. 


Keep the Relationship – and Revenue Alive 

Cultivating long-term client relationships is the key to growing business with recurring revenue. Clients ultimately want what every customer of any business wants: to have their needs met and feel valued. Studies show that 68 percent of customers abandon a company because they think it’s indifferent to them. And 80 percent of your future profits will come from 20 percent of current customers – some good reasons to cultivate those relationships. 

Here are a few secrets to “keep the love alive” with your clients. 


  1. Discover Client Needs
    Because MSP services are customized for each client, you must put effort into identifying individual client needs beyond the initial service agreement. Seek out your client’s feedback – send surveys, ask what they like, what they don’t, and what they would change if they could. And be sure to follow up on their response. Demonstrate that you’re listening. 
  2. Get Personal
    Show each client they’re not just another contract. Send personalized emails, talk to them one-on-one. Do whatever you can to make them feel like they are your most important client. 
  3. Show Your Clients They’re Appreciated
    Follow up and check in with your clients on a regular basis. Just because you hooked them doesn’t mean they’ll stay. They may stray if they feel neglected.  Many MSPs lavish new clients with deals and incentives, but none on their existing base. New clients get the sign-up bargains, the free trial periods, or discounts on additional services. Give your current clients deals, too – maybe an incentive for being with you for a full year, renewing a service, or signing up for a new one. 
  4. Exceed Expectations
    Go above and beyond; don’t just meet expectations. A little extra effort can go a long way. Answer communications promptly; don’t make them chase you. And don’t rush it – spend extra time with them to remedy and relieve concerns or other issues. 
  5. Be Proactive
    Set up a regular series of “progress reports” to send to your clients on a regular basis. Short updates that recap the services you delivered and the issues your addressed will go a long way toward cementing your value. And if you see something out of the routine (positive or negative), pick up the phone, and let your clients know. They will appreciate the fact that you are paying attention to their business and are personally involved. 

Your clients are your business. Keeping your current clients happy and content keeps them coming back for more – and keeps your revenue rolling in. Just a 5 percent boost in client loyalty can spike your profits as much as 95 percent. 


For a deeper look at growing your client relationships, check our free e-book: The MSP’s Quick-Start Guide to Building Client Loyalty.