There’s a Silver Lining in the Cloud

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There’s a Silver Lining in the Cloud

Cloud-based platforms, data storage, and solutions continue to become increasingly important in today’s business environment. But cloud-based operations need unique assessment, monitoring and reporting solutions. Securing the infrastructure, platforms, processes, and data is one of the most important topics in cloud computing. Gartner reports that “through 2025, 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.”  

What Your Clients Don’t Know They Don’t Know 

Making your customers aware of everyone’s security responsibilities around cloud services is critical to success. This has been one of the biggest challenges with cloud computing. It’s also important to increase the security awareness of everyone, including end-users, which is key to minimizing human error. 

Awareness Starts with Reporting 

Being able to provide data and reports that highlight details and risks that apply specifically to your client is key to adding cloud services and securing their network. It’s hard for the client to dismiss cold, hard facts about the vulnerability of their cloud assets. 

Automated reporting makes data processing a snap. You should look for a solution that not only processes the data for you to identify potential risks, but it should also create branded reports that allow you to prove to customers the value of your cloud services. 

Automation Makes It Profitable for You 

Network Detective Pro offers four MS Cloud reports that deliver insights into small and medium sized clients, allowing MSPs to deliver better protection for their cloud assets. The first three reports provide the MSP with the flexibility to export the reporting information from our assessments into the reporting platform of their choice. 

All four reports are included in Network Detective Pro. If you already have the tool, a pop-up reminder should appear when logging in with an option to upgrade the application to the latest version. If you want to see a sample of these MS Cloud reports, or any of the other scores of IT Assessment reports available through Network Detective, click here.