Stop Making Client Acquisition and Retention Difficult

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Stop Making Client Acquisition and Retention Difficult

Are you like many MSPs who find that new client acquisition and retention rank as one of your biggest challenges?  

Acquisition is the first phase in the client lifecycle. Getting your proverbial foot in the door is that critical first step. You need to get their attention and make them want to hear what you have to say. Only then can you make a compelling case for the value of your services and convince them to sign on.  

The main way to get a prospect’s attention is having a legitimate purpose for your call. Find out your prospect’s corporate domain and IP address and run both a Dark Web scan and external vulnerability scan.  There’s a good chance that you’ll find at least an email on the Dark Web that’s been compromised, and open ports on the firewall that represent a clear vulnerability.  

Leverage this information to convince prospects to allow you to come in and do a full network and security audit to see what else they don’t know about.  Even if your initial scans come up empty, you can use public-domain articles, studies and vendor-documents that highlight everyday risks and issues that all businesses face. Send those to your prospects along with an offer to do a free network and security audit.  

Every new biz opportunity and precious, and every lost pitch costs you money—money for the lead–generation marketing, money to set up and conduct the meeting, money to build the proposals, etc.   

Make every proposal count. That begins with a meaningful discussion with each potential client to build rapport. Next comes the discovery phase to understand their needs and pain points. And finally, presenting a need and the possible solution.       

Network Detective Pro can help you improve your lead generation and close rate. Built-in Dark Web baseline scans are included to help with prospecting. Once you get in the door, non-intrusive data collectors make gathering the information from a prospect’s network fast and easy. There is nothing to install and nothing left behind on their network. You can also create automated reports that will help in closing a deal.   

Then you’re ready to present your solution and pricing. With automation, nothing will be missed or forgotten, and there will be no accidental over-pricing.  

With Network Detective Pro saving you so much time and preventing errors, you’ll have more time for more sales calls.  

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