Assess The Security Posture of Any Network in Minutes

Remotely perform a quick and easy spot check of any network to quickly reveal the risks and security gaps that could be exploited.

  • The most efficient process for assessing and discovering issues
  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Self-serve via a link to assess any network
  • Purpose-built risk report generated in minutes
  • Quickly communicate the security posture of devices
  • Completely safe with installs

Try it out on your own network and see how fast and easy it is for yourself! Fill out the form and we'll get you started with your download link.

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How The Assessment Works, And What to Expect Next

Download & Run The Assessment Tool

You'll visit a brandable web page that has a download button to get the tool. Download it onto whatever machines you want to check and click on the file to auto-initiate the test. Nothing is installed.

Go About Your Business

Everything is automated. The tool will perform a variety of safe tests to determine if there are any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a phishing attack or hacker. When done, the encrypted results will be sent back to us.

We'll Generate The Report To Share

After you test all your machines and we have the results, we'll run a single consolidated report that will reveal everything we discovered in nine separate risk categories, broken down by severity, with explanations.

We'll Share The Report & Talk Next Steps

We'll set up a meeting to review the results of the assessment, and talk about how YOU can do this for others — either as a prospecting tool (for MSPs) or to spot check your own network and share the results with your team.

Why Network Detective Pro?


  • Unauthorized assets and associated risks
  • Siloed IT data
  • Inefficient mitigation of IT issues and risks

With Network Detective Pro

  • Automatically collect data from every device to detect any unauthorized changes
  • A single interface to view all the data and generate reports at the click of a button
  • Troubleshoot issues faster by prioritizing remediation based on objective risk scores

Without Network Detective Pro

  • Rampant risks caused due to IT assets added by employees without your notice
  • IT data stuck inside different applications with different interfaces
  • Lack of tools to quickly identify, prioritize and act upon IT issues and risks

IT Assessments and Reporting at Its Best

This is by far the fastest, easiest and safest way to remotely spot check a network for cyberattack security risks.

The assessment tool is fully automated, and the brandable report can be generated within minutes of the scan!

  • Scans can be run by any end-user by clicking on a link that you supply.
  • It's completely safe! No installs. No files are extracted from the site.
  • Reports are graphical and written so a non-technical audience sees the risks.

We love Network Detective because it saves us time and money while providing a amazing value to our customers. It has replaced hours of work and correlation from our RMM tools with a simple wizard based interface. Our customers love it because it provides excellent benchmarking and documentation

Greg Bazar
Iron Fish LLC

VulScan is a reputable product that not only protects your systems. It also protects third party programs. Everything being automated by choice is also an amazing feature. This helps the team collaborate and removes a lot of time that would be needed from other team members. There are many benefits that makes VulScan highly valuable to any IT Department or Company.

Kevin Shirley

We have added many security products, but Cyber Hawk has been the only one that was able to be used by all of our non-security specialized staff to provide relevant information and value right out of the box.

Scott Putnam CEO
Apex Technology Management, Inc.

I recently entered the field of compliance and cybersecurity, so there was an overwhelming amount of information to absorb and process.. Compliance Manager GRC's control-based system with clear descriptions and guidance fast-tracked my understanding of each standard and how to actually implement them.

Nicholas Feistel
Contigo Technology