Make More Money by Retaining Existing Clients

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Make More Money by Retaining Existing Clients

Onboarding clients takes your time, techs’ time, customer service’s time, accounting’s time. It also costs more money than simply keeping your current clientele protected and happy. With minimal effort, you can retain easily your current customer base, upsell them on new services and spend less time having to court new business. 

It’s easier than you think to achieve sustained growth if your clients trust and value your services enough to renew their contracts year after year. Steps to succeed in this highly critical stage of the lifecycle include:  

Prepare a branded year-end review 

Produce clear and concise reports that highlight your accomplishments, such as reduced tickets, issues and risks addressed, better uptime and successful projects, to the client.  

Recommend improvements and added services 

Make clients realize the additional value you can provide by listing out items and areas that need improvement.  

Start contract renewal early 

Before contracts with your clients expire, start discussing new opportunities that can add value to their business. Retain and upsell your clients before a competitor can.  

The right tools and the right approach help improve your bottom line by nurturing customer relationships, increasing existing revenue streams and ensuring existing contract renewals.  

Maximize the use of end-to-end IT assessments with Network Detective Pro to deliver best-of-breed services, build stronger client relationships, justify the value of your service, and set the stage for ongoing client growth.  

Get a demo to learn more about Network Detective Pro to find out how it can help you retain clients and improve every stage of the MSP client lifecycle.