How to Sell Your Clients on the Benefits of Cloud Computing

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How to Sell Your Clients on the Benefits of Cloud Computing

COVID put cloud migration into overdrive for many businesses and now that COVID is receding into the background (we hope), the migration continues. And why not? It makes good business sense. But there are always a few clients who, for whatever reason, are hesitant to make the move. If you have a client, or clients like that, here are some talking points to try and help them see why the move is a good idea for them. And a profitable move for you.

Significant Reduction in IT Costs

Migration to cloud computing facilitates a significant reduction in expenses associated with managing and maintaining IT infrastructure. Organizations can use cloud resources offered by cloud service providers and reduce operational costs.

Companies can save on IT costs by:

  • No longer having to pay for system upgrades, new software and hardware since all of it might be included in the cloud services contract.
  • Significant reduction in office energy consumption.
  • Eliminate the need for experts to manage IT infrastructure.

Better and More Efficient Collaboration

Cloud computing simplifies and streamlines collaboration and allows teams to communicate and work together seamlessly. With cloud computing, organizations can give employees, contractors and third-parties faster access to the data needed to work on projects. Team members can view and share information across a cloud-based platform.

Business Continuity

Keeping IT systems and data secure is crucial. Whether a business is faced with a power failure, a natural calamity or any other crisis, data stored on the cloud is fully backed up and well protected in a highly secure location.


Adopting cloud services provides efficient scalability to suit changing needs. IT operational and storage requirements can easily scale up or down based on business needs. Since cloud services providers manage software upgrades, companies no longer bear the expenses of purchasing and deploying them. Switching to cloud computing frees up time for IT technicians to focus on more strategic, revenue-generating tasks and drive business growth and profitability.


Switching to cloud services enables businesses to provide more flexibility to their employees. Regardless of whether employees need to access data on the go, on an overseas vacation or while working from home, cloud computing provides quick and easy off-site access to a virtual office. As such, this provides employees the flexibility to work as and when needed.

Automatic Updates for Greater Security

Timely software updates are key to maintaining the security of an organization’s systems and networks. Cloud computing allows automatic updates based on your IT requirements. These automatic updates can include upgrades in computer processing power and servers as well as up-to-date software versions.

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