Network Detective Pro

“I just closed a deal with a medical practice that has two locations, due in large part to my Network Detective reporting. I really think it gives me the upper hand when I walk in the door – especially if I am bidding against other firms. They can’t produce anything near what we show up with on the first day!”

Kurt Bullock, President, Bridge Technology Group



“We love Network Detective because it saves us time and money while providing a ridiculously amazing value to our customers. It has replaced hours of work and correlation from our RMM tools with a simple wizard based interface. Our customers love it because it provides excellent benchmarking and documentation.”

Greg Bazar, Iron Fish Technologies, LLC



“Network Detective has allowed me to enter and document a network initially in 30 minutes. I can show the client the Visio diagram as an initial item, and then print out the entire report binded as their network documentation. The client thinks I spent hours putting it together. In reality, it only took me an hour between collection and printing.”

David Suarez, ADS Technology Corp



“Network Detective has helped us find weak points for potential new clients. The information it gathers is incredible! Once new business is won, we use the Network Detective network admin report as the starting point to securing and making our client’s lives easier and more productive. I actually look forward to clients whose report comes back with a 7 or higher because there will be that more sense of accomplishment. Network Detective is extremely easy to use and gathers a tremendous amount of information!”

Ryan Luering, Reachout Technology



“The Security Assessment Module has been fantastic for us. We have been able to go into meetings and really impress the decision makers with the reports generated from the super easy-to-operate interface. We have also made this part of our ongoing services for existing clients, we run the assessments often, generate the report and compare them to previous reports to let clients know we are on top of it. It’s the most impact we have had for a relatively small amount of overhead.”

Curtis Brownley, CIO, Infinity Technologies



“The Security Assessment Module of Network Detective has been of great use to our business. We use it in all aspects of our business. We’ve found it to be a great addition when we are doing our initial assessments for clients. Some consultants just give potential clients a “feeling” of how their network stacks up – now we can show them proof! We added it to our suite of provided services for our fully managed service clients, at no extra charge to them. Now they are getting more value for their money! And it gives us yet another point to show clients the value we bring to the table. We also like to use it as an internal check to make sure we are doing our job properly.”

Jeff Sumner, President, TechGuides, Inc.



“The Network Assessment and Security Assessment modules have allowed Insite to provide better client service, specifically for new customers who are migrating to Insite’s Managed Infrastructure Services. It allows us to quickly get a snapshot of the environment and assess what must be done prior to onboarding the client. It is important that all of our contract customers follow Insite’s best practices to ensure seamless service. The documents produced by the tool are very impressive and help us justify a new proposed service; helping us win new business for both existing customers and new customers.”

Doron Kaminski, COO, Insite Computer Group Inc.



“We’re migrating a lot of customers from local Exchange to Office 365. The Exchange Assessment Module gives us specific information about the current Exchange environment that we didn’t have before.”

Bob Coppedge, CEO, Simplex-IT



“We utilized the Exchange Assessment Module to clear out our Exchange server of old groups, emails, etc. This component, along with others in the package, provides a soup-to-nuts overview of the system, along with fantastic reporting to cover all the areas. We can use the lessons learned on our servers to help others, and we use those lessons as assessments for customers, both free or part of a service solution.”

Greg Esposito, Engineer, Daly Computers



“The Exchange Assessment Module has helped us provide better client service especially on clients that have moved to Office 365, because it allowed us to easily see what items could be cleaned up from migrations of on premises Exchange to Office 365. This quickly allows us to clean up possible problems. It has also easily allowed us to verify with our clients that things are as they would like. I.E. that users are in the correct distribution groups and they have the correct permissions. It has also allowed us to help manage clients mobile devices by see what devices are connected to exchange and we can then know what devices need to be pruned from the system.”

Richard Newman, Network Engineer, Erlach Computer Consulting


“VulScan is a reputable product that not only protects your systems. It also protects third party programs. Everything being automated by choice is also an amazing feature. This helps the team collaborate and removes alot of time that would be needed from other team members. There are many benefits that makes VulScan highly valuable to any IT Department or Company. ”

Kevin Shirley, Contractdata



“VulScan has helped us recognize instantly what our customer’s major vulnerabilities are and easily prioritize them.”

Kim Greer, Bear Technologies



“VulScan has let us talk to customers about issues with current firewalls and helped us sell more firewalls. It always insures that we configure the new firewall to 100% compliance.”

Jon Balter, Seamless Solutions



“For the first time we have solid insight to vulnerabilities at our MSP customers both internally and externally. Great product!”

Jim Slick, Slick Systems, LLC



“VulScan provides the ability to be organized and methodical when adding context for triage and remediation for threats. The integration into Compliance GRC is a HUGE plus!”

Ryan O’Halloran, Access One



“As a longtime Network Detective user, I am really excited to have a dashboard-view for vulnerabilities that I can share with our customers, and an easy way to create tickets in our ticketing system. Selling vulnerability management and remediation services is a breeze with Vulscan!”

Matt Fraser, Epsilon Inc.



“Being in charge of an internal IT department consisting of 2, supporting over 60 staff, and helping other agencies externally VulScan has helped streamline our agency compliance and helped me to make sure that I am providing a safe working environment for the staff we serve. upon the first scan, we were able to determine vulnerabilities that our previous products were not able to find saving us from potential audit failure.”

Bob Brooks, Greene County Public Health



“VulScan has given our company an expanded product line to monetize and this provides our customers with more insight into their security posture which makes them more aware to make smart business decisions.”

George Gardner IV, Bay Pointe Technology, LTD



“The use of VulScan has made the security conversation with our customers much easier. We have the ability to identify and resolve security issues quickly.”

April Jones, Epsilon Inc.



“We struggled getting into security aspects of the business, but Vulscan has provided an option that didn’t require an expert just to get started and has allowed me to dive into the deep end with confidence.”

Dean Wagner, Cranston IT



“VulScan helps you to grow your business directly or indirectly by identifying risks to the organization and help mitigate them in timely manner.”

Tanuj Mathur, SVAM International, Inc.



“The portal is a great tool for our technicians. Easy to use and review scans and vulnerabilities. The integration into Connect Wise is great for ticketing on vulnerabilities.”

Glen Yammarino, Intelice Solutions



“Gives visibility into issue that no other tool in my toolkit can provide. It also gives a great way to track these issues, report false positives and overall manage the vulnerabilities in the system.”

Grant Boyles, Computer Networks, Inc.



“Quickly allows you to determine vulnerabilities and see the CVSS scores for each, allowing for easy prioritization of remediation efforts.”

Mark Creasman, ATCOM Business Technology Solutions



“VulScan is just we are looking for, our customer are small and this solutions allow us offer the best service wiht the best pricing … We love it for that!”

Julian Gonzalez, White Oak Software

Cyber Hawk

“Security is a team sport. Cyber Hawk gives us an edge over the competition by providing clients with a convenient way to collaborate with us by cutting through the noise and creating a clear, concise summary of network security concerns on their network daily.”

Angel Rojas, President, DataCorps Technology Solutions



“The Cyber Hawk has allowed us to sell additional managed services to several clients in the first three weeks we had it in place. In that time frame, it also detected several issues on the network, from relatively minor issues like old Acrobat versions to machines with no active A/V Solution, a machine with a Virus that was sitting around waiting to be executed named Explorer.exe, and many more things. A great product, and the easiest tool in my toolbox to show value to my clients!”

Gabriel McAtee, Solution Architect, FlexManage, Inc.



“We have been able to position Cyber Hawk to our clients across all verticals. As a Managed Security Services provider we work with clients of all types who are bound by various security and compliance frameworks most of which require some facet of monitoring, logging, and reporting. Cyber Hawk is a great solution for them as it meets both their requirements and budget. As an MSP the ease of product acquisition and deployment is a huge plus adding to Cyber Hawk overall value. RapidFire Tools support and product development is probably one of the best among the many vendors we use further helping us extend value added services to our clients.”

Jeff Cox, CISSP, Securus Consulting Group



“What we like most about Cyber Hawk is that is allows us to quickly see things we can make even more secure with ease!”

Steve Quinn, CEO, BIT



“As a service provider for small businesses we needed a solution that provided actionable intelligence for our clients. Cyber Hawk not only gives us that intelligence, but it does so at a price point that makes it appealing to clients of every size. What we like most about Cyber Hawk is that is allows us to quickly see things we can make even more secure with ease!”

Adam Ghelf, Sr Information Security Consultant, Element Technologies



“Cyber Hawk is hands down a great product, I have implemented in many different industries and continue to impress even the best security admins. With this product I get to play with the big boys.”

Phillip Waite, CTO, EPS Networks



“The CYBER HAWK gives us a way to provide security services to our clients whole not being cost prohibitive. As with all Rapid Fire products, the ability to produce quick and customizable reports makes service delivery easy and profitable.”

Travis Springer, Business Development, Sagiss



“Cyber Hawk allows us to utilize a product we are already familiar with into an automated monitoring system, providing extra value and convenience for us and increased security awareness for our clients.”

James Babiak, Enterprise Network Engineer, SouthTech



“The Cyber Hawk has been an invaluable product offering for our MSP. Not only does it give us a great foot into the highly lucrative Security field, but it also helps us in increasing revenue by streamlining processes that would usually take a team to process, all in a single unit! We now make this a mandatory part of our MSP complete and comprehensive package. Clients are hesitant at first, but after explaining, and showing them sample reports, they wonder how they can get all this at an affordable price! I cannot say enough good things about this product. It continues to improve, has great support, and actually does what it says it does! Enough said…”

Steven DaSilva, Directory of MSP, TechGuides Inc.



“I believe the Cyber Hawk provides us with the opportunity to provide our clients with the protection that they need for their network to ensure that they are safe from intrusions and malware and employee changes.”

Matt Larson, Network Service Manager, Hagan Business Machines of Meadville, Inc.



“We are rolling out these appliances to clients, to help them stay compliant as third party vendors for a major telco. This product produces so much information we feed our clients small snippets of data fo then so they can manage. It seems to impress the IT guys. We do not offer IT services just manage the security as their partners.”

Victor Beitner, CISSP, President, Cyber Security Canada



“Cyber Hawk has allowed us to have a deeper view of our client networks from accounts getting created, to devices added to the networks, to the wireless networks that they are connecting their laptops. With the wireless network alerts, we can see who is connecting them to Free Wifi (Starbucks, etc.) and can use this information to develop and offer Security Awareness Training to these clients. And with this information we have proof of what they are doing.”

Brian Martz, VP, TechGuides



“UTG is leveraging the RapidFire Tools Cyber Hawk as a core component of our MSP offering. We will no longer allow customers to avoid the security conversation. The Cyber Hawk is the right component at the right price! Incredible value for our customers and even better value for us as an MSP. This product also gives the customer an immediate “check and balance” on us delivering on our monitoring and patching. We are not a true MSSP but we are definitely MSSP Lite as security is a critical component of all products and services we deliver. Cyber Hawk is at the root of that philosophy.”

Andrew Edstrom, Director, United Technology Group



“Using Cyber Hawk is a great way to add benefits and value to your MSP business. It is a turnkey solutions that easily adds increased customer stickiness/retention, allows you to expand your security service offerings, and adds incremental recurring revenue. It is a fantastic way to differentiate you from your competitors and can unlock additional opportunities for winning new business.”

Ira Karaba, Frontline



“Security is a primary focus at ARRC Technology and is a part of our core culture, whether physical, network, or data security.
To ensure our hardware and virtual appliance deployments are protected against the latest threats, we utilize a fully integrated, cutting edge security solution developed with technology from Rapidfire Tools.”

Travis Day, Information Security Engineer, ARRC Technology



“Network Cyber Hawk is the best tool for detecting internal threats to the network.”

Matt Larson, VCIO, Hagan Business Machines of Meadville, Inc.



“We are early on in the deployment process, but already see the value Cyber Hawk will bring to many of our clients. Its wide range of capabilities and reasonable cost mean we can use it as a point solution, or as a complete security as a service offering.”

Paul Rehovsky, IT Services Manager, Loffler



“The Cyber Hawk is a wonderful automated scanning/reporting tool that provides our clients with confidence and peace-of-mind that their network systems are being monitored and managed, and gives us an edge over other standard IT providers.”

Allan Ogilvie, General Manager, ComputerWorks



“Cyber Hawk has proven to be the simplest and most effective path to a managed security offering for our clients that adds immediate value without significant configuration and additional security specialized staff. We have added many security products, but CYBER HAWK has been the only one that was able to be used by all of our non security specialized staff to provide relevant information and value right out of the box.”

Scott Putnam, CEO, Apex Technology Management, Inc.



“The Cyber Hawk Suite is a great way to expand your client base and also increase you client retention rates. Before we had CYBER HAWK we would always be trying to catch up with security patching to prevent anymore security incidents with our clients. Ever since we brought the CYBER HAWK appliance on board we are able to keep an eye on all security aspects of our clients thus reducing the amount of attacks our clients see. I also like the fact that you can develop your own security plans based on pricing to better suit all of your customer’s needs. I would highly recommend this tool to your business as it has only produced good results for us!”

Matthew Ferrell, Support Engineer, Palindrome Consulting Inc.