How One MSP Partnered With RFT to Build their Business

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How One MSP Partnered With RFT to Build their Business

According to Darren McGuff, cyber network security consultant at CYFOR Secure — a leading cybersecurity MSP specializing in catering to legal and financial security services — there are two main challenges that most MSPs currently face. One revolves around the extensive amount of time it takes to deliver services to clients, and the other is the manual nature of the work. CYFOR Secure was looking for solutions to overcome these hurdles without negatively impacting their incident response, digital forensic and vulnerability management services.

“A lot of the cybersecurity services we provide require physical commitment and many man hours to carry out,” says Darren.

Subscribing to a host of IT assessment and networking scanning solutions isn’t always a viable option due to the high cost and training needed for staff to be proficient with each tool. Luckily for CYFOR Secure, they enlisted Network Detective Pro to address.

Network Detective Pro helped Darren and his team reduce the amount of time spent on site and helped streamline their digital forensic and investigational processes, producing detailed reports of all network activity.

The difference Network Detective Pro provides an MSP

When asked why Darren chose RapidFire Tools, he was quick to answer that it was the simplicity and ease of use that attracted him to Network Detective Pro. Darren went on to say that starting a relationship with RapidFire Tools was a completely seamless and easy experience.

“The product is cost-effective, allowing us to deploy it across our entire client base. It helped the team become more interactive with clients,” says Darren.

CYFOR Secure was able to improve customer engagement by generating highly detailed technical reports along with the MSP’s newfound ability to offer additional security services.

CYFOR Secure leverages Network Detective Pro for a variety of tasks, from onboarding new clients and conducting initial network investigations to carrying out routine network assessments for existing clientele. It allows the team to gain deep insights into a client’s network and find those hidden areas that could pose a threat to the business. Network Detective Pro empowers CYFOR Secure to address network security issues early on in their relationship with a client.

What Network Detective Pro can help you achieve

With the help of Network Detective Pro, CYFOR Secure has been able to create new business opportunities, maximize revenue and offer more value as an MSP, all at an affordable price point.

You can experience the same benefits after partnering with RapidFire Tools and leveraging the most effective tools to simplify IT assessment processes, a service that is currently in high demand. Network Detective Pro’s ability to translate a vast amount of data within client networks into meaningful, useful reports that complement the managed services lifecycle further allows your team to work faster and attract new business.

Schedule a demo of Network Detective Pro today and revamp your approach to managed services delivery.