May 29, 2019

RapidFire Tools Helps MSPs and SMBs Navigate the Tricky Waters of Cybersecurity Liability with New Audit Guru for Cyber Insurance

First-of-its-kind compliance process automation solution combines automated data collection and validation to verify and document compliance to meet cyber insurance policy requirements

ATLANTA, May 29, 2019 — RapidFire Tools Inc., a Kaseya company and leading provider of business-building technologies for MSPs, today announced the release of Audit Guru for Cyber Insurance, the first compliance process automation tool designed to document and demonstrate “due care” by cyber insurance policy-holders, helping them to receive payout in the event of a claim.

Security breaches have become one of the biggest challenges for IT departments, with the average cost of a data breach in 2018 reaching $3.86 million, up 6.4 percent from the year before, according to a study by IBM and the Ponemon Institute. In the face of this mounting threat, the global cyber liability insurance market is growing rapidly, but many policies require businesses to adhere to specific conditions in order to be paid out if a claim is filed.

The market for cyber insurance is relatively new and, therefore, untested even though many organizations have prudently added this specialized coverage. The unanticipated threat policy holders may encounter can surface after a claim is made when instead of being protected, many companies find themselves hit twice—first as victim of a cyber attack and then again when their insurer denies the claim. From hidden language in the policy document, to special limits on certain types of network attacks and other exclusions, many businesses need to proactively document their security measures to make sure they adequately protect themselves.

If businesses fail to adhere to even one specific condition, the insurer might not pay out. In dealing with this exclusion challenge, organizations often adopt a manual paper-based approach that is time-consuming and error-prone. Automating the process of “due care” with Audit Guru is a more efficient, accurate way of ensuring cyber insurance compliance.

“With the recent explosive growth of confusing cyber insurance products coming to market, thousands of SMBs are purchasing policies filled with technical contingencies that could — and frequently do — void their claims,” said Michael Mittel, president and general manager of RapidFire Tools. “With the new Audit Guru for Cyber Insurance offering, we arm MSPs with the ability to systematically document and provide evidence that they meet the requirements set by top insurance carriers, effectively eliminating any guesswork when it comes to compliance and ensuring that claims are paid.”

Audit Guru for Cyber Insurance empowers MSPs with a methodical assessment process that combines automated data collection with a validation engine to verify and document compliance with cyber insurance requirements. Once installed on the policyholder’s network, Audit Guru regularly scans the environment to identify any changes that should be remediated, reducing the risk of denial of cyber insurance claims in the event of an incident.

“The threat of a data breach is a very real concern in today’s world, and having a tool, like Audit Guru for Cyber Insurance, that ensures compliance and therefore payout in the event of a claim is invaluable to safeguarding the future of our business,” said Adam Schwam, CEO, Sandwire. “The continued innovation we see come out of RapidFire Tools and the Kaseya family of brands is a testament to their commitment of delivering game changing solutions that enable us to stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide the best in class services our customers have come to expect.”

For more information on Audit Guru for Cyber Insurance, visit:

March 25, 2019

RapidFire Tools and Cyfor Secure Win Security Solution of the Year at European IT & Software Excellence Awards

London, Mar. 25,  2019 — RapidFire Tools Inc., leading provider of business-building technologies for MSPs and a Kaseya company, today announced that, in conjunction with its customer, Cyfor Secure, a leading UK managed IT support and cybersecurity provider, it received the prestigious honour of being selected Security Solution of the Year at the 2019 European IT & Software Excellence Awards.

The award was given in recognition of the success Cyfor Secure achieved, using a range of RapidFire Tools’ IT assessment and reporting applications. RapidFire Tools and its solutions have made the work of risk assessment and report generation easier for Cyfor by providing a simple process to gather information that can then be collated into reports to share with clients, delivering a picture of transparency into what work has been done and what needs to be improved.

Tara Newman, director of international sales and marketing, RapidFire Tools, said: “We are delighted to have won this award with Cyfor Secure. A premier UK managed service provider, Cyfor provides comprehensive IT security and support that enables their customers to meet business requirements. At the heart of their services is the need to carry out complex data collection and report analysis to ensure efficient IT operations and security for their customers. We are humbled to have opportunity to work with Cyfor and empower them with streamlined processes that deliver tangible insights. We could not be more thrilled, with the success we have achieved together, to be recognised by the judges of this distinguished award.”

Darren McGuff, MSP manager, Cyfor Secure, said: “Our success in winning this award with RapidFire Tools is testament not only to the quality of our eDiscovery, digital forensics and cyber security services but also to the key role played by RapidFire Tools’ and Kaseya’s IT assessment and reporting tools in driving efficiencies across these processes. RapidFire Tools has been instrumental in transforming our whole approach to service delivery and we are delighted that the work we have done together has been recognised by the judges.”

Now in its eleventh year, the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2019 attracted more than 500 entries. The awards were given for IT solutions that get to the heart of customer issues, delivering better business, a clearer understanding of data, and more efficient and profitable outcomes. The award was presented at a special gala dinner held at the five-star Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London on 14 March.

January 9, 2019

RapidFire Tools, Inc. Announces First Role-Based HIPAA Compliance Process Automation Tool For MSPs

Empowers MSPs to move from simple one-time assessments to a streamlined, profitable, on-going HIPAA compliance service with recurring revenue

ATLANTA, Jan. 9, 2019RapidFire Tools Inc., a Kaseya company and leading provider of business-building technologies for MSPs, today announced the release of Audit Guru for HIPAA – the industry’s first web-based solution that allows MSPs to automate the delivery of HIPAA compliance services. Built upon the powerful Audit Guru Compliance Process Automation platform, the solution enables MSPs to easily support SMB clients as well as larger healthcare organizations subject to HIPAA’s mandatory sweeping health information protection regulations.

HIPAA-compliance is critical for MSPs servicing healthcare organizations to prevent hefty fines and penalties, as well as other potentially dire consequences associated with non-compliance. MSPs that have implemented internal HIPAA compliance programs have the added advantage of vying for more HIPAA contracts, as well as being able to charge a premium on those services – providing considerable market opportunity.

Audit Guru provides MSPs with everything they need to manage the entire HIPAA compliance process, including support for automation functions and collaboration with key stakeholders at client sites. Beyond HIPAA, the solution additionally supports the European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Key Audit Guru for HIPAA features and capabilities include:

  • Powerful, automated, network and computer data collection tools
  • A web-based portal for the MSP to manage the compliance process for all clients
  • A brand-able client access portal to facilitate remote collaboration among the MSP, the client, and the compliance officer or external auditor
  • Dynamic checklists to guide and keep track of the process
  • Online data input forms for the client/compliance officer to enter necessary compliance-related information
  • Workflow worksheets dynamically-generated based on analysis of the automatically collected network and application data
  • An archive to house and easily access all of the documentation as evidence of compliance

MSPs can perform ongoing HIPAA compliance assessments, risk analyses, update management plans and generate all key documentation required under HIPAA, including a tailored HIPAA Policies and Procedures document and Evidence of Compliance. They can also archive HIPAA compliance documentation for auditing.

“HIPAA compliance is a daunting task that requires dedicated resources and know-how that many healthcare organizations don’t possess,” said Mike Semel, president and chief compliance officer, Semel Consulting. “The power and automation behind Audit Guru for HIPAA is exactly the kind of solution the industry needs to streamline and effectively meet HIPAA compliance regulations. With these new capabilities at our fingertips, clients can focus on helping their patients, while we ensure that they are in compliance and prepared to quickly respond to a HIPAA audit.”

“What separates Audit Guru for HIPAA from other HIPAA compliance tools, including our own Network Detective HIPAA Assessment module, is the highly automated, role-based architecture that allows the MSP to collaborate with the client and even third-parties in the compliance process through a web-based portal,” said Michael Mittel, president of RapidFire Tools. “Allowing key stakeholders to participate in the process not only streamlines the process, but also makes service delivery more profitable for the MSP.”

In addition to automatic data collection from the client network and connected computers, staff members at the client site can manually enter additional HIPAA-related information directly into the Audit Guru portal, dramatically reducing the MSP’s workload. Audit Guru also will generate notifications to the MSP and client with specific next-step tasks, and automatically generate dynamic progress worksheets at key milestone points in the HIPAA compliance process.

“We have raised the bar for compliance process automation with Audit Guru,” said Win Pham, vice president of development for RapidFire Tools. “We continually find more ways to help MSPs manage IT compliance more efficiently and profitably.”

A special subscription is available now to MSPs, allowing them to service unlimited SMB healthcare clients in their service territories. Larger healthcare entities with their own internal IT staff may purchase the enterprise version of Audit Guru from any Audit Guru for HIPAA MSP partner, or directly from RapidFire Tools. Learn more at

November 19, 2018

RapidFire Tools, Inc. Adds Advanced Breach Detection System to Cyber Hawk Insider Threat Tool

The company’s flagship internal threat detection system gives MSPs Basic and Advanced options for identifying “Advanced Persistent Threats” on client networks

ATLANTA – Nov. 19, 2018 – RapidFire Tools Inc. announced it has added a new set of enhanced breach detection tools to its Cyber Hawk insider threat detection solution. Cyber Hawk’s new “ABDS” (Advanced Breach Detection System) enhances its existing internal security scan with new technology that searches network end-points for the tell-tale code that malicious hackers leave behind. These residual cyber “footholds” sit dormant on the network and are timed to eventually provide hackers with access to systems they’ve infiltrated, or to deploy malicious actions.

The new Breach Detection technology scans for keyloggers, trojans, spyware, unauthorized registry changes, or other malicious activity, and notifies the MSP through email or direct PSA integration when anything suspicious is detected. The alert content can also be viewed and managed through the RapidFire Tools online portal. The new technology requires no additional software or agents to be installed on the end-user’s network, in keeping with RapidFire Tools’ mission to provide non-intrusive, easily deployed detection solutions.

These lingering footholds, deployed by “Advanced Persistent Threats,” typically go unnoticed by anti-virus software, since they lie in wait on a client network and postpone their attack until a specified time. Some take as long as six months to actuate and result in a system compromise.

The Cyber Hawk ABDS add-on is offered in two options:

Cyber Hawk Basic breach detection is available at no additional cost to existing RapidFire Tools Cyber Hawk customers and can be immediately activated with a single click. Its weekly scans identify the type of threat detected and the affected system. RapidFire Tools recommends that all its MSP customers implement this service as part of their basic, lowest-tier security offering.

Cyber Hawk Advanced breach detection conducts daily scans and delivers specific information about the detected issue, including the exact location and affected files, making it easier for the MSP to remediate. The Advanced options carries an additional fee of $50 per month per customer site.

“Cyber security infractions are becoming more insidious and more challenging to unearth,” began Mike Mittel, CEO of RapidFire Tools. “Few companies can afford to rest on their laurels while hackers devise ways to implant nearly imperceptible threats on the network. RapidFire Tools is constantly working to enhance the capability of its tools, promoting a comprehensive approach to protection. MSPs need to apply a layered strategy of sophisticated solutions in order to combat these complex dangers and deliver an effective security services program. That’s why we developed the Advanced Breach Detection System.”

September 24, 2018

ID Agent and RapidFire Tools Launch Dark Web Threat Assessment Report

MSPs can now use Network Detective to discover dark web credential exposure for clients and prospects

BOWIE, MD – September 24, 2018 – ID Agent, the channel’s leading provider of Dark Web monitoring and identity theft protection solutions, today announced integration with RapidFire Tools Network Detective,™ the world’s leading suite of IT assessment and compliance tools for MSPs.  The integration will allow managed services providers (MSPs) who use Network Detective to assess and report to their clients and prospects whether data and credentials have been exposed via the dangerously untraceable “dark web.” The dark web refers to a series of Internet sites and protocols frequently used by criminals due to the inability to track user activities on those sites.

When running a Network Detective Security Risk Assessment on a client’s or prospect’s network, ID Agent’s Dark Web ID™ API will report the total number of credentials exposed, and also provide a sample of recent credential exposures, including emails and masked passwords. Knowledge of these exposures allow MSPs to help their existing clients avoid breaches that are typically generated by dark web activity, and also be used to demonstrate the need for enhanced IT security for prospective new clients.

“Integrating our technology into Network Detective will allow more MSPs the opportunity to engage in cybersecurity conversations at a meaningful level, by providing real exposure data during an engagement,” said Kevin Lancaster, ID Agent’s CEO. “We are excited to partner with RapidFire Tools because they are noted within the channel for having superb product quality and service, and the technical experience was easy and seamless.”

Michael Mittel, president of RapidFire Tools, added his enthusiasm to the new partnership. “MSPs have been using our network and security assessment tools for years to close new business by quickly, easily, and non-intrusively discovering a wide array of issues at prospective client sites,” said Mittel. “The addition of discovered exposure on the dark web provides a new and critical level of risk aversion to help MSPs combat the evolving threat of resourceful cyber hackers. This new capacity increases the value that a RapidFire Tools MSP can deliver in mitigating risk and reducing their clients’ vulnerability to cyber crime.”

About ID Agent

ID Agent provides Dark Web monitoring and identity theft protection solutions, available exclusively through the reseller channel, to private and public organizations and millions of individuals at risk of cyber incidents. Its flagship product, Dark Web ID, delivers Dark Web intelligence to identify, analyze and monitor for compromised or stolen employee and customer data, mitigating exposure to enterprise clients’ most valuable asset – their digital identity. The company’s SpotLight ID provides personal identity protection and restoration for employees and customers while enhancing their overall cybersecurity awareness as well as further safeguarding corporate systems. For more information, visit: or go to LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

About RapidFire Tools

RapidFire Tools is the leading global supplier of business-building technology tools for MSPs to help them close more business, offer more services, keep more customers, and make more money. The company’s offerings include: a complete set of IT Assessment, Documentation and Reporting tools; tools for IT Compliance Process Automation; and tools for Insider Cyber Threat Detection & Alerting.

September 5, 2018

Kaseya Acquires Leading IT Assessment and Compliance Software Provider RapidFire Tools to Offer Greater IT Security to Global Customers

Through ongoing integration development with RapidFire Tools, Kaseya also announces Kaseya Compliance Manager, an all-in-one comprehensive compliance IT management security solution for MSPs and internal IT

MIAMI and ATLANTA —Sept. 5, 2018– Kaseya®, the leading provider of complete IT infrastructure management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT organizations, today announced its latest acquisition of RapidFire Tools. RapidFire Tools provides a powerful suite of IT assessment, internal threat detection, and compliance products. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the company will continue to operate as a stand-alone, independent business-unit under Kaseya.

The combination of RapidFire Tools’ industry-leading, award-winning suite of products–including Audit Guru, which helps users automate, document and achieve compliance–with Kaseya’s market-leading IT Complete suite of management solutions empowers both MSPs and internal IT teams with a single solution that meets all their critical security, compliance, and assessment needs. In addition to Audit Guru, RapidFire Tools’ offerings include Network Detective, the “gold standard” trusted by over 6,000 MSPs for network and security assessments, and Cyber Hawk for continuous cyber security threat detection and alerting.

“Kaseya has been knocking it out of the park thus far in 2018, helping our MSPs grow at rates two times that of the industry. The acquisition of RapidFire Tools is a very strategic win for us and for our customers—one of many strategic wins this year that demonstrates our continued commitment to do all we can to help our MSPs become successful,” said Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya.

Added Voccola, “Over the past several years, small and mid-sized businesses, who are the customers of our MSPs, have experienced the same pains and challenges of dealing with various compliance requirements that the enterprise has had to deal with over the past decade. These small and mid-sized businesses are looking to MSPs to help them manage and address the growing compliance requirements they face, including things like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, ISO, and others.

With this acquisition, and the integration of RapidFire Tools’ compliance solutions into the IT Complete suite, we are now able to offer our MSPs a solution for them to build a compliance managed service offering, ensuring that a Kaseya MSP offers their customers the most complete solution possible.”

As a result of ongoing development between Kaseya and RapidFire Tools, Kaseya also announces its Kaseya Compliance Manager (KCM), a new product that is fully integrated with the Kaseya IT Complete platform and Virtual Systems Administrator (VSA) product. KCM is an all-in-one, comprehensive compliance management solution that allows both MSPs and internal IT organizations to monitor and manage compliance for all regulations and requirements, including GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI.

“The marriage of Kaseya and RapidFire Tools is the right strategy for both companies,” said Mark Shaw, CEO of StoredTech, a leading managed service provider with hundreds of clients in the healthcare, municipal government, manufacturing, services, and non-profit sectors. “The onus of IT compliance is tremendous with the potential for significant operational and financial consequences for both MSPs and their customers. The ability to oversee compliance requirements and easily provide documentation and evidence to auditors from a single platform, means IT professionals and their customers can have peace of mind.”

As is the case with all Kaseya solutions, RapidFire Tools will continue to be an open platform, working with and continuing to integrate with all the vendors in the MSP community to ensure the success of MSPs leveraging their solutions.

“Unlike the business models of some competing providers, users don’t have to worry about RapidFire Tools being exclusive to Kaseya customers,” said Voccola. “We would never do that to the IT community. Many of our customers use multiple products from other vendors, so to try and lock them in to the Kaseya ecosystem goes against what we stand for. Our approach has always been to put our customers first and provide them with the best-in-breed solutions they need to run their business. The addition of RapidFire Tools is the latest of many great proof points in our roadmap for this year and beyond to further the success and innovation of the IT Complete platform.”

“One of RapidFire Tools’ greatest strengths is our strong partnerships with other IT management platform providers. It cannot be overstated the importance of becoming a part of the Kaseya family and knowing with confidence that our customers can continue to effectively run their businesses because of Kaseya’s open ecosystem,” said Michael Mittel, founder and CEO of RapidFire Tools. “This deal took some time to complete but both sides easily recognized the benefits that joining forces offers our customers. The RapidFire Tools brand will remain unchanged and our existing customers can rest assured knowing that they will continue to receive the same high caliber products, services, and support. This is an exciting time for all of us. By being a part of Kaseya, we can now broaden the reach of RapidFire Tools to the scale we envisioned when we launched the company.”

About Kaseya
Kaseya is the leading provider of complete IT infrastructure management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT organizations. Through its open platform and customer-centric approach, Kaseya delivers best in breed technologies that allow organizations to efficiently manage, secure, and backup IT. The Kaseya IT Complete platform is the industry’s most comprehensive, integrated solution suite purposely engineered to help IT both run and grow the business. It empowers businesses to command all of IT centrally, easily manage remote and distributed environments, simplify backup and disaster recovery, and automate across IT management functions. Kaseya solutions manage over 10 million endpoints worldwide. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Kaseya is privately held with a presence in over 20 countries. To learn more, visit

About RapidFire Tools
RapidFire Tools Inc. is the leading global supplier of business-building technology tools for MSPs to help them close more business, offer more services, keep more customers, and make more money. The company’s offerings include a complete set of IT Assessment, Documentation and Reporting tools; tools for IT Compliance Process Automation; and tools for Insider Cyber Threat Detection & Alerting. To learn more visit:

August 28, 2018

RapidFire Tools, Inc. Launches “InDoc,” Delivering MSPs Comprehensive, Secure, Web-based Visibility of Network Documentation

The Network Detective Reporter add-on now presents updated network scan results and client-specific network documentation via a secure web-based portal, accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

ATLANTA – Aug. 28, 2018– RapidFire Tools Inc. today announced the launch of InDoc, a new tool built into its Network Detective Reporter tool for scheduling automated network scans and reports. The new InDoc feature gives MSPs secure, web-based access to a wealth of data about their clients’ networks at the time and location that the MSP needs it. In addition to providing on-demand access to the client network data via any computer or mobile device, InDoc allows MSPs to store additional information on the InDoc portal such as client- and asset-specific notes, remediation procedures, check-lists, passwords, tags, and links to related assets. This provides web-based access to everything the MSP needs to efficiently service their clients whether in the office or off-site. InDoc is a secure, Amazon cloud-based portal available from any Internet connection, including from a tablet, laptop, or mobile phone, in addition to desktop workstations.

“InDoc brings the power of Network Detective to the cloud,” said Michael Mittel, CEO of RapidFire Tools. “Thousands of MSPs currently use our Reporter tool to schedule and run an unlimited number of automated network scans, generating a wide range of network assessment reports for their end-clients at whatever frequency they want. With InDoc, the MSP can now access all data collected by Network Detective’s scanners, including comprehensive details of computer assets and users, from wherever and whenever they may be working. It empowers MSPs to better manage systems and service a client at any given moment, including the ability to add notations in the field and access them later in the office, or vice versa.”

InDoc stores information in an encrypted data store, with confidential data further encrypted using a public/private key methodology requiring user authentication. All stored passwords are further encrypted with a one-way encryption and salted. The system also maintains a detailed usage log, providing an audit trail of technicians who have accessed the data and when.

“The breadth of information that InDoc can collect and store, combined with notations added by the MSP, will save IT technicians huge amounts of time, reduce errors, and increase the efficiency of service delivery, providing an advantage against competitors,” said Win Pham, vice president and head of development at RapidFire Tools. “While other market tools can aggregate network asset information, only InDoc automatically updates that data, and can integrate manually-entered notes, procedures, and relationships associated with network assets.”

InDoc is being made available to existing Network Detective Reporter customers as a free upgrade, and will be included at no extra charge with all new Network Detective Reporter subscriptions as a value-added feature. An unlimited amount of data can be stored via the InDoc tool per MSP location with a Reporter subscription. MSPs with multiple locations should purchase separate Reporter subscriptions for each office.

July 16, 2018

RapidFire Tools Introduces “Cyber Hawk,” its Upgraded and Rebranded Internal Threat Detection Tool

“Insider” threat alerts now include enhanced, step-by-step instructions for remediating discovered issues, as well as automatic weekly & monthly recaps

ATLANTA –July 16, 2018– RapidFire Tools Inc., the leading global supplier of business-building technology tools for MSPs, announces major enhancements to its Detector SDS internal threat detection and alerting tool, coinciding with a product rebranding. The new product name, “Cyber Hawk,” comes along with new functionality to help MSPs improve their internal cybersecurity service delivery, while at the same time delivering the documentation they need to help justify their value to their clients.

“The original version of RapidFire Tools’ internal threat detection and alerting solution became our most in-demand offering from the moment of its 2017 launch, under the Detector brand,” commented RapidFire Tools CEO Mike Mittel. “MSPs are hungry for tools that are affordable, easy to use, and help them provide more and better services. This tool has been significantly effective in scanning end-client networks for what we call ‘insider’ cyber security threats long-term. We wanted the brand to better communicate this important function to MSPs, hence the new name:  Cyber Hawk.”

The tool has been continually updated since its initial release, with two major enhancements just launched in conjunction with the rebranding, to better support MSPs. Enhancements include:

New “Smart Recommendations”

The primary function of the Cyber Hawk appliance is to automatically scan the end-client’s networks on a regular basis, searching for anomalous end-user behaviors, unanticipated changes to the network environment, and other internal threats that occur within the firewall threshold. Previous incarnations of the product identified the threat, its network location, and a general description of actions to address the issue. Cyber Hawk’s latest release delivers an increased level of details on the specific threats, accompanied by a set of easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how the MSP can resolve the problems that the Cyber Hawk solution has discovered. This guidance helps speed the MSP’s remediation process, allowing them to more effectively and swiftly address their clients’ needs.

“Our MSP community is looking for not just technology solutions, but also for recommendations on how to remedy the issues that our tools reveal,” said Win Pham, RapidFire Tools’ head of development and the inventor of the Cyber Hawk tool. “There are so many moving parts to any network, and MSPs are required to master an intense array of ever-changing technologies. MSPs therefore place great value on the real-time, relevant remediation suggestions now included in Cyber Hawk’s alert system. It’s our goal to make it easier for an MSP to discover and fix network issues, allowing them to become more agile and competitive in this evolving marketplace.”

Weekly and Monthly “Incident Recaps”

In addition to daily internal threat alerts and recommended remediation alerts, Cyber Hawk now automatically generates weekly or monthly summaries of the issues and insider threats that it had identified since the prior summary was conducted. Such essential recaps create a regularly updated set of documents that describe the potential threats in a way that the client can easily consume, allowing those clients to better understand the value of their MSP’s services.

“So much of what the MSP does happens behind the scenes, before issues are permitted to have a noticeable impact. One of the challenges of an effective MSP is making end-clients aware of the hard work they perform, in order to avoid being undervalued,” noted Mittel. “The Cyber Hawk recaps help MSPs educate their clients about the scope of threats that have been averted, justifying the fees they charge and deserve.”

The Evolution of Cyber Hawk

Cyber Hawk began as a stand-alone virtual appliance to be installed on the individual end-client’s network, which would perform an automated scan for insider threats and generate email alerts to the MSP for action. The product soon evolved, allowing the MSPs to direct a portion of those alerts directly to the clients, with built-in “action links” directing the MSP to investigate the suspicious alerts, or ignore the alert if the threat was a known and allowable exception to the client’s policies. Cyber Hawk “learns” from the ignored items to reduce false positive results. The MSP can custom-configure each appliance with “Smart Tags” to precisely represent each client’s unique network policies.

Over successive releases, the product evolved into a complete internal threat, cyber security service solution. While MSPs can create their own unique service offerings based on the complexity of the security policies to be enforced, RapidFire Tools also included four pre-configured service plans for MSPs to quickly and easily deploy via their self-serve portal. The latest tool allows the MSP to generate branded service catalogs and other marketing materials to help them sell the cybersecurity services they deploy through Cyber Hawk.

“Cyber Hawk is the next step forward in delivering a robust, versatile Cyber Security-as-a-Service offering for MSPs,” remarked Pham. “The solution has been profitable enough that MSPs can offer a baseline level of protection as a free value-add to their standard managed services plan, and then upgrade those clients for higher levels of security over time. It marks a new level of value derived from deep-dive regular network scans.”

For more information, visit or call 678-323-1300, ext. 2.

June 27, 2018

RapidFire Tools, Inc. Signs with Distributor Prianto to Deliver GDPR Assessment Tools in the Benelux Region

A new geography of MSPs now have access to RapidFire Tools’ IT assessment solutions, including the first-to-market, Audit Guru for GDPR™ automation tool

ATLANTA – June 27, 2018– RapidFire Tools Inc., the developers of the powerful Network Detective suite of IT assessment and compliance tools, announced it has signed an agreement with distributor Prianto to offer its solutions to managed service providers in the Benelux market (Belgium/The Netherlands/Luxembourg). The agreement includes RapidFire Tools’ new Audit Guru for GDPR™ solution, the market’s first compliance automation solution built to help MSPs and their business customers comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

RapidFire Tools’ new agreement with Prianto expands the company’s footprint and furthers its ongoing effort to make the benefits of the Network Detective IT assessment tools more accessible to MSPs in the European marketplace. The company currently maintains partnerships with European distributors including acmeo GmbH & Co. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; and Achab in Italy. RapidFire has also had a distribution agreement in place with Prianto in the UK, and is successfully proliferating the Audit Guru for GDPR tool throughout that region.

RapidFire Tools recently launched a comprehensive Audit Guru for GDPR Partner Program to support MSPs who are selling the solution, comprised of training, onboarding assistance, marketing materials, NFR product opportunities, and a robust cloud-based management portal that MSPs can use to administer the solution across multiple end-customers. These services allow MSPs to deliver a full-fledged Compliance-as-a-Service program.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Prianto, enhancing our commitment to MSPs in the Benelux region and leveraging this distributor’s formidable market expertise. We plan to help a wider breadth of MSPs mitigate risks and empower their business customers to comply with the complicated GDPR mandates that went into effect last month,” said Mike Mittel, CEO and president of RapidFire Tools. “Our Audit Guru tool is purpose-built to tackle the myriad of tasks and reporting required by the regulations, which impact any entity that maintains data relative to anyone doing business with EU-affiliated countries. The profit potential for MSPs is therefore mind-boggling in its scope. We’ve created not just a tool to automate these tasks, but a portfolio of services to help MSPs create a full-scale GDPR compliance practice around this opportunity.”

“Network Detective is a market-leading, non-intrusive line of IT assessment tools, which have been implemented by thousands of MSPs around the world to identify network issues and generate a detailed set of compliance, vulnerability, and/or security-related reports,” said Rashied Akrum, managing director-CEO at Prianto. “Through RapidFire Tools’ offerings, our MSP partners can add GDPR compliance with a comprehensive menu of support services at their disposal. RapidFire tools makes for a relevant addition to our partner list, offering new revenue potential to our partners in the Benelux countries.”

For more information, visit or call +1-678-323-1300, ext. 2. For information on the Audit Guru for GDPR tool, visit, email, or call as per above.

April 17, 2018

RapidFire Tools, Inc. Launches its First Channel Program, Offering Resources to Help MSPs Profit from GDPR Compliance

The Audit Guru for GDPR™ Partner Program Includes Training, Onboarding Assistance, Marketing Materials, NFR Products, and an Online Management Portal.

ATLANTA –April 17, 2018– RapidFire Tools Inc., the developers of the powerful Network Detective suite of IT assessment and compliance tools, has launched an Authorized Reseller Partner Program in coordination with its new Audit Guru for GDPR tool. The program marks the first time RapidFire Tools is selling one of its products exclusively through a channel of MSP partners. The new product is designed to help organizations become compliant, and remain compliant, with the sweeping EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The regulation applies to any organization that collects and processes personal information on people who reside within in the European Union. MSPs will have the option of simply reselling Audit Guru for GDPR to their end-user clients, or offering it along with value-added consulting and ongoing compliance management services. The GDPR takes effect on May 25, 2018.

The Audit Guru for GDPR Partner Program is available to MSPs worldwide. While GDPR primarily affects MSPs in the EU, service providers in North America whose clients service or do business with customers in the EU are also impacted. The new program provides MSPs with everything they need to create a profitable GDPR compliance practice, including:

  • Extensive product training
  • A not-for-resale Audit Guru license for MSPs to use on their own networks
  • A second Audit Guru license to resell to their first client
  • A web-based product management portal to provision and manage the tool through a consolidated interface, or a “single pane of glass”
  • White-labelled marketing materials to help MSPs sell the new offering
  • One-on-one assistance to help MSPs onboard their first Audit Guru implementations
  • Unlimited technical support

“GDPR will have a considerable impact on IT everywhere,” confirms Michael Mittel, president of RapidFire Tools.

“The EU represents a significant percentage of the global economy, and any organization on the planet that maintains personal information about individuals inside the EU are required to comply with these stringent new rules.”

Audit Guru for GDPR is the first purpose-built software appliance to automatically collect the data required for a proper initial GDPR audit, as well as the required on-going compliance checks. The tool will automatically generate the documentation and reporting required under the standard. Audit Guru produces dynamic, step-by-step instructions and worksheets needed to complete the assessment process.

“Until now, our tools have been sold to MSPs for internal use as part of their business development and service delivery,” explained Mittel. “This launch marks a paradigm shift, wherein we’ve designed a product that MSPs can sell directly to the network owner. We’re relying 100 percent on our MSP channel customers, whose relationships in the SMB community will quickly bring Audit Guru to market.”

In addition to healthy potential margins on the resale of Audit Guru appliance subscriptions, MSPs can gain additional revenue through value-added GDPR services, ranging from simple management of the appliances, up to fully managed and ongoing GDPR Compliance-as-a-Service offerings—all supported by RapidFire Tools’ services. “The success of these MSPs is not left to chance. Our Authorized Reseller Partner Program vests us in every aspect of the process, to ensure that MSPs are well positioned to profit,” Mittel added.

“We believe every organization is going to need a product like Audit Guru,” said Mark Winter, RapidFire Tools’ vice president of sales. “Everything in the program is designed to help our MSPs get up-to-speed as quickly as possible to sell Audit Guru for GDPR into their existing client sites. MSPs who partner with us can create a lucrative enhancement to their portfolios, in addition to using the tool to land new clients.”

Visit or call 678-323-1300, ext. 2.

March 5, 2018

RapidFire Tools, Inc. Launches “Audit Guru,” The First Tool to Automate and Streamline GDPR Compliance Audits

New Software Appliance and Portal is Purpose-built for MSPs to Help Their Clients Navigate the Complex General Data Protection Regulation Mandates.

ATLANTA, GA, USA –March 5, 2018– RapidFire Tools Inc. today announced the availability of Audit Guru for GDPR™, the world’s first compliance process automation solution designed to address the sweeping new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which becomes law on the May 25, 2018. The tool is being offered exclusively through the RapidFire Tools channel of authorized Audit Guru partners, and includes a robust cloud-based portal that resellers can use to manage the entire GDPR audit and reporting process. MSPs can provide an array of value-added GDPR services built around Audit Guru, which can range from a simple and straight-forward resale of the tool to organizations that have their own internal IT and compliance staff, all the way up to a fully managed, ongoing GDPR Compliance-as-a-Service offering.

“The new GDPR requirements put into place tough new standards that regulate how personal information is collected, electronically stored, and secured,” noted Rapidfire Tools CEO, Mike Mittel. “These new laws impact every company that collects data about any individual living in the European Union. There is a huge amount of confusion, fear and uncertainty associated with GDPR because of the fines and crippling sanctions associated with non-compliance,” he added. “Audit Guru addresses these concerns by providing MSPs with a solution that literally guides them through the compliance process, automates the collection of necessary data, and generates the required documents.”

The new offering leverages the same technology found in Network Detective, the company’s market-proven, award-winning family of IT assessment, documentation and reporting tools. “This is not just another check-list product with a laundry list of tasks that the MSP has to perform,” explained Win Pham, lead developer of the tool. “We’ve created a turn-key virtual software appliance that automates the production of mandatory compliance reports, provides ongoing issues detection, and manages the manual collection of supplemental information required from key stakeholders.”

The marketing opportunity extends far beyond MSPs located within the European union. “As if the EU isn’t a big enough market, even if the MSPs or their clients are based outside of the EU, if they own electronic database files that contain personal information about customers, prospects and other individuals who are based inside the EU, they are subject to the regulation,” explained Mark Winter, RapidFire Tools’ vice president of sales. “This makes the market for Audit Guru even broader for MSPs, MSSPs, and VARs who wish to expand their offerings to include GDPR compliance services.”

Audit Guru is sold to MSPs directly by RapidFire Tools or through any of their European distributors. MSPs who are interested in becoming an Audit Guru Reseller Partner should visit, send an email to, or call +1-678-323-1300, ext. 2.

February 18, 2018

RapidFire Tools Recognized for Commitment to MSP Customers with Three New Industry Awards in 2018

RapidFire Tools Continues to Deliver Value to the MSP Channel, Evidenced by Awards and Recognition from Resellers, the Media, and Software Industry Peers

ATLANTA – February 21, 2018 – With only six weeks into 2018, managed services providers (MSPs) in the United States and Canada have already chosen RapidFire Tools as the “Best Solution,” “Best in Show,” and “Best IT Assessment Tool.”

The company, which produces the popular Network Detective line of IT assessment tools and appliances, won the top spot in two of only seven categories at SMB TechFest’s quarterly conference last month in Anaheim, California. The company also received a Reseller Choice award from solution providers attending the eChannelNews event of the same name, held earlier this month in Toronto. Reseller Choice winners are selected based on solution provider votes for products and services across 82 categories covering more than 500 vendors.

Such industry accolades validate RapidFire Tools’ strategy to not only provide assessment tools that help MSPs identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks, but also uncover incremental revenue opportunities revealed through detailed reporting.

“Network Detective allows us to better service new clients since it improves our ability to easily understand a client’s network and identify issues. The information it gathers is invaluable for supporting clients,” noted RapidFire Tools customer Joan Haworth, CEO of Binatech System Solutions, which maintains offices in both Canada and the United States. “It also helps us better service existing clients through quarterly reports, which we run as part of our managed services offering. The tools reduce the amount of time it takes our technical staff to discover and document issues that would not be readily apparent.”

In addition to Rapidfire Tools’ most recent awards, CEO Michael Mittel was recently named to the editorial board of Software Executive magazine, a leading channel publication targeting executives from high-tech software development companies and ISVs. Editorial board members are a select group of C-level executives, founders, presidents and vice presidents from a diverse range of software companies across North America. Members are recruited to help shape the content and direction of this prominent industry resource.

“It’s gratifying to find that our dedication to the MSP community translates to genuine profitability for our customer base,” said Mittel. “The company’s efforts have been focused on Network Detective’s ability to increase business for MSPs, empowering them to enhance their positions as trusted IT advisors. We simultaneously help these MSPs mitigate risks for their customers, while also accommodating challenges such as HIPAA, PCI, and now GDPR compliance. The fact that these awards are based on customer opinions of our tools is significant, and another indication of our continued growth in the U.S. and Canadian markets.”

August 14, 2017

RapidFire Tools and Tigerpaw Teach MSPs How to Capture More Business Through Network Assessment

Mark Winter and James Foxall will join forces to educate MSPs on how to increase revenues through the powerful combination of network assessments and professional services automation (PSA) tools via an 8/17 webinar

ATLANTA – August 14, 2017 – RapidFire Tools, Inc., the developers of the Network Detective IT assessment solutions, announces it has combined forces with business automation software developer Tigerpaw to offer a new educational webinar for managed services providers, to be held on August 17 at 2:00 p.m. ET. The session, “Leveraging Network Assessments to Close More Managed Services Business,” will teach MSPs how to increase managed services sales and generate new projects using the Network Detective IT assessment tools and the Tigerpaw One PSA platform. MSPs can use the Network Detective IT assessment tools to create new selling opportunities, and Tigerpaw One to manage the sales process throughout the entire organization – from working the deals, to creating quotes, generating proposals and contracts, onboarding clients and sending invoices.

The two presenters, RapidFire Tools’ Vice President of Sales Mark Winter and Tigerpaw’s CEO James Foxall, will walk MSPs through the complete sales process, explaining how to position and deliver IT assessments to close new business, while efficiently managing all their additional business needs via one platform.

In addition to working together to educate MSPs on how to grow their businesses, RapidFire Tools has also built an integration which allows all the users and assets discovered by Network Detective during the assessments to be directly imported into Tigerpaw One. The assets are imported as configuration items with comprehensive details about each device appropriately mapped in Tigerpaw One, and all individual users discovered through Active Directory pulled-in as customer contacts in Tigerpaw One. The webinar is part of an ongoing effort to support the integration.

“IT assessments are one of the most compelling ways to convert leads into new customers, and to generate new projects among existing clients,” said Mike Mittel, president and CEO at RapidFire Tools. “By utilizing an efficient portfolio of integrated tools, managed service providers can easily enter an unknown networking environment and come away with irrefutable evidence of the end-user’s vulnerabilities. Assessment reports can expose a vast array of hidden configuration issues and security threats, which can lead to serious network compromises if left unaddressed. We’re excited to open this dialog with Tigerpaw’s customers, providing them with a potent tool by which to increase business.”

“Sophisticated PSA solutions allow the MSP to juggle multiple balls in the air without fear anything dropping,” said Tigerpaw’s Foxall. “The key to success in selling is having the entirety of your prospect data in one location, from the first contact, on through to when the MSP closes a lead as a customer, and beyond. Tigerpaw One captures every email, note, proposal, quote, and service ticket, every billable hour, appointment, and invoice–contributed by all personnel within the organization. That makes new business everyone’s business, and allows sales reps to wear multiple hats in a seamless, effective manner.”

To learn more, managed services providers can register for the event here. Or discover the benefits of network assessment at Learn more about Tigerpaw One at

July 31, 2017

MSPs Can Now Offer Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) Scans Through RapidFire Tools’ PCI Compliance Module

RapidFire Tools’ partnership with an Approved Scanning Vendor lets MSPs order PCI compliant ASV scans through the Network Detective PCI Compliance module — eliminating third-party ASV involvement

ATLANTA – July 31, 2017 – RapidFire Tools, Inc., the developers of the Network Detective IT assessment tools, announces it has contracted with an ASV (Approved Scanning Vendor) to offer external PCI compliance scans as part of its Network Detective PCI Compliance module. The new ASV scan allows managed service providers (MSPs) to conduct these mandatory scans for their clients in-house, without the need to contract with a third-party scanning vendor. MSPs can easily order the certified ASV scans on a quarterly basis from right inside the RapidFire Tools’ Network Detective application for a small quarterly fee, billable to the end-customer at a profitable margin, and as part of an on-going PCI compliance offering. The Network Detective solutions are a series of non-invasive modules that let MSPs generate incremental revenues, capture new business, and mitigate risks for their end-customers through network assessment services.

According to The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), any company that accepts credit card data must have external vulnerability scans performed on its network, conducted by an approved scanning vendor. Such scans analyze a network’s IP ports for vulnerabilities, documenting a business’ ability to securely transmit PCI data. Since most managed service providers are not approved scanning vendors, many have been forced to contract a separate provider to deliver the scan service. This results in extra costs for the MSP and/or his customer, and introduces an outside party into the customer relationship. RapidFire Tools’ PCI Compliance module now offers an approved vendor scan right within Network Detective, allowing MSPs to conduct these scans themselves, foregoing third-party fees or involvement.

“PCI Compliance has been a complicated yet lucrative opportunity for the MSP community. But even the most proficient managed services provider has been required to seek outside partnerships in order to deliver a comprehensive PCI compliance program,” began Mike Mittel, CEO of RapidFire Tools. “The ability to conduct ASV external vulnerability scans without having to shop them out to a separate contractor makes a world of difference for MSPs in this vertical. They no longer have to depend upon, and compensate, a separate company— one that may effectively offer competing services. At RapidFire Tools, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to establish an ASV relationship, so our MSPs don’t have to.”

Managed services providers can download the “Blueprint for PCI Compliance” whitepaper here. Find out how network assessments can help MSPs profit from PCI Compliance services at RapidFire Tools’ PCI Compliance Module product page.

May 31, 2017

New RapidFire Tools Data Breach Liability Report Quantifies Financial Risk of Personal Data on the Network

MSPs confirm the tool has detected tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of potential liability among their client base — and helped them win incremental business

ATLANTA – May 31, 2017– RapidFire Tools, Inc. has added new reporting capabilities to its Network Detective Security Module that spotlights an often-overlooked area of network vulnerability: personal identifiable information (PII). The Data Breach Liability Report allows MSPs to search a client’s network and report specific instances of PII — including credit card information, birthdays, social security numbers, and driver’s license numbers — which could result in significant PCI violation fines or other liabilities. The clear-cut and detailed reporting provides MSPs with the potential financial impact of PII exposure, based on industry sources.

MSPs who have used the tool and run the report say that it has detected tens of thousands—even hundreds of thousands—of dollars of potential liability among their client base, enough to astonish end-customers. In a recent survey of MSPs utilizing the new tool, one MSP stated that the report revealed $500,000 in calculated liability due to PII. Other MSPs identified more than $56,000, $61,000, and $79,000 worth of liability for their clients, respectively, all based on PCI compliance fees that could be levied should that information be compromised.

“Clients do not understand the impact that a data breach will have on their organization. They’ve been shocked when presented with the numbers,” said Matthew Minikel of River Run, a RapidFire Tools MSP in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “The tool allowed us to identify those PII data locations and gave us the insight needed for clients to change their workflows before it’s too late.”

The Data Breach Liability Report tool goes further than detecting critical data vulnerabilities. It also produces a granular “Risk Summary” listing individual instances of PII, card-by-credit card.

The report examines the security of computers in question and quantifies the breach probability of detected PII so MSPs can correct client processes, secure data, and avoid liability. It also lists significant details regarding the amount and type of PII stored on the client’s business network.

“The level of information generated by the Data Breach Liability tool provides a bottom-line look at network security that a financial-minded client will take to heart,” said Doug Hoffman of CTC Networks, a managed service provider in Franklin, Tennessee. Hoffman’s company was able to sign a new client by leveraging the Network Detective Data Breach Liability Report.

“We’re all coming to grips with the fact that many data breaches are initiated internally, making businesses that utilize personal data particularly vulnerable, especially those working with PCI- or healthcare-related information,” said Michael Mittel, CEO of RapidFire Tools. “Executives are often stunned to see the depth of their network vulnerability, not to mention the potential financial implications resulting from such a breach. Our report outlines the specific data that needs to be addressed in order to alleviate risk, and that creates a very persuasive argument for mediation.”

To learn more about the new RapidFire Tools Data Breach Liability Report tool, MSP can download this white paper, which includes a detailed sample report and Risk Summary.

April 18, 2017

RapidFire Tools, Inc. Launches Unlimited-Use Internal Cyber Security Service Delivery System For MSPs

The New Detector SDS™ (Service Delivery System) includes everything MSPs need to create, sell, and deliver branded internal cyber security services to all their clients

ATLANTA – April 18, 2017– RapidFire Tools Inc. has bundled together a powerful new set of tools that, for the first time, allows MSPs to roll-out a high-value, automated and branded internal IT security service that can be offered to all of their clients. The new product, called Detector SDS (Service Delivery System), includes an unlimited-use license for its unique Detector™ cyber security alerting appliance, plus additional new tools that the MSP can use to define the level of service, dynamically build marketing materials to help sell the services they create, and built-in workflow automation to easily manage the cyber security alerts through a common interface. Everything in the system, including the unlimited-use Detector appliance license, is covered by a low monthly subscription.

The Detector SDS solution comes pre-configured with a set of three “white-labeled” cyber security service plans – “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum.” MSPs can deliver these as-is, “out-of-the-box,” or modify them to meet the needs of individual clients using the built-in, menu-driven “Service Plan Creator.” The pre-configured services, as well as the customized ones, can all be renamed and branded by the MSP. Once the plans are created, the MSP can quickly and easily select one or more plans to present to a client or prospect, and the system will automatically generate a professionally-formatted and branded “Plan Matrix” sales sheet. The Plan Matrix has a column for each service plan, in addition to neatly organized check-boxes that allow the client to easily see the differences in the individual plan features and deliverables. In addition, the system can automatically generate a branded Service Catalog for each Plan Matrix, providing more details about each of the deliverables included with each different level of service.

The pre-configured Silver-level service included in Detector SDS is designed to be a baseline internal cyber security service that is the minimum recommended level of detection to offer. The silver-level service is recommended to be installed at every client, regardless of size or industry. It is also designed to be delivered with the highest level of automation and lowest amount of direct labor in order to make the service easy to support, while also generating additional revenue for the MSP. On the opposite end, the Gold and Platinum plans are configured to cover a fuller range of security threats that the Detector appliance can discover, and requires a higher level of engagement by the MSP. These branded security services can be upsold to the MSP’s clients to create significant incremental revenue on top of the typical managed services contracts the MSP offers to maintain a client’s network infrastructure.

“We have finally cracked the code to allow MSPs to provide a new layer of internal cyber security services for their clients,” said Michael Mittel, president of RapidFire Tools, Inc. “Every study conducted over the past decade has confirmed that for most companies, internal threats are a bigger issue for network and data security than threats from external sources. Yet until now, most MSPs have not had the tools to allow them to protect their clients from internal threats, especially through a single-source, turn-key solution for one monthly fee. With Network Detective’s new Detector SDS offering, MSPs have the option to license a full range of tools and instructional blueprints that teaches them, step-by-step, how to create a replicable—and lucrative—portfolio of cyber security services based on Detector’s powerful threat-alert capabilities.”

Once a Detector software appliance is installed at a client site, it performs a daily, non-intrusive scan of the entire network – and anything connected to it directly or remotely – looking for anomalous user behaviors, unexpected changes to the network and other internal threats behind the firewall. After each scan, email alerts can be sent out any number of resources, depending upon the workflow that the MSP prefers. Some alerts can be sent directly to a key client contact for “self-triaging” of access-related or permission-related issues. Other alerts can be sent directly to the MSP’s service team, so they can act on any discovered threat. Alternatively, alerts can be sent to the MSP’s NOC, or any service desk software with an email parser to automatically generate service tickets.

Dynamic “Action Links” within the alert are used to remediate, investigate, or ignore each issue. The links are tied into the Network Detective cloud-based alert management portal, which gives the MSPs and their clients a centralized location for managing the alerts. Issues that are flagged to be “ignored” using the links will automatically trigger changes within Detector’s configurations to “teach” it to also ignore future occurrences of the same alert, thereby reducing the frequency of false positives. In addition to this dynamic configuration, Detector also has a “machine learning” component that allows it to get “smarter” the longer it’s in place, using longer-term trends and patterns as benchmarks to determine what is a “normal” occurrence in a given environment.

The Detector SDS is offered through an annual subscription, with a fixed monthly fee of just $499, including the unlimited-use license for the Detector software appliance across all clients.

While Detector SDS is designed to function as a completely stand-alone offering that does not require any other Network Detective modules, MSPs who have Reporter and subscribe to other modules can create more expansive and unique service plans by seamlessly incorporating any reports that are included in the modules they have.

RapidFire Tools has created a series of “Cyber Security Blueprints” that provide the MSP with recommendations and guidelines for building-out and offering these expanded offerings. Other Network Detective tools that work seamlessly with Detector and Reporter include the Network and Security assessment modules, the Inspector appliance, and the PCI and HIPAA compliance modules.

“The Detector SDS business model represents a genuine breakthrough for the MSP market,” said Mittel. “Many of our customers expressed an interest in installing Detector appliances at a multitude of client sites to maximize its revenue potential, which would be cost-prohibitive for them without an unlimited-use subscription. We’ve answered that call, not only by allowing the MSP to deploy the Detector at as many sites as needed, but by providing a portfolio of tools and a set of best practices that show them how to deliver and customize the services based on the Detector’s enhanced capabilities.

MSPs can find out more about Network Detective’s Detector SDS offering at the following link.

February 27, 2017

RapidFire Tools Expands International Footprint

Managed services providers across Benelux region can now benefit from new business, enhanced profits enabled through non-invasive security assessments

ATLANTA – Feb. 27, 2017– RapidFire Tools Inc., the developer of Network Detective, the leading line of non-invasive network assessment tools, has named Portland Europe as its primary distributor to the Benelux marketplace. The move, part of RapidFire Tools’ ongoing global expansion strategy, enables Portland Europe’s network of more than 6,000 solution providers to dramatically accelerate profit margins through network and security assessments that quickly identify network vulnerabilities.

RapidFire Tools selected Portland Europe for its specialization in the managed services market. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Portland Europe maintains relationships with several other major vendors in the managed services providers (MSPs) market in the region, including RapidFire Tools business partners ConnectWise, GFI, and Datto.

RapidFire Tools’ Network Detective line of IT assessment tools allow MSPs to conduct regular, automated scans of end-users’ networks, producing detailed reports on activities and patterns that could indicate a breach. A more holistic approach to network security than remote monitoring or antivirus, network assessments can be leveraged by MSPs to increase business and secure new customers. MSPs can utilize network assessments to open a dialog with potential customers, creating opportunities to assess system scope, while identifying areas that the potential customer’s previous IT providers may have overlooked. Assessment tools offer a range of additional benefits, enabling MSPs to customize and schedule ongoing assessments that result in incremental revenues, while mitigating risks for their customers. Such assessments provide opportunities for MSPs to enhance their client relationships.

Portland Europe has won accolades for its support of managed service providers across Benelux, including the 2015 Specialized Distributor of the Year Award from Channelweb. The distributor was also nominated for Best Dutch Distributor of the Year 2016, presented by Dutch-IT channel, one of the region’s major IT news media.

RapidFire Tools has progressively increased its distribution partnerships throughout Europe, including relationships with distributors Prianto in the UK; Acmeo GmbH & Co. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; Achab in Italy; and Upstream in Scandinavia.

“Network assessments serve a unique niche in the security marketplace, offering ample ways for MSPs to profit from its reporting capabilities. Our tools document a roster of network anomalies, ranging from outdated software installations, to unauthorized users who still maintain access to areas of the network, to noting which mobile devices have—or have not—logged onto the network within a certain range of time,” said Mike Mittel, CEO of RapidFire Tools. “This is invaluable knowledge that can help MSPs build trust with existing customers, minimize the risks of network compromise, and capture new customers. Europe represents a greenfield of opportunity for us to educate MSPs on the advantages of this proactive regimen.”

“RapidFire Tools’ robust set of network assessment modules are a great complement to our portfolio of IT security and management solutions,” said George van Brugge, founder and CEO of Portland Europe. “Any time one of our MSPs suggests a security compliance program based on top-flight solutions like ConnectWise or Datto, it opens an opportunity to add a network assessment component to that sale, increasing MSP revenues and allowing them to better mitigate risks for their end-customers.”

December 5, 2016

RapidFire Tools’ Detector Named a “ChannelPro SMB All-Star” for Unique Focus on Internal Threats

The leader in non-invasive IT assessment solutions has won three channel awards this quarter, for its solutions and for its MSP training on how to increase business

ATLANTA – December 05, 2016 – RapidFire Tools Inc., the leading Network Detective line of non-invasive IT assessment tools, has been named a winner in the ChannelPro SMB All-Stars awards program for its “Detector” Cyber Security software appliance. The ChannelPro SMB All-Stars program recognizes a select group of hardware, software, or services vendors whose products or services have made a significant impact on the SMB channel in the calendar year. Winners were selected by the editors of ChannelPro magazine, one of the most prestigious media publications in the IT channel; in addition to a panel of top-flight partners within the channel ecosystem.

RapidFire Tools’ Detector appliance, launched in May of 2016, helps managed services providers (MSPs) identify internal threats to the network, automatically scanning a company’s IT environment on a pre-scheduled basis to identify questionable user behavior and patterns that could indicate a potential security risk. The tool sends daily alerts to MSPs on detected issues, incorporating an innovative “machine learning” paradigm that allows the appliance to gather more relevant insights the longer it is attached to the network.

According to ChannelPro publisher Michael Siggins, “While most security tools focus on external threats, RapidFire Tools’ Detector appliance guards against internal ones ranging from maliciously altered firewall settings to inadvertently flawed network configurations. Capabilities such as this distinguish Detector’s value in the IT marketplace, and it’s what earned RapidFire Tools its place on this year’s All-Star list.”

The All-Stars designation is one of several awards that RapidFire Tools’ and its products have garnered this quarter. The company also won “Most Innovative Solution” at the ChannelPro SMB Forum 2016 event, which took place on Nov. 3 in Boston. That honor was granted to the RapidFire Tools Network Detective modules, including the Network, Security, MS Exchange, HIPAA Compliance, PCI Compliance, and SQL Server tools. In addition, RapidFire Tools won a “Best Education” award at the SMB TechFest Quarter 4 conference, which took place in Anaheim, California, Oct. 20 to 21, 2016. That award was granted based on the seminar that was presented by RapidFire Tools’ National Sales Manager Matthew Koenig, which coached MSPs on how to increase business through network assessment. The session was one of dozens of training opportunities RapidFire Tools has offered to the MSP community over the course of 2016.

“We’re especially honored to find ourselves on the ChannelPro SMB All-Stars list since it acknowledges that we’ve made an impact on IT solution providers in the small business sector,” said Michael Mittel, CEO and president at RapidFire Tools. “As a company that started out as a small-business MSP, we’re proud to have developed a portfolio of tools that help MSPs enhance their value proposition and grow their businesses. Capabilities such as Detector’s automated assessment scheduling and alerts give MSPs a resource that exceeds those of typical security disciplines like anti-virus and remote monitoring applications. It delivers a more proactive, holistic view of network activities, empowering MSPs to better mitigate client risks and develop stronger relationships in the SMB space.”

October 11, 2016

RapidFire Tools Raises Profile of Network Detective with MSPs in Europe, Adding New Educational Initiatives, Trade Events and Relationships

The IT assessments market leader augments its presence in Europe, educating managed service providers on how to increase business and gain customers through its IT assessment product line-up and compliance tools.

ATLANTA – October 11, 2016 – RapidFire Tools Inc., makers of the world-leading Network Detective non-invasive IT assessment tools, announced that it is increasing its engagement with managed service providers (MSPs) in the European marketplace with new initiatives throughout Autumn 2016. Activities include several EMEA-based educational appearances at trade show events scheduled in England and Spain, plus partner events with IT industry vendors including IT Glue, Datto and Kaseya.

RapidFire Tools will provide MSPs with sales strategies, market insights and product information about its award-winning line of Network Detective modules – including the company’s Network, Security, MS Exchange and SQL Server Assessment tools – beginning with its participation in the CompTIA EMEA Member and Partner Conference in London, England, 11-12 October. The company will join forces with IT Glue to present an exclusive event at industry leader Datto’s offices in Reading, England, on 13 October, including a dedicated seminar. The session “Reporting Profits: How Regular IT Assessments Can Win You More Business,” will be presented by Tara Newman, RapidFire Tools’ director of international sales and marketing, and is part of a schedule including additional sessions from Datto and IT Glue. MSPs can get more information and register at

RapidFire Tools is also a sponsor of the DattoCon EMEA trade show, scheduled for 27 October in London. The company will next appear at the Kaseya Connect Europe event in Barcelona, Spain, on 15-17 November. This is in addition a RapidFire Tools exhibit which appeared at the Managed Services Summit hosted by IT Europa on 21 September, 2016. This event was attended by RapidFire Tools Vice President of Sales Mark Winter and Tara Newman.

RapidFire Tools currently serves more than 7,000 managed services providers around the globe and maintains ongoing relationships with European distributors including Prianto in the UK; acmeo GmbH & Co. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; and Achab in Italy. The company is in negotiations to add new distribution partners in Benelux and the Nordic region as well.

“RapidFire Tools is excited to expand its commitment to MSPs throughout Europe,” said Mike Mittel, CEO and president of RapidFire Tools. “This region offers a substantial market opportunity for these IT providers to expand their portfolio of services and win new clients using our non-invasive Network Detective IT Assessment tools. Our products will help empower European solution providers to mitigate considerable network risks for their clients, especially those in security-sensitive markets such as healthcare, financial services, retail, and government, while helping those providers build their practices and increase revenues.”

October 3, 2016

RapidFire Tools’ Vice President of Sales Mark Winter Named to CRN’s “100 People You Don’t Know But Should” List

ATLANTA – October 03, 2016 – RapidFire Tools Inc., the world leader in non-invasive IT assessment tools, announced that its Vice President of Sales Mark Winter has been named to CRN magazine’s 100 People You Don’t Know But Should list for 2016. The list recognizes executives from the industry’s top vendors and distributors who make significant ongoing contributions to the IT channel behind-the-scenes. These winners, according to CRN’s parent company The Channel Company, “work tirelessly to create, promote and manage programs and policies that support and advance the IT channel.” Winners are selected by the CRN editorial team based on feedback from solution providers and industry executives in the field, in order to acknowledge these crucial but previously unsung personnel.

Mark Winter is a fixture in the IT trade show/managed services event circuit, having attended well over 100 trade events in the past three and a half years. He conducts more than 20 live presentations and webinar sessions per year, working with hundreds of MSPs on an ongoing basis. Mark brings two decades of diverse experience to his vocation in the IT channel, spanning areas such as business development, sales, management, marketing and engineering.

“Mark Winter is an interminable evangelist when it comes to informing managed service providers about the benefits of network assessments,” said Mike Mittel, CEO and president at RapidFire Tools. “Through a vigorous channel training schedule, he has offered a wealth of knowledge on complicated issues including HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance, cyber security and disaster recovery, and has taken a hands-on role in supporting solution providers in developing their business through use of efficient tools. We’re proud but not surprised to see him recognized by CRN.”

“The industry is full of people whose diligent efforts do not often receive widespread media attention. These personnel truly help to support the entire industry and make it the thriving, smoothly functioning ecosystem that it is,” said Robert Faletra, CEO of The Channel Company. “We are pleased to shine a spotlight on these individuals with CRN’s 2016 list of 100 People You Don’t Know But Should list and to honor their important work, which quietly underpins the infrastructure of the IT channel and allows the community to advance as a whole.”

The 2016 list of 100 People You Don’t Know But Should will be appear in the October issue of CRN and can be viewed online at

August 30, 2016

RapidFire Tools Teaches MSPs to Capitalize on Security and Compliance Issues with Fall Seminars and Events

Network assessments market leader outlines unique ways MSPs can profit through PCI, HIPAA and other Compliance-as-a-Service offerings

ATLANTA – August 30, 2016 – RapidFire Tools Inc., the world leader in non-invasive IT assessment tools, has embarked on a comprehensive schedule of trainings, seminar sessions, trade show appearances and webinars to kick off the fall. These sessions are designed to present managed services providers (MSPs) with new ways to profit from the use of network assessment tools. Throughout September, the company will appear at six separate trade events, host two proprietary webinars, and present four event-based seminar sessions presented by executives from both the sales and software-development sides of the company. The September schedule is the most comprehensive roster of events and presentations RapidFire Tools has offered all year. The series aim to educate the MSP community on how to profit from network assessment tools and grow their businesses.

RapidFire Tools’ training sessions introduce concepts and strategies to MSPs including how to conduct either a HIPAA or a PCI “Compliance-as-a-Service” practice, which can be leveraged in the healthcare and retail markets, respectively. These sessions teach solution providers to pursue opportunities they might not otherwise have been able to accommodate. In addition, seminar sessions focus on how MSPs can use network assessment reports to convert potential leads into new customers, and how to leverage ongoing assessments to enhance their customer relationships.

“We’ve found that the most effective way to make MSPs truly understand the opportunities of network assessment is to explain it to them live, giving them the product and category knowledge to create comprehensive compliance programs for their customers,” said Mike Mittel, CEO and president at RapidFire Tools. “Many solution providers don’t fully understand the benefits of ongoing network assessment reports, which offer clear advantages over other security disciplines such as anti-malware and remote management,” adds Mittel.

“Network Assessments provide a more holistic approach to threat detection, and significantly mitigate risks for their customers beyond what these other disciplines can accomplish. In addition, ongoing assessments can lead to enhanced customer relationships and increased incremental service revenues as MSPs become a proactive and vested partner for the end-user, one who is able to identify patterns, vulnerabilities and suspicious behavior that can compromise their networks.”

RapidFire Tools will maintain a presence at events from some of the industry’s leading solution provider associations, media companies, and vendors. Presentations and webinars throughout the month will be delivered by RapidFire Tools Vice President of Software Development Win Pham; Vice President of Sales Mark Winter; National Sales Manager Matthew Koenig; and Regional Sales Manager Marlene Mullowney.

RapidFire Tools’ September MSP Training Session is as follows:

9/8 RapidFire Tools online webinar for existing customers, featuring the Network Detective Security Assessments Module, presented by RapidFire Tools National Sales Manager Matthew Koenig.
9/14 CharTec Academy session, Bakersfield, CA: “Leverage Network Assessment to Win,” presented by Matthew Koenig.
9/14 ChannelPro SMB Forum, Washington, DC.
9/21 RapidFire Tools online Cyber Security webinar for Detector customers, presented by Matthew Koenig.
9/22 Channelnomics Channel Conference USA, San Jose, CA.
9/22 ASCII IT SMB Success Summit, Toronto, Canada. Network Assessments seminar from RapidFire Tools’ Regional Sales Manager Marlene Mullowney.
9/25 Autotask Community Live, Miami, Florida, Booth #5.
9/28 Continuum’s Navigate 2016 partner event, Boston, MA. Seminar, “The Next Big Thing in IT Security Services” presented by RapidFire Tools’ Vice President of Software Development Win Pham. Booth #303.
9/29 ASCII IT SMB Success Summit, Columbus, OH. Network Assessments seminar from RapidFire Tools Vice President of Sales Mark Winter.

*At press time. The schedule is subject to changes and additions. Please visit the RapidFire Tools Upcoming Events section of the company website for the latest information.

RapidFire Tools’ training schedule will continue on a monthly basis. The Network Detective product line is available for purchase via subscription online at the company’s website:

May 31, 2016

RapidFire Tools Launches New Tool That Enables MSPs to Deliver “Internal” IT Security Services

“Detector™” uses “machine learning” and tagging to identify suspicious user behaviors, unexpected changes and other internal threats that firewalls and external security devices miss.

ATLANTA – May 31, 2016 – RapidFire Tools Inc. today launched Detector™, a new software appliance that enables managed services providers (MSPs) to more easily identify internal threats to client networks, which according to industry reports, account for more than half of all breaches. Detector is the only software appliance that automatically scans a company’s network on a scheduled basis for suspicious anomalous user behaviors, unexpected network changes and internal threats, and sends out daily alerts to the MSP with the detected issues. The security tool also incorporates “machine learning” that allows it to become “smarter” the longer it is attached to a network, along with a proprietary “SMART-TAG”™ feature that allows the MSP to fine-tune the tool with additional information to identify relationships and dramatically reduce false-positives. This comprehensive approach delivers more detailed and relevant information about the client’s network, allowing the MSP to better mitigate risk and offer a meaningful internal IT security service.

“Much of the industry’s focus on IT security has been on detection and prevention of data breaches caused by external hackers, viruses, worms and the like,” said Mike Mittel, CEO and president at RapidFire Tools, “and MSPs have been relying on firewalls, AV, spam filters and other similar tools to secure their clients’ networks. But most IT security breaches stem from internal sources, including malicious internal users, accidental changes or misconfigured network settings. Detector will find these internal threats, and will alert the MSPs on a daily basis.”

The Detector appliance automatically initiates a regularly scheduled security scan of the client’s network, generating daily email alerts to the MSP regarding any suspicious anomalies, changes and threats (or “ACTs”) it detects. The alerts ranks the severity of each category of issue, and can include suggested actions for the MSP based on the severity of the risk. In addition to the alerts, Detector also generates a weekly notice with a complete list of changes that have occurred on the network over the past week, giving the MSP a quick reference source and a means by which to document a historical chain of events.

Detector relies on its proprietary SMART-TAG tagging system to help it differentiate types of devices, users and other network attributes that impact internal security. Detector is pre-configured out of the box to immediately start identifying potential security issues caused by anomalies, changes and internal threats. But through its SMART-TAG system, MSPs can layer on additional meta-information about each client’s network environment to dramatically increase the Detector’s effectiveness. Through this unique combination of automated scanning and customized tagging, MSPs are able to surpass the capabilities of other conventional internal security tools. The SMART-TAG system includes support for PCI and HIPAA compliance-specific alerting.

Detector addresses areas typically not covered by traditional RMM tools. Anomalies, changes and threat that the Detector can uncover include identifying unauthorized and suspicious logins, unwanted network changes, improper security permissions, unauthorized connection to wireless networks by employees, lack of policy enforcement, and a roster of other policy breaches and transgressions.

“The new Detector appliance plugs a huge hole in network security, and does so at a rock-bottom price that the typical MSP can afford to deliver to every client,” noted Mike Mittel, CEO and President at RapidFire Tools. “We want to give MSPs the convenience and comprehensive benefits of an automated internal security system, yet also give them the ability to easily fine-tune it to meet the unique set-up of each individual client. This way, they receive meaningful alerts of suspicious internal activity to investigate, without being bogged down by a lot of noise.”

Pricing for an annual Detector software appliance subscription is $69 per month or $690 for the year if pre-paid. A plug-and-play hardware version is available for an additional $40 per month.

About Network Detective
Network Detective is the #1 suite of IT assessment and compliance tools, used by thousands of MSPs and IT service providers around the world. Unlike other solutions, the Network Detective includes a series of non-invasive IT assessment and compliance modules that acquire a vast amount of network data – including assets, users, configurations, and vulnerabilities – all without installing any software, probes, or agents. Once the scans are complete, the service provider can run the encrypted file through the Network Detective proprietary data analyzer and then select from dozens of powerful reports to generate. The product suite also includes a set of software appliances, including: Inspector™ a specialized deep-dive network diagnostic appliance; Detector™ an internal security device that generate daily alerts and weekly notices for the MSP; and Reporter™ a virtual appliance that automates Network Detective IT Assessments.

About RapidFire Tools
RapidFire Tools Inc. was founded in June of 2010 by IT entrepreneur Michael Mittel. The company’s mission is to develop and sell innovative and powerful, award-winning IT solutions with clear value propositions that help service providers, resellers, and MSPs uncover new business, expand their practice areas, and run their operations more successfully; and also to support the reporting needs of IT pros working within end-user organizations.

April 15, 2016

MSPAlliance Names RapidFire Tools Best MSP Solution in the MSPWorld Cup Awards, Recognizing its Support for the MSP Model

Network Detective is Acknowledged for its Ability to Help MSPs Gain Revenues and Grow Business Through Effective IT Assessments & Reporting

ATLANTA , GA – April 15, 2016 – RapidFire Tools Inc. announced today that it won another coveted industry accolade, the MSPWorld Cup 2016 award for “Best MSP Solution.” The MSPWorld Cup program is sponsored by the MSP Alliance in association with its MSPWorld Spring Conference, which took place early April at the Swan Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Fla. The conference is a premier managed services and cloud computing event, one of the few in the IT industry that maintains a single, vendor-agnostic focus on managed service providers (MSPs) and the ecosystems that support this profile of channel professionals.

The MSPAlliance (The International Association of Cloud & Manage Service Providers) is a consortium of more than 25,000 cloud computing and manage service provider members across the globe. It is the world’s largest industry association focused on making these professionals more profitable and positioning them for growth. The MSPWorld Cup competition recognizes companies that have demonstrated consistent efforts to advance the cause of cloud and managed service providers by delivering cutting-edge technologies, services and solutions to the IT channel.

RapidFire Tools’ flagship Network Detective product line includes IT assessment and compliance modules, and is frequently recognized by industry media and partners. It was recently named to CRN magazine’s “Security 100” list, which appears in the April 2016 issue. RapidFire Tools has launched two new product updates in 2016 thus far, both in the form of downloadable software appliances. One is a new version of the Inspector deep-dive Layer-2/3 diagnostic tool; and the other is the new Reporter tool, which allows MSPs to pre-schedule network scans and automated, branded report generation without even an on-site client visit. These offerings were developed in response to real-world requests and feedback from RapidFire Tools’ managed service provider customers, to better help them gain revenues, capture new customers and empower their existing end-users by mitigating potential network security risks on a more comprehensive basis.

“The Network Detective suite has garnered an array of industry awards over the past several years, yet we are especially thrilled to receive this honor from the MSPAlliance,” said Mike Mittel, CEO at RapidFire Tools. “It confirms our commitment to the audience which our network assessment tools are purpose-built to support. We’re proud to receive confirmation from such a prestigious gathering of MSP companies within this vibrant yet demanding channel community, validating our strategy to help position these providers to grow and thrive in new ways.”

About Network Detective
Network Detective is the number one IT assessment and compliance suite of tools, used by thousands of service providers around the world. Unlike other solutions, the Network Detective suite includes a series of non-invasive IT assessment and compliance modules that acquire a vast amount of network data – including assets, users, configurations, and vulnerabilities – all without installing any software, probes, or agents. Once the scans are complete, the service provider can run the encrypted file through the Network Detective proprietary data analyzer and then select from dozens of powerful reports to generate. The product suite also includes Inspector™ a specialized deep-dive network diagnostic appliance, and Reporter™ a virtual appliance that automates Network Detective IT Assessments.

About RapidFire Tools
RapidFire Tools Inc. was founded in June of 2010 by IT entrepreneur Michael Mittel. The company’s mission is to develop and sell innovative and powerful, award-winning IT solutions with clear value propositions that help service providers, resellers, and MSPs uncover new business, expand their practice areas, and run their operations more successfully; and also to support the reporting needs of IT pros working within end-user organizations.

April 4, 2016

RapidFire Tools Releases New Software Appliance to Fully Automate Pre-Scheduled, Remote-Controlled IT Assessments

New Reporter(TM) Offering Can Be Attached to Client Networks to Remotely Schedule Network Scans and Report Generation to Improve Quality of Service Delivery & Client Communications

ATLANTA, GA — 04/04/16 — RapidFire Tools announced today the release of Reporter, a new stand-alone, low-cost virtual appliance that MSPs can use to fully automate regularly scheduled Network Detective IT assessments for their clients.

The new software appliance is available as a $29/month add-on for Network Detective subscribers, and is used to remotely schedule the running of any Network Detective scan, and automatically generate any of the fully brandable reports included with most of the individual module subscriptions.

“Reporter is based on the proven automation technology that we have built-into our Inspector deep-dive diagnostic appliance,” said RapidFire Tools CEO Mike Mittel. “But we have thousands of MSP subscribers who want to automate their IT assessments, yet don’t have an Inspector attached to every client network. The new Reporter appliance is meant for them.”

Reporter is available as a downloadable software appliance that can be installed as a virtual machine on an existing server on the client’s network. For those who want the convenience of a plug ‘n’ play system, for an additional monthly fee the Reporter subscription can include a pre-configured small form server that is shipped to them as a physical appliance that is ready to use.

“In this competitive world, you can’t be too diligent, and you can’t over-communicate when it comes to your clients,” added Mittel. “Reporter allows MSPs to get the greatest value out of their Network Detective subscriptions by allowing them to perform their assessments much more frequently, without any additional labor cost and to remain top-of-mind with their clients through the delivery of new high value services and regular, professionally prepared reports.”

Reporter is accessed directly through the primary Network Detective application, and can be used to schedule scans for all of the IT assessment modules (except for the SQL Server Assessment module), as well as the scans for both the HIPAA and PCI Compliance modules. Scans can be pre-scheduled to run at specific time intervals, and specific times of day and/or days of week. In addition, any reports that are included in the MSPs’ Network Detective subscriptions can be programmed to be automatically generated and saved to a specific location, or emailed to one or more recipients.

“We believe Reporter is going to revolutionize the way MSPs manage their clients’ networks, and manage their client communications,” predicted Mittel. “More automation means more network scans. More network scans mean more issues discovered. More issues discovered means more value in services delivered. And the automated Network Detective reports will document that value.”

Reporter is only available to existing Network Detective subscribers or to new subscribers immediately after purchase of their first Network Detective module. The Reporter appliance can be ordered directly through the Upgrade button inside the Network Detective application.

About Network Detective
Network Detective is the number one IT assessment and compliance suite of tools, used by thousands of service providers around the world. Unlike other solutions, the Network Detective suite includes a series of non-invasive IT assessment and compliance modules that acquire a vast amount of network data — including assets, users, configurations, and vulnerabilities — all without installing any software, probes, or agents. Once the scans are complete, the service provider can run the encrypted file through the Network Detective proprietary data analyzer and then select from dozens of powerful reports to generate. The product suite also includes Inspector™, a specialized deep-dive network diagnostic appliance, and Reporter™, a virtual appliance that automates Network Detective IT Assessments.

About RapidFire Tools
RapidFire Tools Inc. was founded in June of 2010 by IT entrepreneur Michael Mittel. The company’s mission is to develop and sell innovative and powerful, award-winning IT solutions with clear value propositions that help service providers, resellers, and MSPs uncover new business, expand their practice areas, and run their operations more successfully; and also to support the reporting needs of IT pros working within end-user organizations.

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