Profit by Discussing Risk with Your Clients and Prospects

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Profit by Discussing Risk with Your Clients and Prospects

Most clients and prospects aren’t technically savvy and don’t understand the importance of vulnerability management services unless you explain it to them. Make sure your clients understand the risks of opting out of this service. 

Start by explaining that all three vectors must overlap for a viable risk to exist:  

Assets of Value: There must be something of value on the network – including use of the network itself — that represents potential targets for attack. 

Vulnerabilities: There must be weaknesses to exploit, like open ports, unpatched applications, misconfigured network settings, etc. 

Threats: There must be an actual attack against a particular vulnerability or weakness. That can come in forms including:  

  • Malware 
  • Phishing expeditions  
  • Denial of services (DoS) attacks 

All three of these (assets, vulnerabilities, and threats) MUST be present to create actual risk. But when there is risk, a company’s viability, profitability and reputation are on the line.  

If they still don’t believe you, try showing them recent articles online that highlight cyberattacks and the devastating results to companies like theirs. Tangible events drive home the importance of your services  

And if you’re looking for a vulnerability management platform to help mitigate risk, VulScan is a key weapon in your battle. It helps you deliver IT security that meets the needs of everyone and has all the features you need for both internal and external vulnerability management. It even includes an optional portable scanner you can tote from one location to another for ad hoc scans without consuming additional licenses.  

Best of all, VulScan is priced so that cost is no longer a barrier to scanning as many assets as you need, as frequently as you want. 

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