Catch Vulnerabilities Before Hackers Do

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Catch Vulnerabilities Before Hackers Do

The AME Group is a longstanding managed service provider (MSP) specializing in delivering security, compliance, ERP and software development services. The company helps businesses across the nation maximize profitability, meet business objectives quickly and circumvent IT security and privacy issues.

When it comes to its security services portfolio, the MSP credits RapidFire Tools — a leading cybersecurity and compliance management solutions provider. It leverages RapidFire Tools’ versatile product suite to strengthen its clients’ cyber defenses. VulScan, in particular, helped The AME Group grab a substantial market share in the Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service (VMaaS) space.

Creating new opportunities with VulScan

The AME Group utilizes VulScan to carry out comprehensive vulnerability scans quickly, easily and cost-effectively. It supports clients with both external and internal vulnerability scans and helps them understand exactly where their weaknesses lie and how they will be remediated. Often, after running a vulnerability scan, IT security professionals of a company may feel overwhelmed by the number of threats they detect.

“After conducting a new vulnerability scan, and it lights up like a Christmas tree, one of the biggest issues a client faces is analysis paralysis,” explains Jay Sundberg, security services manager, The AME Group. Companies can struggle to prioritize what threats they need to address or strategize the next course of action. With VulScan and The AME Group’s expertise, charting a vulnerability management plan becomes more straightforward.

The MSP sends in a team that can both act on issues and offer guidance to clients to help them improve their cyber defense practices. Having understood the customer’s business, goals and potential risks, the team starts targeting the areas that require immediate attention first and recommends future steps that ensure enterprise-wide safety.

VulScan helps companies prioritize and address vulnerabilities, empowering them to safeguard mission-critical business areas well before they can be leveraged to attack valuable data. VulScan can also deliver an ad hoc scan after significant changes have been made to a company’s IT infrastructure. “As an organization matures, it will have more comprehensive change control policies and things of that nature. VulScan lets you support those initiatives within the organization,” says Jay.

Flexible and customized vulnerability management service delivery

After The AME Group’s team helps clients exit panic mode, they offer vulnerability management services. Depending on each client’s needs, it increases or decreases the frequency of the scans — which are automated and can be scheduled periodically. All an IT professional has to do is check whether the scans were completed on time and review the results.

The AME Group eases customers into the practice of routine and automated scans at monthly and quarterly intervals. This is done by remediating vulnerabilities before adding new scans that raise alerts about newly disclosed vulnerabilities, missing patches and other potential cyber-risks. The MSP provides branded VulScan reports to its clients and technical staff — the clients are made aware of the gaps in their network, and the staff gains actionable insights to guide and support each customer.

Take your vulnerability management to the next level

Whether it’s a one-off or continuous project, The AME Group relies on RapidFire Tools’ approach to delivering its solutions. VulScan allows MSPs to help clients tackle specific issues without having to purchase additional features they don’t need. RapidFire Tools structures its pricing to help organizations and MSPs allocate resources efficiently.

This level of flexibility and intelligent vulnerability management that VulScan delivers makes it a necessity in today’s highly volatile threat landscape.

Schedule a demo for VulScan today and take the proactive approach to safeguard your IT network.