"Congratulations on your accomplishments (ASCII Awards) AND for continuing to make improvements to an already-awesome product. Network Detective Rawks!"
Brian Guenther, VP/Business Development, Digital Industry, LLC

"You and your company have done a great job developing this product line. It has been both helpful and lucrative for my new and growing business. Great job my friends. Thank you."Ron Bowers, President, nVisionIT Solutions

"I wanted to say thank you. The tool is amazing. I used it yesterday on a new client that was on the fence about going into a managed deal. I ran the 3 tools and printed and bound 3 books worth of reports. We reviewed them with the prospect and what was lacking on their network. After the review they not only signed on immediately for a 1 year commitment for $20,000, they also purchased an upgraded Sonicwall firewall for $2,500. The tools have already paid off in spades. Where has this been all my life?"Eric Munoz, President, Mutech Computer Services, Inc.

"I just now closed a deal with a medical practice that has two locations due in large part to my Network Detective reporting. I really think it gives me the upper hand when I walk in the door ESPECIALLY if I am bidding against other firms. They can't produce anything near what we show up with on the first day!"Kurt Bullock, President, Bridge Technology Group

"The last assessment I did was for a client in a different city. Assessment, customization of the report, two 30 minute calls = $3000 check :) I owe you. . . Thanks again."Alan Edwards, President, Whitehorse Technology Solutions

"I purchased your tool and it has already paid off. We were able to gain 40 hours of remediation work as soon as we analyzed the report with the client ;-)"Zack Brown, Presdent, AppTech

"We ran our first report and I have to say the team is very impressed. Wonderful product!"Ed Burke, President, B2BMSP

"The best tool I have worked with to get a snap shot of the client's work environment. Very effective diagrams that impress our clients within a short time. Saves a lot of time and money!"Noel Sebastiampillai, Networth

"We love Network Detective because it saves us time and money while providing a ridiculously amazing value to our customers. It has replaced hours of work and correlation from our RMM tools with a simple wizard based interface. Our customers love it because it provides excellent bench marking and documentation."Greg Bazar, Iron Fish Technologies, LLC

"We are a happy customer and we have put the Network Detective to good use already."Angelos Kotzambasis, Project Manager, REIS

"Just to let you know my engineers are really happy with this product!"Yann Davies, Albion Business Computers Ltd.

"Network Detective allows us to better service new clients since it greatly improves our ability to easily understand a client's network as well as identify issues. The program also helps us better service existing clients as we run the reports quarterly as part of our managed services and the information gathered is invaluable for supporting clients. The payback is reduced time for our technical staff to gather information for our documentation as well uncover issues that would not be readily apparent. We have recovered the money spent on Network Detective many times over."Mike Haworth, Binatech System Solutions

"We actually do a yearly subscription for Network Detective already and it is one of the best tools we have. We use it for a quick evaluation before any MSP proposal goes out now. It is fantastic. No more customers telling us they have two servers and finding out later they are running 8 VM's on those two physical boxes."Wes Boggs, Lseven Solutions

"In the IT business, every IT person says his way of doing things is best. They all use different software and tools. Customers have gotten sick of hearing, you are doing it wrong or your IT person was an idiot. With Network Detective I am able to go in and offer a free network audit with no strings attached. It gives clear and easy to follow information in various reports, showing exactly what the customer has on their network. It allows me to show the good as well as the bad and capitalize on what is lacking in their network infrastructure. It saves me hours of creating my own reports. All I have to do is import my logos into the wizard and take the report out to the customer. We review it and I show them how I can help them most, based off of the findings in the report. It also allows me to do external security audits which is something I never offered before. It also allows me to follow up with a better looking report to show I did what I said I would and the customers love it."Michael Edde, Alpha & Omega Computer Consultants

"We use Network Detective as our first step in the discovery process prior to starting to work with a potential client. Most recently we met with a perspective client who was confident that everything was in good shape with their system. All of the workstations were less than 2 years old, they had just purchased a new file server and had one file server that was just a couple of years old. After using Network Detective we had a comprehensive review of the system and found that there were some much larger issues than the company even knew about. We found an old file server that was still in use on a daily basis and a transition project that had never been completed. We found Active Directory had not been attended to for years. Because of these findings we dug even deeper with personal interviews and hands on reviews. The result was that we were very well educated in our potential clients system, presented all of our findings in a professional way. And, won the business."Bob McCool, arielMIS, Inc

"We recently had a prospect call us wanting us to come out and give them a bid for managed services. This prospect got our info from one of our biggest clients. They called us and we came out to visit with them. When I got there I started asking them questions about their business. They were able to answer these questions with no problem. I got their pain point and I started to ask them questions on their environment. They had no clue about their network or anything else. I asked them if I could run my tool on their network and that this would allow me to map out their network and if they allowed me to, I would give them a copy of the report as well. I ran Network Detective and was able to map out their network with it. I went back to the office and generated the report. I emailed a copy to the their operations manager and she was amazed at all the detail I gave her. Their current provider had never given them anything like this. Guess who their provider is now? We are!"Alex Rodrigues, On Time Technology Solutions

"Network Detective has allowed me to go into a network and document the network initially in 30 minutes. I can show the client the Visio diagram as an initial item and then print out the entire report binded as their network documentation. The client thinks I spent hours and hours putting it together. Really only took me an hour between collection and printing."David Suarez, ADS Technology Corp

"Network Detective has helped us find the weak points for potential new clients. The information it gathers is incredible! Once new business is won, we use the Network Detective network admin report as the starting point to securing and making our client's lives easier and more productive. I actually look forward to clients whose report comes back with a 7 or higher because there will be that more sense of accomplishment. Network Admin is extremely easy to use for the amount of information it gathers!"Ryan Luering, Reachout Technology

"We have used Network Detective as part of our discovery process on the sales side of things. We used to have to install our agents and make custom reports. The tool saves us a ton of time on the discovery process. We also have been utilizing the tool to run against our current networks for auditing purposes comparing the results to our other reports we generate out of our management platform."George Love, Lamm Tech

"We're migrating a lot of customers from local Exchange to Office 365. The Exchange Assessment Module give us specific information about the current Exchange environment that we didn't have before."Bob Coppedge, CEO, Simplex-IT

"We utilized the Exchange Assessment Module to clear out our Exchange server of old groups, emails, etc. This component, along with others in the package, provide a soup-to-nuts overview of the system along with fantastic reporting to cover all the areas. We can use the lessons learned on our servers to help others, and we use those lessons as assessments for customers, both free or part of a service solution."Greg Esposito, Engineer, Daly Computers

"The Exchange Assessment Module has helped us provide better client service especially on clients that have moved to Office 365 because it allowed us to easily see what items could be cleaned up from migrations of on premises Exchange to Office 365. This quickly allows us to clean up possible problems. It has also easily allowed us to verify with our clients that things are as they would like. I.E. that users are in the correct distribution groups and they have the correct permissions. It has also allowed us to help manage clients mobile devices by see what devices are connected to exchange and we can then know what devices need to be pruned from the system."Richard Newman, Network Engineer, Erlach Computer Consulting

"The Exchange Assessment Module quickly provides a clear picture of how exchange is being utilized in a client's organization which helps us determine how to best tailor our service offerings and recommendations to provide a unique solution to each of our clients."Adam Perfetti, Senior IT Solutions Engineer, PDS Consulting

"The Exchange Assessment Module has helped us deliver better client service. We are deploying this as a value add to our current customer base. It is helping us to firm up our relationship while giving us more credibility as their trusted advisor."Chad Perrier, Managed Services Manager, Universal Data Inc.

"The Exchange Assessment Module is excellent at gathering the necessary information my technology team requires to perform customer facing upgrades. Customers are amazed at our ability to tell them the size of each users mailbox and the time required to migrate from either Exchange 2003 or 2007 to 2010. The output from the tool is exceptional, and allows us to provide a customer facing report that is useful, informative and attractive."Rich Horowitz, VP IT Solutions Group, PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc.

"Using the tools allowed us to gather a lot of pertinent information in a short amount of time. The server and desktop configurations and application information were great. We were able to use the format of the data and incorporate it into our existing proposals. It brought a lot of value and saved us a lot of time. This is useful for new opportunities as well as auditing existing client environments."Jon Cooper, Professional Services Consultant, Atlantic Tomorrows Office

"A pharmaceutical client was undergoing some massive changes to their company. They were planning to rename, eliminate personnel, restructure, etc. Management tried keeping this under wraps however, It seemed employees were already privy to sensitive information. I used Exchange detective to check permissions through all mailboxes. Sure enough, some people had access to mailboxes that they shouldn't have had access to. We traced back the source of the leaks to a mid manager who had been granted access to their superior's mailbox and a few others. Access was granted years ago when their superior was out on maternity leave. Access was never revoked. If I had to go through 450 mailboxes manually, it would have taken forever. This discovery led to a quarterly security/workflow process analysis."Manny Mamakas, Consultant, Greenwire Solutions Inc.

"We used the Exchange Assessment Module of Network Detective to look for the "smoking gun" in prospective clients infrastructure and it has proven to be an invaluable tool in that regard. One of the assessments we did revealed that their exchange server was about to crash due to the size of the message store and the number of email accounts that were still active even thought the users were no longer employed at the company. When we showed the results to the prospect, they said "our current service provider has never shown us this" and we won the account."Gary Wiseman, President, masterIT

"We use the Exchange assessment tool to analyze customer environments prior to migrating them to our hosted Exchange platform. Since we bill by the mailbox, the tool gives an in depth break down of their current use of resources, potentially saving customers money and reducing our effort to migrate their data. We also use it during initial network assessments for new customers. The reports take 5 minutes to run and are professional enough to be presented in C level meetings. The tool gives us an edge, making us look professional and demonstrate that we have an in depth understanding of the customers network."Alan Dawson, Vice President, Offsite Technology Solutions

"Network Detective can streamline any aspect of your sales cycle. In a pre-sales deployment we've found that it can shorten the amount of time to gather data, creating reporting that's a value add and uncover opportunities. In a post sales management deployment it's been valuable to show how you're doing as a management company and provides a benchmark that others simply may not be able to achieve."John Manley, Manager, Atlantic Tomorrow's Office

"We have used the Exchange Assessment Module to easily and quickly create compelling reports to not only determine the customers needs, but to justify the proposed changes. We have been able to leverage sales personnel to collect the data without engineering involvement, allowing us to dedicate Sales Engineering time more to developing the solutions which in turn creates significantly quicker turn around time in providing quotes. This has yielded a higher rate of return on won opportunities as our time is used more efficiently where it is needed. We have successfully, without much effort, been able to justify Exchange Upgrades for new project work/revenue as well as increased our MRR by showing the benefits of upgrading to our Hosted Exchange platform for other clients. The reports and assessment results make a compelling statement for our services that is widely accepted without question and eliminates human error on overlooking key items crucial to the changes we are proposing."John Campbell, Director of Managed Services, neteffect technologies

"The Security Assessment Module has been fantastic for us. We have been able to go into meetings and really impress the decision makers with the reports generated from the super easy to operate interface. We have also made this part of our ongoing services for existing clients, we run the assessments often, generate the report and compare them to previous reports to let clients know "Hey we are on top of this". It's really is the most impact we have had for a relatively small amount of overhead."Curtis Brownley, CIO, Infinity Technologies

"We have been looking for a network assessment program for some time and were excited when we came across the Network Detective suite at the HTG summit. We use these programs for 3 purposes: 1. At Cycrest Systems, Inc., we now use the suite to ensure our network is well documented, and secure as well. 2. At Cycrest, we install/rebuild 4-5 network infrastructures per month. We used to spend 4-10 hours documenting each of those networks so our clients have documentation on how their network is setup. Now, with Network Detective we have Cycrest Branded professionally done network documentation that not only is provided to them, but also stored in our system so our engineers can refer to it when servicing that client. 3. When we have a potential client interested in our company, we offer a free network eval (since it only takes 1 hour and is completely automated). Once we show the Client the results of the reports, we have instant credibility and a new client."Jonathan Ferraiuolo, President, Cycrest Systems, Inc.

"The Security Assessment Module of Network Detective has been of great use to our business. We use it in all aspects of our business. We've found it a great addition when we are doing our initial assessments for clients. Some consultants just give potential clients a "feeling" of how their network stacks up - now we can show them proof! We've added it to our suite of provided services for our fully managed service clients, at no extra charge to them. All it means is that now they are getting more value for their money! And it gives us yet another point to show clients the value we bring to the table. We also like to use it as an internal check to make sure we are doing our job properly."Jeff Sumner, President, TechGuides, Inc.

"The Network Assessment and Security Assessment modules have allowed Insite to provide better client service specifically for new customers who are migrating to Insite's Managed Infrastructure Services. It allows us to quickly get a snapshot of the environment and assess what must be done prior to onboarding the client. it is important that all our contract customers follow Insite's best practices to ensure seamless service. The documents the tool produces are very impressive and help us justify a new proposed service to help us win new business for both existing customers and new customers."Doron Kaminski, COO, Insite Computer Group Inc.

"Recently we had a customer leave for another IT service provider in our area. I approached them about a month ago with the Network Detective Security Assessment tool and they agreed to the assessment. When I took the results back to the former client and reviewed the findings they were shocked. After spending $20,000 with a new IT service provider their network was at risk and this wonderful tool provided many areas of opportunity for us to step in and make the necessary improvements. It goes without saying that we won back this client and we have Network Detective to thank for it!"Kevin Burroughs, Manager, WIZ Tech, LLC

"When I first came across the security assessment tool, I thought what I waste of money. I do this already and why would I pay for something that I didn't need. Well I couldn't have been more wrong. I was filling out (by hand) a 20 page "assessment" form that I would then have to go back to the office and tweak to make it presentable and understandable for my potential clients. The first time I ran the tool I thought I did it wrong because it went so fast. I was in and out of the client in under a hour, this did include the discussion with the client and laying the ground work for what they will get in the very near future. Was I saw the output I was hooked. I freed up about 3-4 hours of my time for each assessment that I perform. Now when I need to get into a new client I can offer the assessment as an ice breaker, run the tool, show them their issues, and of course the biggest reason...sign up a new client. Thank you!!"Scott Granicki, Owner, AF Technical Resources

"Since purchasing Network Detective we use the tool on every network assessment. Potential clients are very impressed at the level of detail that we are able to produce about their network which gives us the upper hand when competing for their business. We often hear that no one else generates reports mush less ones of this quality. The tool is easy to use and the reporting is fantastic. This is a sales tool that I do not know how I lived without for so long."Gerald Smith, VP Managed Technology Services, ContactPointe

"I personally use the Security Assessment Module to help gauge how much of a risk a client is to take and what work will need to be done. I provide my report before we onboard the new client to give them an idea of the project costs and time ahead. Once agreed to, I carry out the work and run a second assessment and compare the results. This ensures the client can see the results and we can see if anything else needs worked on. The security Assessment Module is ESSENTIAL to gaining new business quickly, you can put together in hours reports that competitors would take weeks to produce. And when you sit down with them they know immediately that you have it under control and are always impressed with the results."Richard Harding, IT Consultant, Onestop IT Solutions

"Since first using Network Detective as a potential door opener, a standard part of all bids includes a before-and-after network & security assessments. This has a number of benefits... recording before-and-after snapshots... due diligence inventories before starting any work... helping to demonstrate to the client the benefits gained by their recent investment."Jamie Livermore, IT Consultant, 23Technology

"The Security Assessment Module of Network Detective is a useful tool to provide a high level overview of our client's security on their network. While it does not replace a full blown security audit, it does provide a great snapshot and starting point. Overall I think the product is good and will only become better as it matures. I look forward to seeing enhancements in the future."Matthew Drinkwine, VP Services, Infinity Network Solutions

"Based on our success with the Security Assessment Module, we launched our Network Security Assessment (NSA) service. We offer this service to law firms, trade associations, and lobbying firms. Find out more about this service on our website."Jim Turner, President, Hilltop Consultants, Inc.

"We have used the security assessment module to provide better client service for payment card customers. It has helped assure of customers that their credit card information is save and it has helped finance feel better about transmitting payment data electronically. Because of this we have been able to get more customers to use their credit card for payments, making the cash flow run more efficiently and faster. It has also allowed us to use credit card portal to pay vendors more quickly. All in all, our credit card processes have been running more efficiently. It has also assured our external and internal auditors that we are in compliance and have been taking all their considerations into thought. They have wanted us to be sure that credit card payments are secure and with the secruity scan, we are able to detect any threats that need to be resolved."Nicole White, Administrative Assistant, HCDPBC

"Using Network Detective with a prospective client really helped them understand that their "Managed Services" contract was not providing what they expected. How many "inactive" Remote Domain Admins!!! We were able to demonstrate that understanding the business was key to efficient, productive and effective IT services and enabled us to support their continued growth. Thanks to the client friendly reporting module of ND, we won a 25 user / 80 staff site, looking to double in the next 2 years."Richard Williams, General Manager, MBS

"I just now closed a deal with a medical practice that has two locations due in large part to my Network Detective reporting. I really think it gives me the upper hand when I walk in the door ESPECIALLY if I am bidding against other firms. They can't produce anything near what we show up with on the first day!" Kurt Bullock, President, Bridge Technology Group

"The last assessment I did was for a client in a different city. Assessment, customization of the report, two 30 minute calls = $3000 check :) I owe you. . . Thanks again." Alan Edwards, President, Whitehorse Technology Solutions

"I purchased your tool and it has already paid off. We were able to gain 40 hours of remediation work as soon as we analyzed the report with the client ;-)" Zack Brown, President, AppTech

"We ran our first report and I have to say the team is very impressed. Wonderful product!" Ed Burke, President, B2BMSP

"We are a happy customer and we have put the Network Detective to good use already." Angelos Kotzambasis, President, REIS

"Just to let you know my engineers are really happy with this product!" Yann Davies, Albion Business Computers Ltd.

"FYI. Your rules work perfectly. This should definitely replace the current version on the forum. Thanks so much for the awesome support. Regards!" Jonathan Prentice, NSP