What are Vulnerability Management Tools?

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What are Vulnerability Management Tools?

Vulnerability management tools simplify and automate the process of vulnerability management. While some tools focus solely on vulnerability scanning, others go beyond that to aid the entire vulnerability management process. Most products provide detailed analysis reports and charts built from scan results. Some include an exploit software used as a penetration test tool, which allows an administrator to see how a hacker would exploit a vulnerability without disrupting network operations. 

Vulnerability management tools help strengthen cybersecurity in a proactive and informed manner. A key aspect in deciding the impact of a vulnerability management tool is the type of vulnerability scanning it deploys. 

A vulnerability scanner helps secure your networks by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in public-facing and internal assets that could be exploited by a hacker. It brings to light information about: 

  • Vulnerabilities in an IT environment 
  • Degrees of risk from each vulnerability 
  • How to mitigate each vulnerability 

There are three main types of vulnerability scanners: 

  • External vulnerability scanners: External scanners check all public-facing assets, including network firewalls, routers, and other “perimeter” devices, targeting areas exposed to the internet or that aren’t restricted to internal users and systems. 
  • Internal vulnerability scanners: These can be stand-alone servers or deployed as virtual machines on a computer attached to the network. The internal scanners check any (or all) ports on devices within a network with an IP address, identifying known vulnerabilities a hacker or malware can exploit. 
  • Portable vulnerability scanners: While it’s best practice to have scanners permanently installed on the network for regular internal scanning, portable vulnerability scanners are also available. They can be transferred from one network to another for ad hoc assessments and diagnostics. 

If you’re in the market for an easy-to-use vulnerability management tool that will meet your needs today and grow with you as your organization grows, consider VulScan. 

VulScan is the industry-leading vulnerability management platform that provides both internal and external vulnerability scanning and can be equipped with an optional portable scanner you can tote from one location to another for ad hoc scans. It includes all the key features and functions you need, without the unnecessary bells and whistles that add complexity and cost.  

Get a demo of VulScan and see how it puts you in the ideal position to deliver vulnerability management and simplify the vulnerability management lifecycle.