Client Risk Reports Give You the Advantage

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Client Risk Reports Give You the Advantage

Network Detective Pro gives you the power to control the output. You decide which reports you want to run. You brand them with your company logo, your contact info, your colors and your choice of image and layout. You can even edit and customize them to your heart’s content. 

To make it easy, we organize our reports in two different ways: You can view reports by the type of assessment you are running, such as Network, Security, Exchange, SQL Server or MS Cloud. Or, you can view them by use case, such as for prospecting, onboarding new clients, service optimization, etc.  

A customer favorite is the Client Risk Report. MSPs like to refer to it as the “money” report. This report presents clients or upper management with a summary of their overall risk score based on your scan, along with simple charts to show the problem areas. Each problem area represents an opportunity for you to present a proposed solution and, if you’re an MSP, pitch your services. The purpose of this report is for you to use it as a “discussion document” to build a conversation with your customer or management team about the specific risk areas you found, what they mean, and how you can help. Keep the Full Network Assessment in your hip pocket and pull it out when your prospect or manager asks how you came up with your findings. 

Without this report, you or your client would have to manually visit each computer on the network to understand (at a holistic level) what network and security related issues exist on a network that may reduce productivity of employees or present risk of uptime for the business. 

A data collector is deployed throughout a network, scanning for details of assets connected to Active Directory. Local devices that might not be joined to Active Directory can also be scanned through local computer data collectors. 

Want to download a sample of the Client Risk Report or any brandable report that Network Detective Pro can automatically generate? Click here to access the complete list of available reports. 

RapidFire Tools’ Network Detective Pro is a completely agentless solution with the ideal network discovery stack. Get a demo today to learn more about how you can keep networks and users better protected, whether you’re an IT professional or MSP.