How to Accurately Scope and Quote New Customers and Onboard Them Faster

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How to Accurately Scope and Quote New Customers and Onboard Them Faster

Most MSPs know they should be using IT assessments for prospecting purposes. Using the security assessment or an IT assessment, is one of the simplest ways to get an appointment with a customer and get your foot in the door.  

But the top MSPs know it’s not only useful in prospecting and closing new clients, it’s also fantastic when it comes to scoping and quoting existing business. Performing IT assessments regularly ensures client relationships start off on the right foot, are profitable, and remain that way over the long haul.  

We all know that to win in business you’ve got to lead with a proposal that is priced right and not overlooking key items that could cost you later. For example, manually counting the number of systems or servers at a customer site and not knowing one is a VMware Server that will throw off your proposal.  

The Network Detective Data Collector is a standalone, lightweight, non-intrusive, executable that runs from a computer connected to the network. Data collection is completed in about 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the network. You can easily automate the data collection process as well as the report generation and delivery. Once you’ve onboarded a client, it’s a snap to consistently provide additional reporting and identify additional issues.  

Many of our customers find the Network Detective Pro Risk Report extremely helpful in onboarding new clients. The report outlines all the different risks the collector found. It gives you and the client an idea of what you’re being tasked with. It also allows you a number of different presentations of the total number of assets, active computers versus inactive computers, operating systems. It provides a basic inventory of everything that was found during the assessment.  

Take that risk report and provide some extra technical details and you have a management plan to task someone on your team to sort through. 

Another helpful report to use during the onboarding process is the Report Card. It allows the client to visualize the work that’s going to go into onboarding their network. It’s a great way for you to highlight what areas or machines need work. It’s very easy to read…with items in green, yellow and red.  

The Share Permission Report allows you to review the shares, how those shares are enabled, and who has access to them. Review the results with your client so they can see how all this is set up and if it makes sense to them.  

Network Detective Pro automates the assessment process for you. And it makes sure that you don’t overlook critical items.  

Network Detective Pro is a completely agentless solution with the ideal network discovery stack. Get a demo today to learn more about how you can keep networks and users better protected, whether you’re an IT professional or MSP.