How to Keep Pace with Client Changes and Expansion

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How to Keep Pace with Client Changes and Expansion

Do you have clients that are in constant flux – employee turnover; implementing new projects; expanding through mergers and acquisitions? It’s hard to keep up with the changes within your own organization, much less keeping up with all your clients too. To make matters worse, those changes can lead to new risks and opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit. 

Regularly scheduled data scans are an ideal solution to help you stay on top of changes…whether you’re aware of them or not. New environments can be quickly assessed by non-technical staff while technicians and network engineers work on other tasks.  

Set up regularly scheduled data scans to:  

  • Identify unauthorized devices, unsupported operating systems and software, and unauthorized users 
  • Identify weak passwords, missing patches, and anti-virus status 
  • Identify all compliance violations — even without agents running on those devices — even in the MS Cloud 

As you expand your business and bring on new clients, you should perform rapid baseline assessments on each new network. This gives you a baseline and provides details on issues, risks and remediation to get any new clients compliant with existing guidelines, or predetermined rules required by their existing contracts or agreements. 

Network Detective Pro is the IT industry’s de facto standard IT assessment and reporting tool used by MSPs. Its non-intrusive data collectors are the fastest and easiest way to find risks and issues on prospect sites with no agents, probes or software installs. It provides end-to-end automation – from scheduled scans to report generation and delivery, it’s the only way to do the recurring IT assessments required to grow and retain your existing clients. It gives you undeniable proof of everything you’re doing to protect and secure your clients’ networks. 

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