January 1, 2011

RapidFireTools, Inc. Announces the Release of Network Detective

ATLANTA, GA – RapidFire Tools today announced the release of Network Detective.

Performing network assessments is the market-proven best way to “sell” your services by uncovering security risks and exposing current provider’s missed issues! Now, there’s a super quick, easy, and inexpensive way to perform an assessment and produce a compelling report that will open the door for a boat load of new business.

Typically, a thorough assessment involves a combination of people performing tedious and time consuming customer interviews, data collection, data analysis, report generation and recommendations. Even a small customer can consume a day’s worth of work preparing a comprehensive and professional looking report making it hard to justify the effort and expense. But no more. . .

Network Detective software automates this process and produces branded Client Risk Reports that will help IT service providers close new business. Just upload the results from the Network Detective scan into the Network Detective analysis tool included with the software. Service providers can customize the file with their own company branding elements, and then produce a series of powerful reports that can be used to present to prospects and client to expose IT problems.

Not only is our report more accurate than any manual process, but in minutes and for less than $50, the service provider can close new customers and pick up new business from existing ones! IT support companies and service providers can also provide a regular “health check” network assessment routinely for all their customers.

Michael Mittel, president of RapidFire tools says, “A network assessment should be required for all new customers before offering any IT services. This ensures the customer is aware of any problems before the service provider starts and sets their expectations correctly. It also providers a full understanding of the network environment, with no nasty surprises that can come back to bite the MSP or IT support company in a costly way.