VulScan Helps You Land New Clients and Upsell Existing Customers

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VulScan Helps You Land New Clients and Upsell Existing Customers

MSPs have their work cut out for them as the number of cyber-risks continues to grow and companies scramble to acquire the best cybersecurity solutions to safeguard their businesses. However, today’s security software and tools come with their own problems that hamper the ability of MSPs to deliver services effectively while strengthening their clients’ cyber resiliency.

Darren McGuff, a cyber network security consultant at CYFOR Secure — a leading proactive and reactive legal and financial IT security services provider — sees two main challenges that MSPs struggle to overcome:

  • Time: The time it takes to deliver vulnerability scanning and network assessment services can be extensive, inconveniencing both MSPs and their clients.
  • Manual work: Most security services require a more hands-on approach, where MSPs are required to have a tech work on-site for hours at a stretch. This increases both cost and the need for additional staff.

CYFOR Secure also faced these challenges and found it cumbersome to deliver their incident response, digital forensics, penetration testing, vulnerability management and IT support services effectively. However, the company doesn’t have these issues anymore. What changed?

They partnered with RapidFire Tools and started supporting clients with VulScan, a robust, automated, purpose-built vulnerability scanning platform.

Saving time and manual intervention with VulScan

By leveraging VulScan, they were able to carry out hundreds of automated vulnerability scans for each client. Identifying weak points within each network became a streamlined process. Darren and his team were able to deliver effective scanning services across Microsoft 365, among many other cloud environments, including the physical assets people used in either offices or work-from-home environments.

CYFOR Secure took advantage of VulScan’s ability to discern what information was needed to prioritize remediation efforts and how to fix the issues it discovered. Such features helped CYFOR Secure build and strengthen client relationships as the MSP delivered detailed reports and guidance on the best ways for their clients to stay safe.

Collaborate with RapidFire Tools and experience true value

While VulScan helped CYFOR Secure address its biggest challenges and create new revenue opportunities, there’s another reason why its partnership with RapidFire Tools was beneficial. As Darren mentions, building a relationship with RapidFire Tools was easy. And this collaboration led to the creation of a unique, portable version of VulScan that changed the vulnerability assessment game.

Darren and his team noticed an opportunity to use VulScan to scan many clients in an easier, simpler and quicker fashion. They opened a dialogue with RapidFire Tools to build upon the opportunity. Based on those conversations, a portable VulScan product with the ability to move a single VulScan instance across multiple sites was developed. With VulScan and its portable version, CYFOR Secure has been able to run over 600 vulnerability assessments annually for just one of its longstanding clients.

After partnering with RapidFire Tools, CYFOR Secure continues to grow and now stands out as a leading MSP. Your business can experience the same benefits, saving time and money and improving customer engagement.

Schedule a demo for VulScan today and start offering your clients a new vulnerability assessment service experience.