Subscription FAQ


All of our subscription terms and conditions are included in our End User License Agreement (EULA). To help you out, here are the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions:

If I subscribe today, how quickly can I access the software?


We will send you a Welcome email with your credentials and other important information shortly after you subscribe. We know you are excited about your order and strive to get you nearly instant access. You can order off of our web site 24/7.

What is your refund policy?

If there is a billing error or you don’t get an advertised discount, for example – we will promptly provide you a refund or credit your subscription. There are no refunds available for regular subscription payments.

Can I sign up for a month-to-month subscription?


Our minimum subscription term is one-year. You also have an option to save substantially with a three-year subscription term. In addition to the lower annual price tag, you also have the option to pay for it in monthly installments with no interest or finance charges.

Can I cancel my subscription?


We are able to keep our subscription fees in check based on the revenue we receive over the full life of the subscription. This is why we ask for a minimum one-year subscription term, and why we offer greater discounts for customers who initially commit for longer-term subscriptions. We do not offer an early-termination option.

What do I need to do to renew my subscription?


Nothing! Our auto-renew feature ensures that you won’t miss a beat having access to your favorite RapidFire Tools. There’s nothing to do if you want your subscription to continue past the expiration date. Your subscription will automatically renew at the list price published on our web site at the time of renewal.

What if I decide I don’t want to renew my subscription?


No problem. You can easily stop the auto-renewal option in your account settings or by sending your request by email to [email protected]. To ensure proper processing, you must let us know between 30-60 days before your subscription is set to renew. You can change your subscription preferences in your dashboard at any time.

How do I add extra users to my subscription?


All RapidFire Tools products — including Network Detective, Cyber Hawk, and Compliance Manager – allow you to add as many internal users as you like at no additional cost. Our “unlimited use” license means you only need to purchase one copy for all your sales reps and techs.

Are there any use restrictions to my software license?


Yes, and they vary by product. The Network Detective license allows you to run an unlimited number of network scans and produce an unlimited number of reports. However, you do need to purchase an additional license for each office location you have (see the EULA for more details). The Cyber Hawk license is similar, with the additional limitation of 250 endpoints per site. For larger sites you will need to purchase an expansion license. Compliance Manager is licensed by site. The base subscription includes a license to deploy any and all compliance standards at 10 client site locations. Additional site licenses can be purchased individually.

What are your payment terms and what payment methods do you accept?


You can pre-pay annually or pay in monthly installments with no interest or finance charges. It’s your choice. We accept payment with any of the major credit cards. We use Stripe for processing payments. You can learn more about Stripe here