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Stop Working for Free

As an MSP, your key focus should be on getting a greater share of your client’s IT budget. You also need to make sure that you are getting paid for all the services you provide your client. 

If you’re like most MSPs, some portion of your fees is based on the number of assets or users. However, keeping track of constant changes in your client’s dynamic environment can be challenging. Clients are notorious for adding devices or hiring new employees, and never letting you know. Any untracked additional assts on your client’s network can cost you in terms of missed opportunities. You’ll probably end up providing services for systems and users you aren’t even charging for.  

New equipment and employees aren’t the only shifts taking place at client sites. Change is the only constant when it comes to your client’s network environment. By staying on top of changes in your client’s network, you can leverage the opportunity to sell them additional services as well. For instance, by discovering the age of the computers on your client’s network, you can offer them an additional service that helps them swap out their hardware on a regular basis and keeps their IT infrastructure up to date. 

Running regular IT assessments with Network Detective Pro allows you to take snapshots of overall network growth, change, performance, and risks over time. The reports it generates help you work with your clients to plan long-term technology upgrade programs that could greatly improve their productivity and efficiency while earning you more profit. This will also help you grow and expand as an MSP and achieve sustainable profitability by forging lasting relationships with existing clients as their trusted technology adviser. 

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