Cyber Hawk Helps The AME Group Offer Unparalleled Internal Threat Detection Services

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Cyber Hawk Helps The AME Group Offer Unparalleled Internal Threat Detection Services

Over 70% of reported cybersecurity incidents stem from inside an organization rather than from external threats. As a result, companies have grown increasingly dependent on MSPs to reduce the risk of internal threats and train employees on the latest cybersecurity best practices.

The AME Group, an MSP with over 40 years of continued success in the field, recognized the growing demand for internal security management services early and acted in the best interest of its clients. The company partnered with RapidFire Tools and added Cyber Hawk, a powerful, machine-learning-based internal threat detection tool, to its portfolio to better protect clients and their IT environments.

Cyber Hawk helps achieve enterprise-wide network visibility

The AME Group has been delivering high-quality managed security services for years, and Cyber Hawk has been instrumental in providing clients with a higher level of internal security.

“We utilize Cyber Hawk to help customers have complete visibility into what’s exactly going on inside their IT environment,” says Jay Sundberg, security services manager, The AME Group. Cyber Hawk is designed to simplify a host of cybersecurity processes, such as detecting unusual employee behavior, discovering unauthorized login attempts and finding IP or personal identifiable information (PII).

Cyber Hawk is easy to deploy and configure, enabling The AME Group to address each client’s security concerns more quickly. The MSP sets up the intelligent solution’s smart tagging feature to identify and alert the client on any network activity that may be unusual or fraudulent. Cyber Hawk also alerts them about issues that do not adhere to a client’s IT policies. Such capabilities help businesses better manage their regulatory processes and Cyber Hawk provides users with the evidence they need, when they need it.

Empower your clients to choose how they want to handle an internal threat

The AME Group utilizes Cyber Hawk to help clients understand where and how their data moves within their IT infrastructure. This gives them more actionable insights to revisit and improve their internal security policies — from the perspective of training employees to be wary of malicious or unusual network activity.

Cyber Hawk improves a client’s threat detection practices by sending them alerts via email to inform them of irregular employee behavior or strange incidents, such as logins at odd times or new users being added with no prior notice from privileged administrators. Clients can either handle the situation themselves or conveniently click the “Investigate” button in the email to have The AME Group investigate and resolve the issue.

If a client requires assistance addressing a threat, The AME Group is alerted and remediation efforts can begin. While the MSP is responsible for keeping the platform up and running, the clients receive alerts of any suspicious activities within their networks first, allowing them to address the problem and adhering to their organization’s IT policies.

Schedule a demo for Cyber Hawk today and learn how you can help your clients eliminate internal threats quickly, intelligently and affordably.