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Network Detective Pro: Strengthening an MSP's Services Portfolio

Established in 1985, The AME Group is a leading provider of holistic managed IT services designed to help clients eliminate risks, maximize revenue generation and achieve business objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. It specializes in delivering services in the key business areas of…

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Established in 1985, The AME Group is a leading provider of holistic managed IT services designed to help clients eliminate risks, maximize revenue generation and achieve business objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. It specializes in delivering services in the key business areas of security, compliance, software development and ERP.

The AME Group employs the most intuitive and cutting-edge technologies utilized by an expert staff in numerous locations nationwide to ensure that every client receives the highest quality services.

“Over the last 40 years, we have grown into a diverse provider of business technology services. We’re always growing, looking to add services that our customers really need to build their business,” says Jay Sundberg, security services manager, The AME Group.

The benefits of partnering with RapidFire Tools

The AME Group partners with many IT security solution providers to continually strengthen its MSP portfolio. Yet, as Jay mentions, its partnership with RapidFire Tools is particularly strong.

RapidFire Tools offered The AME Group the most robust security tools and helped address several challenges its clients faced. Network Detective Pro, RapidFire Tools’ comprehensive IT assessment tool, was one of the first products The AME Group employed, testing it out within the company’s own IT environment before delivering the solution to clients.

“I started using Network Detective Pro — while performing the role of a sales engineer — for prospecting. In a short period of time, I discovered that the tool could help us do more to maintain a client’s environment,” states Jay.

To begin with, Network Detective Pro let Jay and his technical staff engage with their clients at a granular level, informing them of various business problems that had gone unnoticed and how to best proceed with remediation. The IT assessment tool’s dashboard, and convenient scanning and report generation capabilities, enabled the engineers to provide clients with details on how to better maintain and improve their IT infrastructure.

The insights obtained by Network Detective Pro helped The AME Group’s technical staff deliver services and offer consulting that addressed client-specific challenges, building stronger customer relationships. The assessment tool encouraged complete transparency between the MSP and its clients.

“From a customer standpoint, Network Detective Pro greatly changed how we interacted with clients and added more value to every client interaction,” explains Jay. Network Detective Pro enables each technician to showcase their domain expertise and build a customer’s awareness and confidence about their infrastructure and security.

Accurate and intelligent reporting helps improve customer engagement

The AME Group takes full advantage of Network Detective Pro’s reporting capabilities. The technical staff can consolidate and analyze data in a single pane of glass and present the findings to clients as a quarterly business review, showing them exactly how The AME Group’s services positively impact their business.

Network Detective Pro helps them identify possible risks, including old user accounts and passwords that were set to never expire. Jay further highlights the benefits of the solution’s consolidated risk reporting feature, which allows his team to compile and create detailed documents of the multiple automated assessments they run across numerous on-prem and cloud networks. The assessments can be carried out simultaneously, showcasing Network Detective Pro’s ability to handle enterprise-wide data seamlessly. It also generates reports on compliance standards, like HIPAA, for each specific environment.

“We don’t have to jump to a variety of reports; Network Detective Pro does a really good job of pulling all the data together in one place. I like the network diagram Excel sheet that maps Mac addresses to various ports and switches — it’s helpful from a technical perspective,” says Jay.

Presenting clients with such detailed and easily-digestible reports allows the MSP to help them identify where their data is, why it’s there, where it’s backed up and who has access to it. Network Detective Pro’s reporting functionalities allow users to present the data in their own unique formats. The AME Group customized its reports to highlight critical vulnerability scanning and risk assessment data in a consistent manner across the organization and its clientele.

Network Detective Pro’s influence on workflow

According to Jay, Network Detective Pro offers different benefits depending on the kind of service an MSP provides. He continues to emphasize the solution’s ability to improve customer engagement as it presents information in simple, plain English and avoids excessive technical jargon. It becomes easier to communicate with clients, helping them understand the various risks their business may be facing.

“Network Detective Pro helps create meaningful conversations with customers, which also increases my job satisfaction. I’m adding value where both the customer and I can see a practical application of that value,” states Jay.

Increased customer engagement, a higher level of job satisfaction and a faster, easier way to pull technical information from various RMM and MSP tools are just a few of the benefits an MSP enjoys when partnering with RapidFire Tools.

Add Network Detective Pro to your arsenal and offer your clients and prospects the most affordable and powerful IT assessment services. Schedule a demo today.

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