Expand Your Business Using IT Assessments

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Expand Your Business Using IT Assessments

Expansion doesn’t just mean adding new clients to your roster. Expansion is really about growing the services you currently offer your clients as they grow (i.e., as they add more users and assets) and getting those same clients to buy additional services from you. 

Here are a few ideas to help you expand your existing client relationships. 

Upselling and cross-selling products – Keep your clients’ environment up to date by selling them value- added hardware refreshes or software upgrades, new cloud services, enhanced security services like Dark Web monitoring, and more.  

Supporting remote work – Expand your services by providing remote work support. Since many businesses continue to allow their employees to work from home, supporting them to manage their remote employees effectively can increase your revenue. 

Providing layered managed security – Although your clients may be using basic antivirus/anti-malware programs, they will need a layered defense strategy against cybercriminals. Address gaps and flaws in your clients’ systems by providing effective security services and generating new revenue streams. 

Unlock recurring revenue with compliance – If your clients operate in the healthcare or finance industries, providing a well-rounded compliance offering can generate a substantial increase in revenue. Many companies struggle to comply with the various industry standards and regulations. MSPs can leverage their existing relationships with clients to offer compliance services that include security risk assessments and more. 

Introduce cyber liability insurance to clients – Cyber liability insurance makes sure your clients are reimbursed in case of a cyber incident. If cybercriminals infiltrate your client’s infrastructure and compromise their data and demand ransom, cyber liability insurance can come to their rescue and protect them from going bankrupt. 

Network Detective Pro Helps Make Expansion Easy 

Network Detective Pro is the IT industry’s de facto standard IT assessment and reporting tool used by MSPs. Its non-intrusive data collectors are the fastest and easiest way to find risks and issues on prospect sites with no agents, probes or software installs. It provides end-to-end automation – from scheduled scans to report generation and delivery, it’s the only way to do the recurring IT assessments required to grow and retain your existing clients. It gives you undeniable proof of everything you’re doing to protect and secure your clients’ networks. 

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