IT Threats and Vulnerabilities, ‘Oh, my!’

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IT Threats and Vulnerabilities, ‘Oh, my!’

The people you work with, or for, need your IT expertise to address the ever-increasing number of IT threats and vulnerabilities. We’re not talking just simply having you install and set up scanners to run, but to make the most of the results of vulnerability scans to strengthen their existing cybersecurity posture. 

You can’t prevent every cyberattack on the networks you manage. But you can control how difficult it is for the attacks to be successful. The more steps you take to address known vulnerabilities the less risk there is. 

Think of progressive security as a locked car with a built-in burglar alarm parked in a locked garage with a well-lit sign on the door noting the area is under surveillance. You might not take these measures for a 15-year-old clunker with 200,000 miles on the odometer but you might make that investment to protect a high-end automobile. 

As bizarre as that scenario may seem, there are similar IT scenarios that literally invite hackers to come inside and take whatever information they want. Hackers are made aware of known vulnerabilities by the same sources that IT security professionals use to lock them down. If you’re not checking the parked car periodically, the car is at a higher risk of being stolen. The same is true with checking all the virtual keys to the networks you manage with regular vulnerability scans. 

Network environments are constantly changing. Devices and users are being added and removed. New software is being installed. Old software is being updated…or not. Permissions and access change. Every change creates the possibility for a new vulnerability to emerge. The larger the organization (and corresponding number of IT assets), the more frequent these kinds of changes take place, and the more frequently scans should be run.  

Similarly, the more sensitive data that exists in the network environment, the more likely it is the environment will be targeted for attack. 

The bigger the parking lot, the more likely it is that one of those cars won’t be locked. And if that parking lot happens to be a Mercedes dealership, the more likely it is that car thieves will have their eyes on it. 

Think of each of the networks you manage as a Mercedes dealership and protect them the same way. VulScan includes both internal and external vulnerability scanning capabilities as well as a portable vulnerability scanning option to help you protect your assets. 

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