How Much Security is Enough Security?

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How Much Security is Enough Security?

The best way to determine what level of vulnerability management is right for you (or your client) is to perform a formal network vulnerability assessment. Both an internal and external scan should be performed to obtain baseline indicators of the IT environment.  

Before recommending a specific frequency and monthly fee, an MSP might recommend continuous monitoring for a short period to get a better sense of how dynamic the network conditions are, relative to the frequency of new vulnerabilities discovered. 

MSPs charge different fees for their services depending on their business model. Most will provide an option of a fixed monthly fee to cover the Vulnerability Management Service — including the scanning appliance, reviewing and analyzing the scan results, and remediating any discovered known vulnerabilities. The alternative is a “break-fix” model where the MSP runs scans and then charges each time a vulnerability is discovered and addressed. 

Whether you’re looking to implement your own vulnerability management program or you’re an MSP looking to offer vulnerability management services, VulScan is a key component to proper vulnerability management and can help you deliver IT security that meets the needs of everyone.  It has all the features you need for both internal and external vulnerability management, and even includes an optional portable scanner that you can tote from one location to another for ad hoc scans without consuming additional licenses.  

Best of all, VulScan is priced so that cost is no longer a barrier to scanning as many assets as you need, as frequently as you want. 

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