Current Events Can Help You Sell IT Services

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Current Events Can Help You Sell IT Services

Prospects and clients like to say they don’t have any data worth hacking or nobody would ever want to attack them. But business owners and executives know bad publicity that follows a security breach can translate into big losses.

It’s up to you to show them facts about their vulnerabilities detected by under-the-skin network scans and show them headlines about companies that were hacked through similar vulnerabilities. Drive home the point that it really happens and you can help them stay out of the headlines. This approach also helps non-technical business owners and executives understand what your assessment results really mean for their businesses in the language they understand.

Tying Assessment Results to News Stories

News stories about ransomware and data breaches provide context to assessment results and enhance your cybersecurity sales. Find pertinent stories by sifting through online publications for cyber-related news articles or search the web for details on cyber incidents in particular industries. Snip headlines and save them (always with the publication’s logo) to use in your presentations.

Start your presentation with recent headlines about ransomware attacks and data breaches to emphasize the threats are real. Include screenshots or snippets to validate the articles are from leading publications. Non-technical publications and websites — such as Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, NBC, and CBS — resonate more with a non-technical audience than IT industry news publications.

Include summaries of your findings while presenting the assessment results and then explain what they mean. Never expect your prospect or client to interpret the meaning themselves. Make sure your audience understands what you are presenting.

Let Network Detective Pro Help

Network Detective Pro’s Full Detail Report helps you find enabled users with passwords set to never expire and users who have not logged in recently, indicating they may no longer be associated with the organization. The Security Risk Report detects credentials for sale on the dark web.

Start with these findings and illustrate a few examples to validate you have the evidence. Then show them the news headlines again and say, “What we found in your network are the same conditions that caused this similar attack.”

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