What MSPs Need Most from a Vulnerability Management Platform

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What MSPs Need Most from a Vulnerability Management Platform

There are many commercial vulnerability scanning solutions on the market which are built for individual large companies, and not priced, packaged or designed for the multi-client needs of MSPs.

An MSP-focused solution should support servicing an unlimited number of clients through a single pane of glass and be offered with an economical licensing model that ensures profitability – even when servicing smaller clients at lower price points.

One critical piece of the puzzle for MSPs is a multi-tenant, cloud-based management portal. You need the ability to log into your vulnerability management portal from any device, at any time, and from any location with internet access.

For internal network scanning, the platform should include virtual software appliances you can freely install on as many networks as you like without incurring addition costs.

Since external scanning produces much less data, look for a platform that allows a single scanner to be deployed to perform external vulnerability scanning at multiple client sites – again, at no extra cost.

Other critical components to look for include timely and easy access to the results of the scan. You’ll want flexibility in alerts and the ability to control what information is included in the reports, and who they are sent to.

You should have the option to generate summary reports that allow you to quickly review the different types of issues discovered and their severity as indicated by the CVSS ranking. You also should also be able to have separate reports sent to you indicating which devices are impacted.

The dashboard should provide useful high-level information highlighting the most critical issues that need addressing, as well as various trends. You should also be able to drill into each discovered vulnerability to get complete details about the vulnerabilities that were discovered, exact locations, and advice on how to remediate them.

Of course, there are a lot of other features you can find in the higher-end, more costly solutions built for the enterprise. But those features come at a high cost, add complexity, and aren’t necessary for most MSPs.

VulScan is an excellent option for your vulnerability management solution. It’s priced and packaged to make internal and external vulnerability scanning affordable enough to scan every asset you manage on a continuous basis. Vulnerability alerts are generated after each scan, with the system getting “smarter” each time to reduce false positives.

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