MSPs Need to Offer Microsoft Cloud Assessments

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MSPs Need to Offer Microsoft Cloud Assessments

Most organizations with Microsoft 365 operate in hybrid environments with a combination of cloud and on-premises applications. While MSPs are generally on solid ground when it comes to the on-premises component, many need more visibility into, and control over, the virtual component.  

MSPs can scope new business more accurately when they have visibility into a prospect’s Microsoft Cloud environment. They can control the privacy and security of data for existing clients with a regular review of their Microsoft Cloud environment.  

The right Microsoft Cloud Assessment solution: 

  • Allows you to see what’s inside the key components of the Microsoft cloud infrastructure.  
  • Targets specific Microsoft 365 services that need “clean up” and better controls.  
  • Goes beyond Microsoft Control and Secure Score to identify risks based on IT best practices.  
  • Includes comparative security benchmarks (measured against similar-sized organizations) to help evaluate security posture. 
  • Saves technicians countless hours by automatically gathering all information about the Azure, Azure AD and Microsoft 365 environments, as opposed to manually drilling up and down to gather information. 
  • Allows you to create a New Cloud Security offering — like Security-as-a-Service using security reports.  
  • Shows improved cloud platform health over time.  
  • Enables you to sell faster — by enabling you to show your prospects why they need your services. 
  • Empowers you to differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Savvy MSPs are using the Cloud Assessment to attract new business and onboard new clients. By adding Network Detective Pro’s Microsoft Cloud Assessment as part of your prospecting, you can: 

  • Effectively gain an advantage over competitors. 
  • Close deals faster by identifying and highlighting risks to sell against. 
  • Provide faster, easier, and more comprehensive onboarding.  
  • Undertake additional project work (user clean-up, group clean-up, site organization).  
  • Scope and sell cloud backup (e.g., Spanning). 

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