RapidFire Tools is the right choice for your business

RapidFire Tools, a Kaseya company, makes affordable software products purpose-built to improve the lives of IT professionals.


Tens of thousands of IT service professionals worldwide use our products to identify where IT help is needed, deliver more services – both internally and externally – and to get more things down with the resources they have. 


Our company has won more than three dozen industry awards over the last several years, and while we are proud of these accolades, we will never rest on our laurels. We work hard to make our products better by listening carefully to our users. Most feature enhancements come directly from suggestions submitted by our customers—in all likelihood companies just like yours.

Our current offerings include Network Detective® for IT assessments and reporting; Compliance Manager™ for IT compliance and documentation; VulScan™ for affordable network vulnerability scanning, and Cyber Hawk™ for internal cyber security threat detection and alerting.


Network Detective Pro® is the #1 non-intrusive IT assessment and reporting tool. With it, MSPs can quickly and easily capture a vast amount of network assets, users, configurations, and issues – on-prem and in the cloud — without installing any software, probes, or agents. 


VulScan™ is the most affordable vulnerability scanning platform purpose-built to identify and manage internal and external network vulnerabilities. It includes automated alert reports and a multi-tenant cloud-based portal with drill-down dashboards.  


Cyber Hawk™ detects insider cybersecurity threats and generates daily alerts of suspicious network changes and anomalous end-user behaviors. Machine learning and “Smart Tags™” help minimize the excessive noise common with many SEIM alternatives.


Compliance Manager™ is a unique, role-based IT compliance management platform. It features automated data collection, a workflow-automation engine, and built-in guidance from compliance experts in HIPAA, NIST CSF, Cyber Liability Insurance, CMMC and GDPR.

We are committed to providing exceptional technical support for each one of these product. We design our software to be intuitive and simple to use, but we also understand that we need to be there when you need help. That’s why our skilled technical support team is not only dedicated to providing a fast response, but in a survey of our customer base, 93% ranked our support as “excellent.”


If you are new to our company, please take some time to browse this web site and learn more. When you’re ready to talk, reach out to us using the Contact Us page. Inquiries from existing customers will be immediately routed to your personal account manager.


Michael Mittel, President & CEO