April 21, 2022

Kaseya’s Latest Innovation Cycle Provides Enhanced Automation, Security and Compliance Capabilities to Help MSPs and SMBs Thrive in The Evolving Tech Landscape

Key integrations allow IT professionals to streamline administrative tasks like billing and documentation, protect growing volumes of data and comply with increased regulatory requirements

MIAMI, April 21, 2022 – Kaseya, a premier provider of unified IT management and security software for managed service providers (MSPs) and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced today the results of its latest innovation cycle. The company had a strong first quarter, including new enhancements to its IT Complete suite of solutions to support IT professionals as they continue to juggle growing cybersecurity, compliance and remote workforce management needs.

To further support its expanding customer base, Kaseya is full steam ahead on its goal to hire over 1,000 people globally by the end of the year — with 500 of those positions based at the company’s headquarters in Miami. To accommodate its expansion plans, Kaseya is expanding its Miami footprint with 64,716 square feet of cutting-edge building space and opened a new office in Krakow, Poland earlier this year to expand its R&D footprint. To create an enhanced workforce pipeline, Kaseya has established university partnerships with organizations like Florida International University to ensure students have the skills needed to thrive in the tech industry. Kaseya has also created the Grow Your Own program to support its new hires globally through educational programs, mentorship and leadership development.

“While 2022 has brought significant opportunities due to the need for cloud migration and hybrid workforce management, MSPs and SMBs are stretched thin as they manage IT environments that are growing in complexity—all while dealing with supply chain issues and a hyper-competitive job market that has made staffing a significant challenge,” said Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya. “With our newest features and integrations, we’ve made our IT Complete suite of solutions even more robust—allowing IT technicians to cut down on wasted time and more efficiently protect and manage their entire IT environment.”

Product Enhancements and Integrations

Unified RMM: 

  • Azure Discovery: With VSA’s latest release, customers can now automatically discover virtual machines, SQL instances, cloud services, app services and load balancers within Azure and automatically manage and monitor Azure virtual machines — making it even easier to monitor public cloud environments.
  • Software Management 2.0: IT professionals now have access to Kaseya’s new patching engine, which offers lightning-fast scans, zero file storage requirements, an expansive catalogue with over 200 software titles and CVSS severity-based score patching policy. Software Management 2.0 helps MSPs and SMBs stay up to date on the most critical patches and secure their IT environments more effectively.
  • FIPS 140-2 Compliance: VSA achieved NIST FIPS 140-2 validation, which is a requirement for U.S. federal agencies. MSPs and SMBs will receive the benefits of government validated and certified encryption for their mission-critical data.


  • Compliance Manager GRC: Kaseya enhanced its award-winning compliance solution to allow MSPs and SMBs to perform one assessment for multiple standards—from CMMC and HIPAA to EU and UK GDPR. Compliance Manager GRC also allows IT professionals to create their own standards to align with cyber insurance policies, internal IT requirements and more. The solution now offers key governance, risk and compliance (GRC) features like vendor risk management, IT policy attestation and security awareness training and tracking.


  • BullPhish ID Custom Domains: The newest BullPhish ID release includes the highly-requested Custom Domains capability that allows IT professionals to specify the domain used for security awareness training emails, ensuring end users will experience a fully-branded training experience unique to their organization.
  • Dark Web ID integration with Network Detective Pro from RapidFire Tools: This industry-first feature enables customers to scan Active Directory with Network Detective Pro and compare actual employee data with compromised credentials, providing IT administrators with actionable data to better protect their organizations.
  • Passly Password Server Auditing: This highly requested feature provides IT administrators with detailed audit reporting to meet compliance requirements, verify least privilege policies are enforced, and easily validate access controls.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:

  • ION and ION+: The newest appliances from Unitrends bring enterprise-class disaster recovery features and immutable storage to small offices, leveraging a desktop form factor that fits an environment without the need for a server rack.
  • United Kingdom data center for Spanning Microsoft 365 customers: With Spanning’s newest data center in London, England, IT professionals have more options on where their data is stored and can more easily meet regional compliance requirements. Spanning has data centers in the U.S., Europe (Dublin), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Canada (Montreal), and the United Kingdom (London) to support its global customer base.

MSP Enablement:

  • Powered Services Pro enhancements: Powered Services Pro, Kaseya’s sales and marketing enablement platform, now offers 14 product sales certifications that allow MSPs to better navigate the sales process and close more deals. The platform also launched a new Powered Services Supercharge Forum to provide increased opportunities for collaboration and Done-4-U social media services that simplify social media management for MSPs.
  • myITprocess Client Overview Report: myITprocess, Kaseya’s virtual CIO (vCIO) solution that helps MSPs build more strategic client relationships, now offers a Client Overview Report that allows MSPs to better prioritize client needs and build more impactful strategic plans.

IT Documentation:

  • Automated Account Backup in IT Glue: Technicians can now automatically export account data to ensure their documentation is available at any time, with the ability to adjust the backup cadence to meet specific compliance regulations or organizational needs.
  • Advanced Checklists in IT Glue: The latest IT Glue Checklist enhancements allow users to create, modify and copy checklist templates and apply them across different organizations—helping IT professionals standardize procedures and simplify day-to-day process management.

PSA/Service Desk:

  • Automated Services Billing through BMS and IT Glue: With this new integration, MSPs can utilize their existing IT Glue documentation to cut monthly service reconciliation and billing time from hours to minutes.

March 10, 2022

IT Professionals Can Ease Compliance Woes with Upgraded Compliance Manager GRC Solution

MSPs and SMBs can now simultaneously manage the IT requirements of any industry and government standard as well as customized sets of IT policies and procedures

March 9, 2022 – Miami – Kaseya®, the leading provider of unified IT management and security software for managed service providers (MSPs) and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced today the launch of Compliance Manager GRC. The IT security assurance and compliance management platform streamlines the assessment, remediation and documentation processes for all IT requirements regardless of source – dramatically improving organizational efficiency. Compliance Manager GRC also offers several features that support the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) needs for vendor risk management, IT policy attestation and security awareness training and tracking.

“MSPs and SMBS are facing ever-evolving compliance regulations that require continuous input from individuals across an organization. It can be exhausting to keep up with the constant changes, and much of the work falls to time-stretched IT technicians who lack the bandwidth to stay up to date on quickly changing regulatory requirements,” said Max Pruger, GM, Compliance Manager at Kaseya. “Our solution provides MSPs with a way to solve their clients’ growing compliance issues and frees SMBs to focus on tasks that grow their bottom line.”

Compliance Manager GRC is purpose-built to unify data gathering and reporting requirements based on a vast library of IT controls, ensuring that IT professionals can assess and comply with multiple standards at the same time —a crucial time-saver for those juggling numerous requirements. Compliance Manager GRC’s Rapid Baseline Assessment option makes it even easier to view initial compliance gaps across standards. It includes a new scan of the Microsoft Cloud which allows technicians to identify employee-initiated changes to the Azure environment and Microsoft Office cloud services. Compliance Manager GRC also automates the creation of dynamic evidence of compliance documents, including policies and procedures manuals and Plans of Action and Milestones (POAM).

Compliance Manager GRC also helps organizations mitigate risk by enabling businesses to assess and track compliance surveys for their vendor partners. The solution includes a brandable web-based portal that makes it easy for employees to take mandatory trainings and acknowledge that they agree to specific employer policies. All this information is presented through a single dashboard, accessible by IT technicians, operations professionals and other key organizational stakeholders. With Compliance Manager GRC, businesses can easily assess any IT requirement gaps, remediate them more effectively and generate evidence of compliance. For more information or to request a demo of Compliance Manager GRC, visit www.compliancemanagergrc.com.

February 9, 2022

Kaseya Takes Home Gold with Three Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Compliance Manager, Graphus and BullPhish ID recognized as best-of-breed solutions in the prestigious annual awards

February 9, 2022 — MIAMI — Kaseya®, the leading provider of unified IT management and security software for managed service providers (MSPs) and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), was recognized with three Gold Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for its Compliance Manager, Graphus and BullPhish ID solutions. The annual competition honors individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security.

“Our teams work relentlessly to help our customers solve their greatest challenges and grow their bottom lines,” said Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya. “This ‘gold’ recognition is an example of the commitment of our people to building world-class solutions.”

Compliance Manager, which won for Top Compliance Solution, is the first and only purpose-built, role-based compliance process automation platform for regulations like GDPR (EU and UK), HIPAA, cyber insurance, NIST CSF, and CMMC. It combines a wizard-driven workflow engine, automated network and computer data discovery, a web-based management portal, and built-in compliance document generation and archiving.

ID Agent’s BullPhish ID won for Cybersecurity Training and provides simulated phishing attacks, security awareness and compliance training to educate and empower employees. BullPhish ID allows organizations to improve their cybersecurity posture, fulfill compliance requirements and reduce the likelihood of a devastating cyberattack.

Graphus was recognized for the second year in a row for Excellence in Email Security. Graphus uses artificial intelligence to protect businesses from cybercriminals posing as trusted contacts, providing comprehensive protection against disasters like ransomware, business email compromise, account takeover and other advanced threats. To view all the winners of the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, visit https://cybersecurity-excellence-awards.com/.

January 10, 2022

Kaseya Looks Back on 2021 as Transformative Year with More IT Complete Enhancements Than Ever Before

From key acquisitions to new regional data centers, the company has continued to put its customers’ needs first—and has seen expansive growth as a result

Jan. 10, 2022 — MIAMI — Kaseya®, the leading provider of IT and security management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced today that the company grew by over 25%. Its continued revenue growth was driven by multiple strategic acquisitions and a continued focus on helping MSPs expand their businesses through sales and marketing enablement.

As MSPs and internal IT teams adjusted to new hybrid and remote work environments, Kaseya provided hundreds of deep workflow integrations that allowed IT professionals to work more efficiently and overcome business challenges around cybersecurity and compliance that grew in complexity throughout 2021.

“While 2021 saw economic recovery in certain parts of the world, IT professionals still faced incredible uncertainty as they navigated ever-evolving IT environments on budgets that continue to be stretched by a growing volume of new technologies,” said Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya. “We made two acquisitions that addressed key pain points for MSPs and SMBs, launched our Connect IT Community and released innovative new products like VulScan—all with a focus on helping our customers eliminate wasted time and stretch their budgets further. The IT Complete suite continues to be the gold standard for IT professionals in need of solutions that are truly automated, secure and priced right to ensure maximum profitability.”

The Kaseya family will continue to grow in 2022, with plans for over 1,300 new hires worldwide across its Miami headquarters as well as its offices in Dublin, Krakow and Sydney.

Corporate Momentum Milestones

  • Acquisitions of RocketCyber and TruMethods further strengthened Kaseya’s IT Complete suite of solutions. In February 2021, Kaseya acquired managed security operations center (SOC) solution RocketCyber to help its customers cut through the noise and respond to threats across endpoints, networks and cloud attack vectors. Through its integrations with Kaseya’s VSA, BMS and Passly solutions, RocketCyber users can easily deploy the solution across their environment and quickly create relevant incident tickets. In May 2021, Kaseya acquired the MSP industry’s leading business transformation organization TruMethods to allow MSPs to build more strategic relationships with their customers and increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Through the myITprocess ™ virtual CIO (vCIO) solution, FormulaWon ™ training and TruPeer ™ groups, MSPs can use proven methods to grow their businesses.
  • Connect IT Global hosted thousands at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Kaseya held its annual Connect IT event in October 2021 with a jam-packed schedule that included keynotes from experts like Kaseya CISO Jason Manar, cybersecurity management sessions and even a few laughs from popular actor Nick Offerman.
  • Kaseya launched the Connect IT Community to allow IT professionals to share best practices across the globe. The Connect IT Community is an online collaboration platform that enables
  • individuals to use Kaseya products more effectively and network with IT professionals around the world. The Connect IT Community is the new home to Kaseya’s Automation Exchange, which includes hundreds of scripts that users can share, buy and sell.

2021 Innovations and Integrations

  • Compliance:
    • Compliance Manager for UK GDPR: This new module in Kaseya’s award-winning platform simplifies compliance with the UK’s sweeping privacy regulation and allows organizations to comply with both UK and EU GDPR requirements.
  • Security:
    • VulScan™ by RapidFire Tools: The newest solution from RapidFire Tools provides technology professionals with the ability to better protect their organizations from the growing threat of cybersecurity attacks. VulScan is a modern vulnerability scanner that automatically identifies and alerts users to critical security issues, enabling them to take action before they are compromised.
    • Enhanced protection against business email compromise from Graphus: Graphus introduced a new capability that uses artificial intelligence to stop both internal and external business email compromise attacks, enabling IT professionals to protect against the most common email exploit of 2021.
    • Customized emails and training kits in BullPhish ID: Because industry-specific phishing attacks continue to plague businesses, BullPhish ID allows IT professionals to create customized emails and training kits for simulations that mirror the types of attacks that are targeting their employees.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery:
    • Canadian data centers for Unitrends and Spanning Cloud Apps: Kaseya began utilizing two data centers in Ontario and Quebec in 2021 to locally store data from its Canadian Unitrends Endpoint Backup and Spanning Office 365 customers, making it easier for them to comply with data sovereignty regulations.
    • Unitrends BackupIQ™ Integration with BMS and Vorex: This integration of BackupIQ’s artificial intelligence alerting with BMS and Vorex’s ticketing workflow automation enables organizations to cut wasted time on false alerts and backup remediation by up to 50%.
  • MSP Enablement
    • TruMethods’ myITprocess Reporting API and Default Initiative Templates: The reporting API allows users to extract data from myITprocess into a third-party reporting tool, providing MSP owners with the ability to drill down even farther into key metrics. Default Initiative Templates allow MSPs to use myITprocess to deliver strategic recommendations to new clients more easily using pre-populated strategic roadmap initiatives.
    • Powered Services Pro: New sales campaign kits and “done for you” social media posts as well as one-on-one coaching helped MSPs drive over $6.2 million in new MRR in 2021.
  • IT Documentation
    • Enhanced IT Glue Experience Through Kaseya BMS and VSA: IT Glue has strengthened its integrations with Kaseya BMS and VSA to streamline the ticketing experience. MyTickets allows users to begin addressing issues directly within IT Glue, and the Affected Hardware feature pulls information about assets and their operating environments from across IT Glue, VSA and BMS so technicians can diagnose and resolve issues without leaving the ticket in IT Glue.
  • RMM/Endpoint Management:
    • VSA 1-Click and IT Glue: The VSA 1-Click and IT Glue integration allows individuals to use credentials stored in IT Glue when accessing remote devices, enabling technicians to avoid copying and pasting sensitive log-in information when initiating remote sessions.
  • PSA/Service Desk
    • myITprocess Integration with BMS: The integration allows myITprocess users to generate BMS tickets from within the myITprocess platform, removing the need for MSPs to switch between solutions when evaluating client environments.


Industry Recognition

Throughout 2021, Kaseya was awarded with top industry honors that highlighted its best-in-breed products, forward-thinking leadership and high-performing work environment:

  • Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola and CFO Kathy Wagner were recognized by The Software Report as a Top 50 SaaS CEO and one of the Top 50 Women Leaders in SaaS, respectively.
  • Kaseya Senior Vice President of Channel and Community Dan Tomaszewski and Unitrends Vice President of New Sales and Channel Management Adam Larrabee were recognized as 2021 CRN Channel Chiefs.
  • The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards provided 5 awards to Kaseya and its family of companies, including Unitrends, Spanning Cloud Apps, ID Agent and Graphus.
  • Kaseya received multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze commendations in the ChannelPro Reader’s Choice Awards for its Passly, VSA, BullPhish ID and IT Glue solutions.
  • Both the Stevie Awards and the Globee Awards recognized Kaseya as a top place to work in 2021.

November 16, 2021

Kaseya Adds New UK GDPR Module to Its Award-Winning Compliance Manager Platform to Simplify Compliance With The UK’s Sweeping Privacy Regulation

The update, which was introduced at Kaseya’s Connect IT Europe conference, generates key documents – including Evidence of Compliance – required by the UK’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Dublin—November 16, 2021 — Kaseya®, the leading provider of IT and security management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced today the launch of the UK GDPR module for Compliance Manager. Compliance Manager is Kaseya’s award-winning compliance process automation platform that simplifies assessing, maintaining and documenting compliance through its wizard-driven workflow engine, automated network and computer data discovery, web-based management portal and built-in compliance document generation and archiving capabilities.

The UK GDPR regulation, which went into effect on January 1, 2021, applies to organisations that target, process or store electronic data from UK citizens, regardless of where the organisation is located. The regulation is largely based on the original EU GDPR standard but includes several changes in key areas of the law concerning national security, intelligence services and immigration.

The new Compliance Manager module covers the new UK GDPR requirements around the collection of data from minors and representatives of controllers outside the UK and includes updated policies and procedures documents and new recommendations provided by the UK Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

Compliance Manager includes modules for both the UK and EU versions of GDPR, allowing MSPs to provide ongoing compliance services to clients that process both UK and EU personal data. For SMBs that process personal information of citizens anywhere in the UK or EU, Compliance Manager streamlines processes for internal teams overwhelmed with managing multiple compliance regulations across their organisation.

“For MSPs and SMBs that process data from individuals in the UK, the UK GDPR regulation adds an additional layer of complexity—especially for organisations that now must comply with both UK and EU regulations,” said Max Pruger, GM, Compliance Manager at Kaseya. “The new Compliance Manager UK GDPR module allows these organisations to streamline their compliance processes and generate all the complex documents required by the regulation, including the critical Evidence of Compliance. Without these documents, even compliant organisations could be subject to fines.”

The Compliance Manager UK GDPR module is one of the key product announcements from Connect IT Europe, Kaseya’s premier annual conference taking place virtually from November 16-17, 2021. The conference provides attendees with the opportunity to connect with IT professionals across Europe and gain in-depth knowledge about market trends, growth opportunities and the latest Kaseya products.

For more information or to request a demo of Kaseya Compliance Manager, visit https://www.kaseya.com/products/compliance-manager/. To learn more about Connect IT Europe, visit https://www.connectit.com/europe/.

September 30, 2021

Kaseya’s Latest Innovation Cycle Allows IT Professionals to Better Assess and Manage IT Environments in the New Hybrid Work World

New features include enhanced anti-phishing and vulnerability management capabilities as well as key integrations with Kaseya’s professional services automation tool BMS

September 30, 2021 — MIAMI, FL — Kaseya®, the leading provider of IT and security management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced today new features and integrations that will enable IT professionals to more easily and effectively manage increasingly complex hybrid work environments. From affordable external vulnerability scanning to professional services automation (PSA) updates that empower MSPs to better prioritize their backup alerts, IT Complete continues to be the most comprehensive suite of integrated tools designed for the multi-function IT professional.

“As organizations continue to adjust to the new hybrid work world, IT professionals are being asked to support both traditional office and remote work environments. Because they are managing devices across several environments, it becomes even more critical to implement solutions that streamline daily tasks,” said Mike Puglia, Chief Strategy Officer, Kaseya. “IT Complete’s newest features and integrations provide time-saving tools that allow MSPs and SMBs to focus their attention on more impactful work and effectively manage everything from workstations and servers to mobile and cloud.”

Key Product Enhancements

  • Enhanced Discovery and Reporting Capabilities:
    • Enhanced External Vulnerability Scanning Functionality in RapidFire Tools VulScan: VulScan is the latest generation of network vulnerability scanning tools purpose-built to deliver high-value network vulnerability management for any size network. With this latest release, VulScan introduces an enhanced external vulnerability scanner that can support multiple client sites in several locations without consuming additional site licenses or incurring additional costs. Data from the external scans appears within each client dashboard on the VulScan cloud portal and, through direct integration, pushes directly into RapidFire Tools Network Detective Pro solution for enhanced reporting.
    • Graphus Phish911™ integration with Outlook: This enhancement allows users to report suspicious emails within Microsoft Outlook’s existing user interface. Phish911 in Outlook provides users with a more streamlined way to report suspected phishing attacks that may not have the Graphus EmployeeShield banner but still appear suspicious.
  • IT Documentation and vCIO Updates:
    • Unknown Device Notification in Network Glue: This feature notifies users when a new device is found on a network, helping technicians better understand the entire environment and allowing MSPs to bill more accurately by device.
    • TruMethods FormulaWon™ Training Portal updates: New enhancements to TruMethods’ comprehensive training framework FormulaWon, which is the foundation of the TruMethods system, allow MSPs to access content more easily and leverage tailored business training to define services more efficiently.

New IT Complete Workflow Integrations

  • Unitrends BackupIQ™ Integration with BMS and Vorex: BackupIQ’s artificial intelligence alerting is now fully integrated with BMS and Vorex’s ticketing workflow automation, enabling organizations to cut wasted time on false alerts and backup remediation by up to 50%.
  • Fusion Mobile App Feature Updates: Fusion puts the power of IT Glue, VSA, BMS and Vorex at a technician’s fingertips. Fusion’s newest updates allow customers to remote control machines, enter Windows Powershell or Mac Terminal commands and log ticket time on-the-go right from their mobile devices.

To learn more about Kaseya’s IT Complete platform, which enables MSPs and internal IT teams to realize increased productivity and profitability through its time-saving automation and exceptional value, visit here.

August 17, 2021

Kaseya Launches Online Collaboration Platform and MSP-Focused Initiatives to Further Empower IT Community

Channel-centric enhancements include new division for high-growth MSPs and compliance-as-a-service content from Kaseya’s Powered Services platform

August 17, 2021 — MIAMI — Kaseya®, the leading provider of IT and security management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced the launch of the Connect IT Community. The collaborative online platform allows IT professionals to network with peers across the globe, share best practices and enhance their knowledge of the 27 modules of Kaseya’s IT Complete suite of solutions.

The company also announced several MSP-focused enhancements to help IT professionals take advantage of the competitive mergers and acquisitions (M&A) landscape and expand their businesses. These initiatives include a new division focused on high-growth MSPs as well as expanded content offerings through Powered Services Pro, Kaseya’s comprehensive acceleration platform that helps MSPs grow monthly recurring revenue (MRR) through tailored go-to-market content and one-on-one coaching.

“Though Kaseya’s customers are located across the globe in a number of industries, they all have one thing in common—the desire to make their IT environments more effective and efficient,” said Mike Puglia, Chief Strategy Officer at Kaseya. “Kaseya’s Connect IT Community, its new business unit and its latest Powered Services enhancements were all created to help IT professionals get the most out of the workflow-integrated IT Complete suite of solutions—allowing organizations to grow their bottom lines while eliminating the time wasted switching between disparate tools.”

Connect IT Community

Kaseya’s Connect IT Community was designed as a global hub for Kaseya customers to engage with their peers and maximize efficiencies through the Kaseya products they use every day. Connect IT Community users can enjoy the following features:

  • Coffee Shop: Users can visit the Coffee Shop within the platform to post about topics ranging from the latest compliance regulations to new product launches as well as learn more about opportunities to meet peers and industry leaders both virtually and in person.
  • Automation Exchange: Users can share, buy and sell scripts through the Automation Exchange, which is now located in the Connect IT Community.
  • Ideas Portal: The Ideas Portal allows individuals to provide feedback directly to product teams and view the status of submitted projects.
  • Exclusive Groups: Individuals can access exclusive groups within the community by attending events, leaving testimonials, and actively participating in discussions within the forum.

MSP-Focused Enhancements

  • Kaseya has introduced a new division to help high-growth MSPs navigate the ever-changing M&A landscape as well as strategically expand their service offerings. Led by Miguel Lopez, Kaseya’s SVP of Strategic Accounts, this division enhances Kaseya’s continued focus on educating MSPs about M&A through workshops, events and networking opportunities.
  • Powered Services Pro recently expanded its offering to include over 85 pieces of digital marketing content per month to help MSPs sell their security, backup and compliance services more effectively. Since compliance regulations continue to evolve, Powered Services Pro has now incorporated exclusive Semel Systems training to help MSPs increase profits through their compliance-as-a-service offerings. Powered Services Pro helped MSPs close over $3.2 million in MRR in the first half of 2021 through its Goal Assist one-on-one coaching program and continues to help MSPs win new business daily. · Kaseya’s newly rebranded Powered Services Podcast provides MSPs with crucial insights and commentary from industry experts on key trends and where the market is headed. The podcast is hosted by Dan Tomaszewski, Kaseya’s SVP of Channel and Community and a former MSP CEO who has firsthand experience with the challenges and opportunities that MSPs face every day.

To learn more about the Connect IT Community, visit https://www.community.connectit.com/. For more information on Powered Services and to listen to the Powered Services Podcast, visit https://www.kaseya.com/managed-service-providers/powered-services/.

March 1, 2021

Kaseya Receives Five Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Unitrends and Spanning Cloud Apps awarded gold, Kaseya and ID Agent awarded silver and Graphus awarded bronze for cybersecurity innovation

March 1, 2021 – Miami and New York – Kaseya, the leading provider of IT and security management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), was recognized with five awards from the 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards including honors for Unitrends, Spanning Cloud Apps, ID Agent and Graphus. The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are an annual competition honoring individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security.

Unitrends and Spanning Cloud Apps won gold for best Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery solution in North America (between 1,000 and 4,999 employees). Both organizations provide IT professionals with reliable, enterprise-class data protection focused on reducing downtime with features like instant recovery, ransomware detection and automated disaster recovery testing.

Kaseya won two silver awards for Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company in North America (between 1,000 and 4,999 employees) and best Compliance Solution in North America (between 1,000 and 4,999 employees). Kaseya was recognized for its IT Complete Security Suite, which allows IT professionals to secure their networks effectively through deep workflow integrations that simultaneously increase productivity and reduce costs, as well as its Compliance Manager solution. Compliance Manager allows users to audit and document compliance from a single pane of glass for regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, NIST CSF and CMMC.

ID Agent won a silver award for best Breach and Attack Simulation for its BullPhish ID solution. BullPhish ID provides security awareness training that combines the most validated credential exposure data in the marketplace with the tools to test, train and measure employee knowledge, allowing employees who may have been the weakest link in a company’s defense to become its strongest point of protection from phishing attacks.

Graphus, Kaseya’s industry-leading cloud email security solution, was awarded bronze for Excellence in Email Security. Its patented technology employs artificial intelligence to establish a TrustGraph® between people, devices, and networks to detect threats delivered via email, including phishing and spear phishing, business email compromise (BEC), account takeover (ATO), identity spoofing, malware and ransomware.

“Kaseya’s IT Complete Security Suite is a comprehensive solution that allows SMBs and MSPs to protect themselves against a growing number of cybersecurity threats” said Fred Voccola, CEO, Kaseya. “The five Cybersecurity Excellence Awards we’ve received showcase the strength of our IT Complete solution and our commitment to keeping our customers safe from cyberattacks across all areas of their business through continuous innovation.”

January 13, 2021

Kaseya Ends 2020 Empowering Customers with Best-in-Class Product Innovations to Thrive in a Post-COVID World

Company emerged as a partner of choice given customer-centric assistance programs, product innovations and strategic business acquisitions

Jan. 13, 2021 — MIAMI and NEW YORK — Kaseya®, the leading provider of IT and security management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), announced today that the company grew by over 20% and saw record earnings in  2020, driven by its unparalleled commitment to customers during the worst economy in modern history.

In response to the impact that COVID-19 had on the industry, Kaseya has continued to expand IT Complete, its workflow integrated platform of IT solutions, to ensure customers have constant access to the most cutting-edge solutions. With more than 78 workflow integrations and a bevy of new product innovations, IT Complete is the industry’s most comprehensive, fully integrated IT and security management platform available.

The company also launched Kaseya Cares, a COVID-19 assistance program that helped businesses navigate government relief programs and provides access to direct financial assistance and complimentary business guidance and assistance via Kaseya Powered Services. To date, the program has assisted more than 4,500 customers and provided over $10 million in direct financial relief.

“2020 was an incredible year of change that provided tremendous opportunity for IT service providers,” said Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya. “Though economies around the world struggled, people relied on technology more than ever before. This demand transformed IT service providers into essential workers, who became indispensable in helping SMBs keep their businesses running. As COVID-19 has accelerated this digital transformation for SMBs and business owners recognize that this new normal is here to stay, SMB IT spending will continue to increase and place greater demands on IT service providers. This surging trend means that IT teams will need a robust, comprehensive, workflow integrated IT and security management solution to meet the many demands of their customers, and there is no better solution in the market than the Kaseya IT Complete Platform.”

Corporate Momentum Milestones

  • Enhancements to Kaseya’s security suite through Graphus acquisition and IT Complete product innovations. The acquisition of Graphus, an automated phishing defense solution, and the addition of new security offerings signal Kaseya’s continuous commitment to providing customers with the tools they need to deftly address any kind of cyber threat that comes their way. In 2020, Kaseya launched Spanning Dark Web Monitoring, a unique feature that not only backs up SaaS data, but also provides account takeover protection for Office 365 and G Suite accounts, and Passly, a three-in-one identity and access management (IAM) solution that combines single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and password management.
  • Shift to world-class, virtual experiences. Kaseya welcomed more than 2,100 attendees to 80+ sessions at Connect IT 2020, its global user conference that was held virtually for the first time ever last year. Without the constraints of ballrooms and physical meeting spaces, Kaseya blew the doors off Connect IT to bring attendees a show that was bigger and better than ever before. Additionally, Kaseya hosted its first virtual product launch in May, which kicked off the company’s quarterly product innovation cycles.
  • Expansion of Automation Exchange. Kaseya’s crowd-sourced marketplace for all things automation now boasts over 13,000 contributors with thousands of scripts, reports and templates. The automation exchange is the largest “app store” of automation in the IT industry.


  • New Kaseya products and integrations eliminate the “space between,” a dilemma where IT professionals lose time and productivity when shifting between various functions and applications. Kaseya’s Fusion Mobile App is the only mobile IT management tool that integrates the functions of Kaseya’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) product, VSA, its professional services automation (PSA) solution, BMS, and IT documentation, IT Glue, into a single mobile application. Overall, Kaseya released over 78 different integrations across its IT Complete platform and is actively adding six to eight new integrations each quarter with the goal of making the lives of IT admins simpler and more efficient. 

Key integrations included:

    • BMS and IT Glue – New “Suggested Documentation” automatically assesses tickets and guides technicians to the solution, reducing the time it takes to close tickets.
    • VSA and BMS – New Auto-Remediation reads ticket data and leverages automated RMM scripts to resolve issues without technician involvement.
    • Unitrends and IT Glue – Automates backup and disaster recovery documentation so IT always has real-time information on the status of their data across all of their environments.
    • VSA and IT Glue – Eliminates the need to perform separate management and documentation tasks by enabling remote control, scripting and context-aware information across both products
  • Advanced backup capabilities from Unitrends automate backups to make management easier and ensure that your data is there when you need it. Unitrends Helix, an AI-powered, self-healing SaaS remediation platform, monitors and automatically fixes the most common issues facing IT administrators when managing backups. With Helix, Unitrends users can more confidently ensure their backups succeed and free up their time for more innovative or revenue-building initiatives. Unitrends Cloud Backup offers unparalleled file recovery and protection from viruses, hackers, corruption and accidental deletion with direct to cloud backup that eliminates the hassle of managing local backup storage. Conditional alerts reduce the noise of backup alerts to only the ones you need to take action on. With this feature, customers can specify conditions for alerts, giving them complete control to determine when administrators need to take action. Lastly, Unitrends Uniview empowers customers to manage all backups from a unified portal to perform appliance, direct to cloud, and Microsoft O365 application backups.
  • To continue its commitment to providing customers with tools to navigate an ever-changing compliance space, Kaseya released Compliance Manager for NIST CSF, the industry’s first comprehensive audit, assessment and analysis solution that allows users to automate compliance processes and documentation according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cyber Security Framework (CSF). In December 2020, Kaseya also added to its Compliance Manager capabilities with new support for the Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and an integration between Compliance Manager and IT Glue that makes documentation of compliance due diligence even more seamless. From the second quarter of 2020 to the year’s end, 798 new customers were using Compliance Manager.
  • Two new RapidFire Tools solutions give administrators greater visibility into newly remote workforces. Early in 2020, RapidFire Tools Network Detective Work from Home (WFH) delivered a self-service portal that empowers employees working remotely to initiate a network and security scan that can be analyzed and documented by their companies’ IT support team before they connect to the corporate network. It then followed up with the RapidFire Tools Network Detective Microsoft Cloud Assessment Module, which is the fastest, most comprehensive Microsoft Cloud assessment solution on the market. It delivers critical visibility and enables better security and management of the Microsoft Cloud environment, including Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.
  • IT Glue delivered enhancements to security and network visibility with:
    • The Vault – With the Vault, IT Glue’s client-side encryption/decryption feature, total control is in the hands of technicians. All passwords are encrypted locally and can only be decrypted by a user-specific passphrase, providing another layer of protection to IT Glue’s ironclad security.
    • Password Folder Security – This was one of IT Glue customers’ most requested features and now enhanced password folder security provides technicians the ability to easily organize passwords, eliminating the need to manage permissions. Password Folder Security saves valuable time, shifting the management of permissions to the folder level rather than being required to manage them separately.
    • Ports and Connected To – Automatically documents switch ports as well as connections between devices.
    • Active Directory Domain Role – See Domain Controllers on the Active Directory (AD) infrastructure. Easily troubleshoot, filter out devices that are members of the AD environment, and catch devices that have not yet been added to AD.
    • Virtual Network Topology within Network Glue – Automatically discover virtual networks in addition to routers, switches and firewalls.


Industry Recognition

Throughout 2020, Kaseya and its products received several industry awards highlighting its unparalleled innovation and leadership, including:

  • TrustRadius 2020 TechCares Award – for helping its customers navigate the business challenges due to COVID-19 through the Kaseya Cares program.
  • Top Workplaces in South Florida by the Sun Sentinel – based on employee feedback gathered through the Sun Sentinel’s survey administered by employee engagement technology partner Energage. The survey uniquely measured 15 drivers of engaged cultures that are critical to the success of any organization.
  • 2020 American Cyber Award – for Innovative Product of the Year in Threat Detection – ID Agent, Passly
  • CRN’s 100 Coolest Cloud Companies of 2020
  • CRN’s 20 Coolest Data Protection Companies – for Unitrends Backup
  • CRN’s 20 Coolest Cloud Storage Companies – for Unitrends Backup
  • ChannelPro Readers’ Choice Award – for Best Remote Monitoring and Management Vendor, Bronze
  • Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2020 by The Software Report – 50 exceptional CEOs as selected by The Software Report based on a review across key areas including company performance, workplace culture, product strength and strategic decision-making.

December 3, 2020

Compliance Manager for CMMC Automates Defense Contractors’ Compliance Assessments Under New Federal Government Requirement

New mandate as of Nov. 30 requires all defense contractors and subcontractors to perform a self-assessment on the 110 security controls of NIST SP 800-171, as part of the five-year CMMC rollout

NEW YORK and MIAMI — Dec. 3, 2020 — To aid defense contractors as they work to comply with new federal requirements, Kaseya®, the leading provider of IT and security management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) and small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) announced today new enhancements to its Compliance Manager for CMMC compliance process automation platform.

By Oct. 1, 2025, the more than 300,000 non-federal organizations that comprise the Defense Industrial Base will be required to obtain the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) at one of five levels dependent on their specific contract. To bridge the gap until CMMC is completely rolled out over the next five years, the Department of Defense (DOD) released an Interim Rule that went into effect this week on Nov. 30, designed to improve the reporting and compliance requirements of the current DOD cybersecurity standard in place by leveraging NIST (SP) 800-171.

Enhancements to the Compliance Manager CMMC module guides defense contractors and subcontractors through the now mandatory NIST (SP) 800-171 Self-Assessment, which covers 110 security controls. The software then automatically scores the assessment using the DOD’s proprietary scoring rubric and generates the required System Security Plan (SSP), which must be uploaded to the federal government’s SPRS system.

“The impact of the DOD’s new interim ruling has sweeping consequences. Every contractor and subcontractor who does business with the DoD must perform the NIST (SP) 800-181 compliance assessment using the DoD’s scoring methodology if they want to continue doing work with 7019/7020 clauses,” said Max Pruger, General Manager, Compliance Practice at Kaseya. “Performing and documenting the required self-assessment is a tremendous undertaking that most SMBs are not equipped to do on their own. As such, MSPs have a unique opportunity to help these businesses perform their interim assessments, and prepare for their CMMC third-party audit at the same time. With Compliance Manager for CMMC, MSPs can collaborate with their clients to manage the compliance process, offer remediation services for vulnerabilities found during the self-assessment, and provide evidence of compliance for the third-party auditor.”

With the help of Compliance Manager, the MSP or SMB undergoes the same vetting process performed during the third-party assessment. As the requirements of each CMMC level build on those of the previous level, Compliance Manager for CMMC allows MSPs and SMBs to perform each individual assessment in sequential order to identify and remediate issues before the actual certification audit.

“The DOD plans to release more Requests for Information and Requests for Proposals with CMMC requirements each year, starting with 15 in 2021 to eventually all of them by 2025,”

added Pruger. “As a result, those contractors and subcontractors who achieve CMMC certification earlier have the best chance to win more contracts. In some cases, the MSPs themselves may also be required to obtain CMMC certification if they service clients with Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). Compliance Manager for CMMC is purpose-built to automate the rigorous cybersecurity assessment and documentation process outlined by the DoD so that SMBs and MSPs can proactively ready themselves to bid for these highly competitive contracts.”

Compliance Manager is updated continuously to keep pace with the ongoing roll-out of the various CMMC developments. Currently, Compliance Manager supports the NIST (SP) 800-171 self-assessment and CMMC Level 1 and Level 2 assessments with CMMC Level 3 assessment to be available in Q1 2021. CMMC for 800-171 assessments, including the automatic scoring engine, automated SSP documentation and the required Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM), all will be available later this month. For more information or to request a demo of Compliance Manager, click here.

July 14, 2020

RapidFire Tools Launches Network Detective Microsoft Cloud Assessment Module

New comprehensive module allows MSPs and IT Professionals to improve cloud management, increase security, save time and win new business

ATLANTA — July 14, 2020 – As companies contend with an ongoing pandemic and move to the cloud in order to more efficiently manage their remote workforces, managed service providers (MSPs) and other IT professionals have grappled with decreased visibility into and control over their now virtual computing environments. With this in mind, RapidFire Tools®, a Kaseya company and leading provider of business-building IT technologies, introduces the Network Detective Microsoft Cloud Assessment Module, the fastest and most comprehensive Microsoft Cloud assessment solution on the market delivering critical visibility and enabling better security and management of the Microsoft Cloud environment, including Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.

Leveraging the world-class data-gathering and reporting technology of RapidFire Tools, the Network Detective Microsoft Cloud Assessment Module documents all the organizations, domains and support services turned on for an Azure Active Directory (AD) environment to generate actionable reports for MSPs and other IT users. It is the first and only automated system that gathers this critical information and creates insightful analysis about Azure AD and Microsoft 365 services and applications.

“Managing cloud environments can become a documentation and support nightmare, as the environments grow and expand by the users and teams who access it. MSPs and IT professionals can easily lose track, and lose control, over the environment, opening the door to misconfigurations that can lead to security incidents,” said Michael Mittel, president and GM, RapidFire Tools. “With our new Network Detective Microsoft Cloud Assessment Module, we are providing a powerful tool that delivers greater visibility and more control over virtual environments to safeguard against security gaps and simultaneously save valuable time.”

Key features and benefitsSimilar to RapidFire Tools’ other Network Detective modules, the Microsoft Cloud Assessment Module produces detailed Client Risk and Management Plan Reports, as well as separate assessment reports for each of the core Microsoft 365 applications, such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Outlook Mail. The automated gathering of all information about the Azure AD and Microsoft 365 environment significantly reduces time spent on documentation and instantly creates meaningful reports that empower technicians to take action.

One of the module’s most innovative features is its ability to create a powerful Microsoft Cloud Security Report that MSPs can use to build an incremental managed cloud security service offering. The module enhances Microsoft Controls and Secure Score, Microsoft’s proprietary security scoring system, with operational and configuration risks. This information enables technicians to improve their overall network security while also providing comparative security benchmarks, measured against similar sized organizations, to evaluate their own performance.

Finally, the Microsoft Cloud Assessment Module helps MSPs win and scope new business by decreasing the mystery surrounding the state of a prospect’s Microsoft Cloud environment. MSPs can limit the headaches associated with maintaining a constantly changing, expanding cloud environment by using the module’s essential reports to help control the flow, privacy and security of the organization’s data.

As Microsoft continues to build out its APIs to allow expanded access into its cloud environment, Network Detective will continue to enhance the Microsoft Cloud Assessment Module and provide MSPs and IT professionals with even more insights through expanded reports.

For more information on the Network Detective Microsoft Cloud Assessment Module visit: https://www.rapidfiretools.com/products/network-detective/microsoft-cloud-assessment/.

May 14, 2020

Kaseya Announces First Ever Virtual Product Launch and Roadmap Event

Live-broadcast to feature an inside look at the latest major product releases and feature enhancements to the IT Complete product suite

NEW YORK and MIAMI — May 13, 2020 — Kaseya®, the leading provider of IT infrastructure management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT organizations, today announced its first ever virtual product launch and roadmap event. Scheduled for Wednesday, May 20, 2020, the two-hour, live-broadcast will feature an inside look at the latest major product releases and feature enhancements from Kaseya, IT Glue, Unitrends, RapidFire Tools, ID Agent and Spanning Cloud Apps along with the strategic, tactical and technical roadmaps for IT service providers and IT professionals to get the most out of their IT tool stack investments. Learn what every IT organization needs to do in order to navigate this challenging landscape and to come out better on the other side. Join Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola and RapidFire Tools product leadership for this must-see virtual event on Wednesday, May 20th at 11AM EDT/16:00 GMT.

Part 1 (60 minutes) – IT Response During an Economic Downturn

The world economy has changed overnight, and this new reality will be with us for the foreseeable future. In this live webcast, we’ll provide up to date statistics on what this climate means for businesses and IT. Analysis of past, present and future trends will help IT create a game plan for what needs happen now in order to not only survive, but thrive during this recession.

Part 2 (60 minutes) – Product Roadmap & Strategy

Our product team will reveal our major product releases and provide insight into this quarter’s exciting upcoming roadmap. We’ll also provide a firsthand look at new integrations across our IT Complete platform with features for Kaseya, IT Glue, RapidFire Tools, Spanning Cloud Apps, Unitrends and ID Agent. See how our platform can help your team be more productive in this new IT landscape.

Register today at: https://ww2.rapidfiretools.com/q2-2020-product-reveal

April 29, 2020

Network Detective Helps Organizations Secure Work-at-Home Devices to Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities caused by Remote Workforces

New RapidFire Tools solution tackles both network and security assessments on personal devices giving employers peace of mind as the world works from home

ATLANTA and NEW YORK — April 29, 2020 – What was once considered a luxury – the ability to work from home – is now a necessity in today’s unprecedented time. The mass migration to remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic has placed extraordinary pressures on companies and their IT support teams to enable personal device use, while still maintaining security and compliance for the corporate network. To aid with this sudden, overwhelming transition, RapidFire Tools®, a Kaseya company and leading provider of business-building IT technologies, launched the Network Detective Work from Home (WFH) solution. Network Detective WFH features a self-service portal to empower employees who are working off home computers to initiate a network and security scan to be analyzed and documented by their companies’ IT support team before they connect to the corporate network.

“Many businesses were not prepared for the sudden shift of resources from offices to employee homes when the coronavirus hit, and that left many organizations vulnerable to data breaches and internal threats,” said Michael Mittel, president and GM, RapidFire Tools. “We created Network Detective WFH to address this very issue by delivering high-value, self-service assessments that safely allow employees to work from home using their personal devices. With the help of Network Detective WFH, business owners can have peace of mind knowing that the integrity of their IT infrastructure remains in place, and also save money and reduce IT workload by allowing employees to use home computers and networks.”

Network Detective Work from Home provides:

· “Graded” PC risk scores and consolidated report cards to prevent compromises to the business in areas including:

· Basic IT security protection

· Anti-virus and personal firewall configuration

· Patch management

· Third party applications scanning for potential threats

· Critical asset information for the IT helpdesk that captures computer and network data to make remote IT support a breeze

· A self-service portal that lets employees scan without the assistance of IT

· An option for automatic weekly re-scans and “grading” to ensure the integrity of the corporate infrastructure

For more information on Network Detective Work from Home, visit https://ww2.rapidfiretools.com/self-assess.

February 24, 2020

Kaseya Revolutionizes Compliance Process Automation for MSPs with Industry’s First Comprehensive NIST CSF Capable Solution

Kaseya Compliance Manager for NIST CSF allows MSPs to help customers prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks as well as prepare for the latest regulatory requirements – from CCPA to NY SHIELD Act and more

NEW YORK and MIAMI – Feb. 19, 2020 – Kaseya®, the leading provider of complete IT infrastructure management solutions for managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT organizations, today unveiled the industry’s first comprehensive audit, assessment and analysis solution that allows users to automate compliance processes and documentation according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cyber Security Framework (CSF). This first-to-market capability within Kaseya Compliance Manager allows MSPs to better support small and mid-sized clients facing a growing number of cybersecurity threats by leveraging the best practices outlined in the NIST CSF.

Kaseya Compliance Manager empowers users to create automated, actionable task lists and corresponding reports according to various compliance standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and now, NIST CSF. NIST CSF provides a policy framework of computer security guidance for how private sector organizations can assess and improve their ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks. After its initial audit, Kaseya Compliance Manager rescans every month to create change summary reports and treatment plans. Kaseya Compliance Manager for NIST CSF is the first and only comprehensive audit, assessment and analysis process automation tool that allows any user, regardless of their compliance expertise, to identify gaps within their cybersecurity policies and take action to remedy areas of concern.

“There is an incredible opportunity for MSPs to guide their customers through the growing data privacy and security regulatory space, and provide a much needed service that will also help grow their business,” said Mike Puglia, chief strategy officer at Kaseya. “We see compliance as the next big managed service, and Kaseya Compliance Manager is built so that every MSP can capitalize on this market opportunity without the need for specialized expertise. With Compliance Manager for NIST CSF, MSPs can now leverage a proven cybersecurity framework on behalf of their customers to safeguard them against mounting cybersecurity threats as well as put them on the road to success for adhering to new state data security regulations such as CCPA and NY SHIELD. This product release is the latest of many new offerings in the Kaseya IT Complete platform that are purpose-built to give MSPs and IT teams the most comprehensive suite of IT infrastructure management solutions available on the market today.”

NIST CSF serves as the foundation for many data privacy regulations, including the Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act (COPRA), a bill introduced in the U.S. House last December, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), enacted in Jan. 2020, and the NY SHIELD Act, arguably the most comprehensive state data privacy regulation to date effective Mar. 2020.

According to Kaseya’s 2019 MSP Benchmark Survey, 83 percent of MSPs are impacted by their end-customers’ compliance requirements and 50 percent assist end-customers in their compliance efforts on an ad-hoc basis. Yet, MSPs historically have shied away from offering Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) to clients due to a gap in the particular expertise needed in this space. In fact, less than 10 percent of MSPs currently offer CaaS solutions. Kaseya Compliance Manager solves this issue and empowers MSPs to capture this rapidly growing market while leveraging their existing staff.

“Kaseya Compliance Manager and its many capabilities empower MSPs to ensure their small and medium-sized business customers are fully compliant with the growing list of regulatory standards worldwide, from start to finish,” said Max Pruger, general manager of compliance at Kaseya. “With Compliance Manager for NIST CSF, Kaseya is proud to have made it possible for MSPs and their customers to prepare for almost any future data privacy regulation and audit, while also enhancing the security of their IT environments accordingly.”

Key features in Kaseya Compliance Manager for NIST CSF include:

· The NIST Auditor Checklist that gives users a high-level overview of how well their organization complies with NIST CSF to quickly identify potential issues that may affect their level of compliance.

· A white-label NIST Risk Analysis that identifies existing gaps in an organization’s protection and compliance, and produces a list of issues users must remediate to ensure compliance.

· A NIST Risk Treatment Plan (based on the findings in the NIST Compliance Assessment) with tasks to minimize, avoid or respond to risks. Users also receive a risk scoring matrix that can be used to prioritize risks, and appropriately allocate money and resources to ensure that identified issues are resolved.

· Evidence of NIST Compliance, which compiles compliance information from automated scans, augmented data, and questionnaires into one document to back up the NIST Auditor Checklist with real data.

Compliance Manager for NIST CSF represents Kaseya’s ongoing dedication to providing best-in-class compliance services for MSPs and multi-function IT teams, and marks the continued expansion of the Kaseya compliance business unit, which the company dedicated $10 million of investment last fall.

You can find more information about Kaseya Compliance Manager for NIST CSF here.

January 16, 2020

Kaseya Ends 2019 with Over $2 Billion Valuation, Highest Revenue Growth in Company History, and Multitude of Cutting-Edge Product Innovation

Company reports 30 percent growth fueled by product innovation, strategic business expansion and acquisitions, and a deeper footprint in international markets.

NEW YORK and MIAMI – Jan. 16, 2020 – Kaseya®, the leading provider of complete IT infrastructure management solutions for both managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT departments, today announced record growth for 2019, with well over $300 million in annual bookings – driven by continued adoption and demand for Kaseya IT Complete, the industry’s most comprehensive, fully integrated IT management platform for MSPs and SMBs. These record sales showcase an organic growth rate of approximately 30 percent for the company, while adding over 5,000 new customers in 2019.

Other highlights fueled by the company’s stellar execution in 2019 include the acquisition of leading dark web monitoring and security vendor ID Agent, the development of six leading-edge, customer-centric products, the launch of a new multi-million-dollar Compliance business unit, and an expansion to Kaseya’s already global footprint.

This strong performance recently escalated Kaseya to the ranks of the coveted cybersecurity unicorn club, closing the year with a valuation over $2 billion.

“In 2019, we upped the ante through substantial investment in our customer-base and by developing new demand-driven products that completely revolutionize how MSP and IT professionals adapt to today’s complex technology demands,” said Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya. “As a customer-centric company, the success of our customers drives every decision we make. While we’re not perfect, I think we have done – and continue to do – a very good job of listening and innovating on behalf of our over 40 thousand-strong customer-base. I am incredibly proud of our accomplishments and humbled by the dedication from our more than 1,200 employees who work hard every day to personally drive the success of our customers. Together with this team, I look forward to even greater success in the year ahead.”

Milestones in Kaseya’s Corporate Momentum:

  • The acquisition of leading dark web and identity monitoring provider ID Agent further bolstered Kaseya’s integrated IT Complete Suite with new security offerings.
  • $10 million investment to strengthen Kaseya’s Compliance business unit dedicated to helping MSPs guide their customers through complex regulatory standards – one of the largest opportunities for recurring revenue for MSPs in the industry today.
  • Completion of a $500 million investment. This allowed Kaseya to earn the coveted unicorn status among cybersecurity tech companies with a current valuation of over $2 billion.
  • The appointment of industry veteran Ronan Kirby as president and general manager of Kaseya’s EMEA division allows the company to double down on growth, customer service and investment in the rapidly growing region, with Europe remaining one of Kaseya’s fastest growing markets.

Product Launches and Expansions:

  • The launch of two first-of-its-kind compliance automation tools – Compliance Manager for Cyber Insurance and Compliance Manager for HIPAA helps MSPs and SMBs fully streamline complex liability claims and HIPAA compliance processes, leading to more profitability for MSPs.
  • Kaseya delivered the industry’s highest margins for channel partners with the Unitrends Xtra channel partner program – a 75 percent higher payback for partners’ backup and disaster recovery business compared to competing providers. In addition, the program allows partners to earn recurring revenue every time a customer purchases other products from the Kaseya IT Complete solution portfolio over the next three years.
  • The launch of Powered Services 2.0 offered the most comprehensive framework of go-to-market offerings in the industry, giving MSPs a critical edge to differentiate and build new recurring revenue streams across security, compliance, and backup.
  • The launch of a powerful new add-on for IT Glue, Network Glue, brought network discovery, documentation, and diagramming to the next level, moving the manual work of IT teams into an automated topology map for maximum efficiency.
  • Kaseya’s new direct-to-cloud backup solution, Unitrends Cloud Backup, offered MSPs unparalleled file recovery and protection from viruses, hackers, corruption and accidental deletion without the hassle of managing local backup storage.

Community Growth:

  • Kaseya had over 7,000 IT professionals attend its global series of Connect IT events.
  • The events spanned 45 cities and three continents including its Connect IT Global conference held annually in Las Vegas, Connect IT Europe held in Amsterdam, Netherlands and its inaugural Connect IT APAC conference in Sydney, Australia.

Industry Recognition:
Throughout 2019, Kaseya and its family of products received a multitude of top industry accolades highlighting its unparalleled innovation, service and leadership, including:

  • Kaseya’s EVP of corporate marketing, Taunia Kipp, selected as one of The Software Report’s Top 50 Women Leaders in SaaS
  • Kaseya VSA named Best RMM Offering with Kaseya IT Complete taking home Most Valuable Software at the European MSP Innovation Awards
  • Kaseya recognized as one of CIO Bulletin’s 30 Great Places to Work in 2019
  • ID Agent Vice President of Channel Success and Powered Services, Dan Tomaszewski, recognized as one of CRN’s 100 People You Don’t Know But Should
  • Kaseya BMS recognized as the Best SaaS Product for Business Management by the SaaS Awards
  • Kaseya’s RapidFire Tools named Security Solution of the Year at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards
  • Kaseya’s Unitrends recognized as the Editor’s Choice for Company of the Year at the Storage Awards
  • Kaseya’s Unitrends honored with a Gold Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year for Computer Hardware and a Silver Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year for Computer Software
  • Kaseya’s Unitrends named Most Innovative Managed Service Offering for Storage by the Managed Services and Hosting Awards
  • Kaseya’s RapidFire Tools recognized as a ChannelPro 2019 SMB All Star
  • Kaseya recognized as one of CIO Bulletin’s 10 Most Influential Companies of 2019