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Sell IT With Network Detective Pro

Automated IT Assessments & Reports for MSPs


Get the Complete Picture. Network Detective Pro’s non-intrusive data collectors are the fastest and easiest way to find risks and issues on prospect sites with no agents or installs.


Tap into End-to-End Automation.  From scheduled scans to report generation and delivery, Network Detective Pro is the best way to do recurring IT assessments required to grow and retain your  clients.


Surprising ROI. How many IT management tools actually make you money? One new client won or one new service opportunity discovered more than pays for a year of the software.


Protect IT With VulScan

Network Vulnerability Scanning For The Rest Of Us.

Complete Scans. VulScan checks ports on all devices for known risks and threats. It’s scalable with no extra cost to have multiple scanners working in tandem on the same network.


Automated Alerts. VulScan will run scans for each site on the schedule that makes sense. Automated alerts let you know what’s discovered.


Affordable Solution. Big network or small, you pay one price and get unlimited asset scanning for up to 50 network sites, which meets the needs of most MSPs and IT Departments. But if you need more network sites, simply add another for less than $10/month.


Secure IT With Cyber Hawk

Everything MSPs Need to Offer a New Security Service

Cyber Hawk is a complete security service-in-a-box that looks for insider threats caused by changes to the environment, anomalous activity and user misconfigurations.  It includes built-in services plans to meet the needs, and budget, of every client.


Built-In Machine Learning. Cyber Hawk automatically gets “smarter” the more you use it, detecting anomalous user activity on its own while “smart tags” eliminate false positives.


It’s a Profit Machine. Roll out a basic service plan for free to all your clients, and watch profits start rolling in as clients ask for upgraded security plans with additional protections.

Prove IT With Compliance Manager GRC

Governance, Risk & Compliance For All

The Most Complete Platform. Compliance Manager GRC includes a huge library of built-in controls that allow you to manage compliance with the IT requirements of any government or industry standard, any business cyber insurance contract or insurance policy, even your own IT security policies. It also includes bonus GRC features to reduce risk related to vendors and employees.


Automated Data Collection and Document Generation. Compliance Manager guides you through the data collection process, through a combination of automated on-prem and cloud-based data collectors, and interactive questionnaires and worksheets. It then generates customized policies and procedures docs, remediation plans and up-to-the-minute evidence of compliance for any standard.


Priced Right For Any Organization. The platform is separately licensed for IT Departments and the MSPs who serve them, and reasonably priced so it makes sense for all organizations, regardless of size.


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Network Detective is one of the best tools we have. We use it for a quick evaluation before any proposal goes out. It is fantastic.

Wes Boggs, Lseven Solutions

It gives me the upper hand when I walk in the door especially if I am bidding against other firms.

Kurt Bullock, President, Bridge Technology Group

Network Detective helps us better service existing clients as we run the reports quarterly and the information gathered is invaluable.

Mike Hawort, Binatech System Solutions

I ran Network Detective and was able to map out their network. Guess who their provider is now? We are!

Alex Rodrigues, On Time Technology Solutions

With Network Detective I am able to go in and offer a free network audit with no strings attached and the customers love it.

Michael Edde, Alpha and Omega Computer