What is Vulnerability Management?

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What is Vulnerability Management?

Almost every IT professional knows what a vulnerability is, what a vulnerability scan is, and the importance of identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities from the assets and networks they are tasked with managing. But a surprising number don’t know what vulnerability management is and why it’s key to efficiently eliminating those vulnerabilities.  

Vulnerability management is simply the continuous and regular process of identifying, assessing, documenting, managing, and remediating security vulnerabilities across endpoints, workloads, and systems in a network. In short, vulnerability management is a proactive approach to closing security gaps that exist in a network before they can be taken advantage of. 

Vulnerability management gives you the edge in the race against hackers. 

What’s the difference between vulnerability management and a vulnerability assessment? 

A vulnerability assessment is a project with a specific start and end date aimed at uncovering vulnerabilities that cybercriminals could potentially exploit. Once the assessment report is prepared, the project is complete.  

Vulnerability management, on the other hand, is an ongoing, comprehensive process that continuously manages cybersecurity vulnerabilities in a network. Vulnerability assessments are a piece of the vulnerability management process. 

What is the purpose of vulnerability management? 

A vulnerability management strategy establishes controls and processes that help an organization identify vulnerabilities in its technology infrastructure. It creates a cycle of steps that ensure vulnerabilities are quickly detected, assessed, and remediated. Once complete, the cycle repeats. 

Why is vulnerability management important? 

The pandemic has accelerated the rise of cybercrime at an unprecedented pace. Without vulnerability management, an organization leaves all its door wide open to cybercriminals. 

Every day you wait means another 50 unmanaged vulnerabilities. 

A key component to vulnerability management is a robust vulnerability scanning platform that can help you manage any network, regardless of size. 

VulScan is a stand-alone internal and external scanning solution that can be integrated with other tools. It consists of a web-based client site management portal and licenses to set up one or more virtual network scanners at each site using our software and Hyper-V or VMWare. It delivers all the features you need for both internal and external vulnerability management. 

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