If You’re Not Performing Automated Assessments, You Need to Start

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If You’re Not Performing Automated Assessments, You Need to Start

Whether you’re looking to retain clients or increase your technician’s billable hours, automated assessments are a no-brainer for any MSP. Ideally, you should be able remotely schedule scans on client networks and then have access to that data from any computer or mobile device through your online portal. Supplement the information by including client-specific service documentation including notes, remediation procedures, passwords and related items your service techs and remote support teams need to do their jobs faster and better.  

Your assessment tool should also be able to automatically create a variety of reports which can be automatically delivered directly to your clients, if you choose to do so. Providing your clients with regular reports is a proven way to communicate the value of the services you deliver, which otherwise go unnoticed and unappreciated.  

Automated assessments allow you to: 

  • Centrally schedule all Network Detective Pro scans for your client sites  
  • Access up-to-date network scan data from your cloud portal  
  • Add notes, procedures, passwords, and more  
  • Access any risk-based issues found directly on your smart phone  
  • Automatically download scan data and generate any Network Detective report  
  • Set up email distribution lists to have Network Detective Pro distribute reports internally or directly to your clients 

Performing an IT assessment once on a client network doesn’t mean there’s no need to do it again. If you aren’t doing a basic network and security assessment scan at least monthly, you are doing your clients, and yourself, a disservice. Changes happen to all networks all the time:  

  • Devices get attached to, and removed from, the network  
  • Unvetted software is downloaded to various machines  
  • “Trusted” visitors get access to the network
  • Employees get hired and fired 

You can’t rely on your clients to keep you informed of all these changes. And those changes generally mean two things:  

  1. The potential for vulnerabilities
  2. The potential for additional project revenue 

Doing these checks not only keeps your clients safe, it ensures you aren’t leaving money on the table. 

Network Detective Pro is the IT industry’s de facto standard IT assessment and reporting tool that provides end-to-end automation – from scheduled scans to report generation and delivery. It’s the only way to do the recurring IT assessments required to grow and retain your existing clients. 

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